Dear All,

At the risk of incurring Ken's ire at conflating a couple of topics
(;-)), may I suggest that to the 'design canon' suggestions along with
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations we add The Theory of Moral Sentiment?

Several years ago a friend suggested that to read the one (Wealth of
Nations) without the other (Theory of Moral Sentiment) was at the root
of much of our problems today.

I recently questioned a collegue's inclusion of ethics in a meta-theory
of design; after some consideration of the world (too much of which I
take for granted), I realised he was quite correct and to be applauded
for stating the necessary.

Design without ethics is shortsighted at best and sheer profiteering at
worst. The more talent a designer has, the more responsibility a
designer has to design ethically? It may sound harsh, but I'm pretty
sure it's true.


Ellen Young
School of Design
Curtin University of Technology
Perth, Western Australia