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>Requirements belong to the categories of goals and objectives, and are not
>subjected to the truth test. They are formulated by humans.

I see that I may have confused the issue with terminology. I thought I might
but couldn't think of a better word.

When I say requirements I mean the "formula" for human powered flight.  I do
not mean set of requirements which are predetermined in order to manage a
design activity so much as the specific and minutely detailed recipe which the
designers struggled towards and which, once it was complete, enabled one man to
fly across the English Channel entirely under his own power with no further

However I would suggest that the simpler idea of requirements, ie the goals of
a design activity, might well be the outcome of a research activity and be
demonstrably "true" in their context.

Thank you Lubomir for being patient, clear and helpful as ever.

Chris Rust