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Society of Reproductive and Infant Psychology Annual Conference


OHanlon <[log in to unmask]>


OHanlon <[log in to unmask]>


Sat, 17 Jul 1999 12:13:01 +0100 (BST)





text/PLAIN (317 lines)

Dear All,

please find below the preliminary programme of the 19th Annual Conference
of the Society of Reproductive and Infant Psychology to be held at the
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, GB September 7-9, 1999.

Society for Reproductive
and Infant Psychology

19th Annual Conference

7 - 9 September 1999

Psychology Department
University of Hertfordshire
Hatfield Campus
College Lane
Herts AL10 9AB
Fax: 0044 1707 285073


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Attendance certificate for continued education
can be supplied

Tuesday 7th September 1999

12.15 SRIP Committee Meeting

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Conference Opens

        Theme: Antenatal and Postnatal Care

14.10  Location of cause of subfertility-         discrepancies  between
perceptions of men in subfertile couples and their doctors.
S.Butler, L.Glover, University College London;
K.Gannon, Royal London School of Medicine and
Dentistry; P.D.Abel, Imperial College School of
Medicine; C.Gadd, Queen Charlotte's Hospital.

14.30   Ante-natal care for women whose baby has a
confirmed fetal abnormality.
H.Stratham, W.Solomou, University of
Cambridge; J.Green, University of Leeds

14.50   Termination for abnormality at different gestations: the grief
response of mothers.
H.Stratham, W.Solomou, University of
Cambridge; J.Green, University of Leeds.

15.10 Meconium stained liquor, Apgar scores and the
sex of the infant.
M.Mead, University of Hertfordshire.

15.30           Tea

16.00 Infant disability: early parental interactions with  professionals.
S.Case, S.Brown, CATCH! Swansea.

16.20 Trends in the intrapartum care of healthy women
in four maternity units using routinely collected
maternity data.
M.Mead, University of Hertfordshire.

16.40 An ethnographic study of women's experience of
partnership caseload midwifery practice- the
professional as friend.
D.Walsh, De Montfort University.

17.00 Hospital postnatal care: a comparison of Pakistani and indigenous
'white' women's views of their care.
J.Hirst, J.Hewison, Z.Kauser, University of Leeds.

17.20           AGM 

18.00           Poster Session and Wine

19.30           Dinner

 Wednesday 8th September 1999

        Theme: Sleeping and Feeding

9.00 Reasons to share: why parents cosleep with their
E.Hooker, H.Ball, J.Anderson-Hawkins,
University of Durham.

9.20    The relationship between behavioural characteristics of infants
and weight gain in the first eight weeks.
A.Molkenboer, R.Drewett,  University of Durham. 

9.40    Mothers' perceptions of attitudes of professionals on infant
feeding matters.
P.Cairney, University of Dundee.

10.00   Tea

10.20   Is there an association between postnatal depression and faltering
growth ?
E. Heycock, L. O'Brien, M. Hanna, J. Cox, University
of Keele.

10.40   Identifying failure to thrive in infancy.
R.Drewett, S.Corbett, University of Durham.

11.00 Outing to Hatfield House and Lunch
         Bus leaves at 11.15.
         Tours at: 11.50, 12.10, 12.20.
         Bus returns at 13.30

14.00   SRIP Prize

        Theme: Invited Symposium on Postnatal
        Depression: From Theory to Practice.

14.20   Prediction and prevention of post-natal depression
P. Cooper, L. Murray,  University of Reading.

14.40   Timing and chronicity of maternal depression: effects on
behavioural development.
D. Wolke, S. Kurstjens,  University of Hertfordshire.

15.00   Health visitor management of post-natal depression.
S. Seeley,  Cambridge.

15.20   Tea

15.40   Rationale for training trainers
S. Elliott,  University of Greenwich.

16.00   Discussion

        Theme: Reproductive Issues.

16.20   Symptoms and sex hormone levels in women with
        sub-clinical premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
        V.Hall, H.Leathard, St Martin's College.

16.40   Coping with menopausal hot flushes: relationships
        between catastrophic interpretations and reported
        coping strategies.
        F.Reynolds, Brunel University.

