It's more Bawl than Bawr when I can't get to sleep.

Hopkins liked soldiers too, did he not, and Marx-Engels saw the soldiery as
the natural allies of the proletariat, and the con-sta-bules as their
natural Henemies, bring on the People's Army, AEH, GMH. In the meantime we
have: 'those years and years by without event/that in Majorca Alfonso swept
the floor' and Valerie & Tom have sacked Little Dorrit for not showing
respect to those upstairs altho' servants are useful for providing dialogue
about dentures.

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> > Because it does not Do the Police in Different Voices.
> Even Little Dorrit once had to sweep the streets.
> > At which point I am beset by strange visions of a toga-clad A.E.Housman
> > fainting in the arms of a burly village constable
> ... to be precise, AEH was turned on by soldiers, not uniforms.  In his
> poems, prolly the village constables were extras in the script of "They're
> hanging men in Ireland ..."
> > to the accompaniment of a
> > slurred and geological disaster voice-over by an amphetamine-high
> > crease-face Auden, allegro molto, ('CUT' shouts the Director) while
> > F.R.Leavis marches off with a Shropshire Lad to meet the Great Tradition
> in
> > the trenches, 'Q' enthuses over his bristles,
> Damn it, it was HOUSEMAN'S bristles, not Q's -- though they were surely
> members of the same club.
> > loudly to the waves, Peter
> > Forbes steals James Frazer's armchair at the club and an unobserved
> > Morgan orbits faintly among the satellites and debri to come.
> > Stretterbawl! It must be getting late.
> Bawr! Bawr!
> RH