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        for conference sessions on
        Eleonora de' Toledo, Duchess of Tuscany 

I am organizing sessions on Eleonora de Toledo, Duchess of Tuscany, for
the forthcoming meetings of the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference
(Cleveland, OH, 2-5 November 2000) and for Renaissance Society of
America meetings (Chicago, IL, March 2001). Anyone interested in
participating in these sessions is asked to submit a title, 100-words
abstracts, and brief c.v. (1 page maximum) by 10 March 2000 to me at the
venues indicated below.

I am particularly interested in exploring how Eleonora contributed to
the culture, politics, religion, and aesthetics of mid-Cinquecento
Tuscany. She sat for portraits, commissioned artworks, invited the
Jesuits to Florence, influenced her husband, acted as Regent when he was
away, bore many children, and generally took an active role in the
creation of a court and a culture that came to typify ducal Florence in
the Cinquecento. Sessions and papers examing her contribution will later
be drawn together in a volume of selected proceedings.

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