17.00   Anxiety and thyroid parameters during pregnancy.
        E. Brouwers, A. Van Baar, H. Vader, V. Pop
        University of Tilburg, The Netherlands.

       Keynote Lecture

18.00 Nature; nurture and behavioural development in
        R. Plomin,  Institute of Psychiatry, London.
        Introduced by D.Wolke.

19.15   Dinner

20.30   Entertainment

Thursday 9th September 1999

        Theme: Mother-Infant Relationships.

9.10    On relatedness and relationships.
P.Hobson, M.Patrick, The Tavistock and
Portman NHS Trust, London.

9.30 Talking nonsense: the content of mothers' speech to pre-linguistic
S.Zeedyk, J.Gray, University of Dundee; E.Meins,
L.Wilson, University of Durham.

9.50  Parenting the preterm infant: contributions of
parental mood and infant behaviour.
D.Rosenblatt, University of Reading.

10.10 The relationship between infant irritability and
maternal sensitivity in very premature infants: birth
to 3 months of corrected age.
P.Meier, D.Wolke, T.Gutbrod, L.Rust, University of

10.30           Tea

11.00  Cognitive development and attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADAH) in children
born <= 32 weeks gestation attending mainstream
L.Thompson, R.Cooke, L.Foulde -Hughes,
University of Liverpool.

11.10 Promoting parent-infant attachment in the NICU.
A.van Baar, J.Vlemmix, T.van Asten, M.Eliens, St.
Joseph Hospital, The Netherlands.

       Theme: Depression and the use of EPDS.

11.30 Can we predict depression in the postpartum period?
G.Verkerk, M.van Son, V.Pop, University of

11.50   Postnatal depression as an environmental effect.
M.Hackney, Manchester Metropolitan University.

12.10   Post-natal depression and deprivation.
A.Hunn, Northern General Hospital.

12.30 Is the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale suitable for use with
Asian clients ?
P.Finch, Canterbury Christ Church University

12.50 Postnatal depression: mothers' and health visitors' perspectives.
P.Almond, University of Hertfordshire.

        Close of Conference.

13.15   Lunch   

Poster Session

The impact of early social interaction on physiological
development in infancy.
E.S.Anderson, M.P.Wailoo, S.Peterson; Leicester University.

State of the art: the impact of child relinquishment as a non-death
loss in gestational carriers.
P.A.Barki; University of Reading.

Are menopausal women at risk for depression?
M.C.Becht, C.F. van Erp, M.J. van Son, V.J.Pop; University of

Perceived burden of care as a predictor of attitudes towards
prenatal testing and termination of abnormality among women
who have a sibling with Down's syndrome.
L.Bryant, J.M.Green, J.Hewison; University of Leeds.

A case for, and a case of, early clear-cut attachment.
R.Draghi-Lorenz; University of Surrey.

The occurrence of chronic depression in women at menopausal
C.F.van Erp, M.C.Becht, M.J.van Son, V.J.Pop; University of

The meaning of parenthood: a comparative study of British and
Greek sub-fertile and fertile couples.
S.Kazantzidou, S.Weaver; Hull University.

Patterns in the length of postnatal hospital stay 'chosen' and
maternal well-being.
E.Kenyon, J.Hewison; University of Leeds.

The interaction of gestational age with genetic and environmental
influences on cognitive and language development in 2-year-old
G.Koeppen-Schomerus, T.Eley, R.Plomin; London.

Expectant teenage mums- empowered or impaired.
A.Macleod; East Yorkshire hospital NHS Trust, S.Weaver,
S.Wisher; University of Hull.

Feelings, knowledge and opinions of ethnically Indian and white
women concerning Leicestershire maternity services: a qualitative
E.Ockleford, J.Berryman; University of Leicester, R.Hsu;
Leicestershire health, L.Moss; Leicester general hospital,
M.Patterson; Leicester royal infirmary, S.Gokani; leicester
interpreting services.

Screening for fetal abnormality: attachment and anxiety in 
pregnant women.
S.Sandbrook; Staffordshire


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