Dear Bridget

I have written a database called "CareView" which I have installed in 3
local hospitals, with a 4th in progress.  It runs in Microsoft Access 97 and
prints various lists such as:

* Flagged patients who have come back into the hospital, but who have not
yet been visited in this stay.

* Patients flagged for Ward Communion or Chapel Services

* Patients who have been in the hospital over a chosen number of days

* Patients not yet visited by any of the chaplains (if they also record
their visits)who have been in hospital over a chosen number of days

* Patients who have been admitted within the last chosen number of days

* Patients on a chosen ward

* Patients with a birthday today or tomorrow

* Flagged patients flagged for regular visits who have not been visited in
the last week (or any number of days)

* Lists for a chaplain (eg Free Church) or Pastoral Visitor (eg Muslim
Pastoral Visitor)

You can keep notes which are password protected.  The whole database is
locked by workgroup security and is encrypted.
When recording patients you can simply type in their hospital number or find
then with a search of patients in hospital and then press a button - all
their details will automatically be recorded.  The record also keeps a tally
of date last visited.
The program will also print ethnic and religious demography reports with
percentages of the patients as a whole.

It also allows you to search your recorded patients or patient in the
hospital - allowing you to view full information such as address and next of

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?

If you are interested I can email you a copy of the manual so you can see

Mark Burleigh
Leicester General Hospital