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> Subject:      Income generation and sustainability: an Information Paper
> An Information Paper on income generation and sustainability is now
> available on the nof-digitise Technical Advisory Service Web site:
> Projects funded through the nof-digitise programme are expected to remain
> sustainable for at least three years beyond the lifetime of NOF funding.
> Therefore projects must give consideration to ways of establishing a
> sustainable basis for development. This paper focuses on the issues
> associated with income generation and sustainability for digitisation
> projects. It looks at the range of income generating options available and
> considers their advantages and disadvantages for NOF funded projects.
> As well as the Information Papers, the nof-digitise Technical Advisory
> Service Web site also provides FAQs and other digitisation-related
> information resources.
> If you have a specific technical query, remember that you can mail the
> nof-digitise Technical Advisory Service at:
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