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MA Curating - Beryl Graham new course leader


Robert Dingle <[log in to unmask]>


Robert Dingle <[log in to unmask]>


Wed, 7 Jul 2010 16:14:41 +0100





text/plain (286 lines)

Dear Beryl,

That is great news, I wonder if I can send you this message to forward on to your students, this is an oppoertunity to curate a small selection of works from the collection at Southampton City Art Gallery. The opportunity is attached to a seminar I am programming at Southampton City Art Gallery with Alice Workman in November.

I would be very grateful if you could forward this message on: 

Future Plan, 8th November, Southampton City Art Gallery, 12/30 - 16.30

The focus for the day will be to address the question; How can we use new curatorial strategies to ignite the inspirational potential of public collections of modern and contemporary art? 

This will be an opportunity to understand more about public collections. Speakers  will look into the future for the public collections that they are working with. Future Plan is aimed to inspire a new generation of emerging curators and arts professionals to think about how they can work with the extraordinary resource that public collections offer. 

The symposium will be programmed by the Contemporary Art Society's Curatorial Fellow, Robert Dingle in collaboration with Southampton City Art Galleries Lead Exhibitions Officer, Alice Workman.

Speakers include:
Ann Bukantas - Curator of Fine Art, Walker Art Gallery
Gavin Delahunty - Curator, MIMA

FREE to members of the National Network, 5 to non-members

To book on to this seminar please email: nationalprogrammes@contemporaryartsociety

Starting Point

As part of Future Plan the Contemporary Art Society is inviting proposals from postgraduate curating students from across the UK (graduating between 2008 - 2011) to select a small cluster of works from the collection at Southampton City Art Gallery. This is arguably the most outstanding collection outside of London and the museum have generously offered their support in installing two projects in 2011.

As a way of responding we are asking that proposals take the collection of artist film at Southampton as an initial starting point. To apply for the opportunity, please submit a CV and short proposal (around 300 words) outlining your project to: [log in to unmask]

For more information and to download a list of films from Southampton collection please visit: http://www.contemporaryartsociety.org/forthcoming-events/event/future-plan

Application deadline 6th September, 2010.

Best wishes, 


Robert Dingle
Centenary Fellow
Contemporary Art Society
11-15 Emerald Street
London WC1N 3QL
T. +44 (0)20 7831 3220
F. +44 (0)20 7831 1214
E. [log in to unmask]

Contemporary Art Society is a company limited by guarantee
Registered in England and Wales no 255486
Charity Registration no 208178
Centenary Programme, next event:
Ponder Pause Process (a situation) a display by Yane Calovski at Tate Britain, 15 May - 3 September
Symmetry of Intimacy a solo exhibition by Michael Dean at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 15 May - 24 October
Annual Award for Museums - commission to collect deadline for applications 7 June 2010
The Contemporary Art Society's National Network has been nominated by the MLA as their Subject Specialist Network for Contemporary Art.

-----Original Message-----
From: Curating digital art - www.crumbweb.org
[mailto:[log in to unmask]]On Behalf Of Beryl Graham
Sent: 07 July 2010 15:50
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: [NEW-MEDIA-CURATING] MA Curating - Beryl Graham new course

Dear List,

Some news which has been keeping us busy is that Beryl Graham has taken 
over course leadership of the MA Curating at Sunderland University, and 
will be teaching the module "Visions of Curating" and Sarah Cook will 
be teaching "Mechanics of Curating". All this means further integration 
of new media into the context of curating contemporary art, and hec, 
it's a good course, we'd recommend it!

If your interested in the course, feel free to contact us informally to 
discuss it, and further details are below.






Being a successful curator in the 21st Century can involve 
organisation, management, display and production across a wide range of 
fields - from contemporary art exhibitions to musical events, from 
museum displays to practical workshops. Like artists, curators develop 
their own practice at individual and collaborative levels.

MA Curating at the University of Sunderland is the only course in the 
UK to specialise in the concerns of curating across the fields of Art, 
Design, Media & Culture. This innovative and ground-breaking 
post-graduate programme (incorporating Post-Graduate Certificate, 
Post-Graduate Diploma and Masters levels) is also the only one of its 
type internationally to combine the curation of artefacts and objects 
from the worlds of Fine Art and Applied Art and Design alongside the 
initiation and organisation of projects, exhibitions and events by (and 
with) contemporary artists and cultural practitioners.

This new programme will highlight the histories of how people have 
collected and displayed culture whilst investigating and testing the 
methods and skills needed to be a curator today. It is designed to 
accommodate many kinds of curator; from the arts administrator and 
events co-ordinator to the artist-curator and curator-artist; from the 
design exhibitor to the gallery education worker; from the new media 
curator to those individuals who work in alternative and ad hoc 
contexts of cultural organisation and event programming.


MA Curating complements other initiatives at the University of 
Sunderland such as the ongoing investigation into curating new media 
art (www.crumbweb.org - an international resource for curators). The 
University of Sunderland has become a leading centre in academic and 
professional research on exhibiting digital and new media contemporary 
art. MA Curating draws on the wide range of professional curating 
experience and expertise of staff from Glass to Fine Art, Design 
History to Performance. The programme puts the expanding culture of the 
North East of England in an international context. It offers the 
student a dynamic learning environment close to BALTIC Centre for 
Contemporary Art, The Sage and a host of other galleries, projects and 
freelance initiatives across the region. In addition, MA Curating 
offers the skills necessary to impact upon practice via its 
international networks.


The Programme provides a breadth of knowledge and expertise necessary 
to critically navigate the multifaceted and expanding field of curating 
in the current climate. MA Curating focuses on the practice of its 
participants via individual and collaborative projects and offers a far 
reaching historical and theoretical programme through writing and 


The course offers expertise from curators and academics at the 
forefront of their discipline:

  Prof. Beryl Graham, Programme Leader (curator of 'Serious Games', 
co-author of 'Rethinking Curating', co-editor of CRUMB).

  Dr. Tim Brennan, Head of Department, Arts & Design (artist and 

  Mike Collier, Lecturer (curator, artist and consultant).

  Dr. Sarah Cook, post-doctoral research fellow, co-curator of 
'Database Imaginary',co-author of 'Rethinking Curating',and co-editor 
of CRUMB).

  Dr. Carol McKay, Senior Lecturer, Photography, Video and Digital 
Imaging (writer and academic).

Additional contributing staff include:

Prof. Sylva Petrova, (specialism: glass)

Jack Dawson, Senior Lecturer (specialism: Design History and Theory)

Neil Ewins, Lecturer (specialism: Design History and Theory)

Prof. Peter Davies, (Art Consultant)

Visiting Speakers have included:

* 	Kathy Rae Huffman, formerly Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art, 
California, director of Hull Time Based Arts, and Director of Visual 
Arts at Cornerhouse, Manchester.
* 	Caitlin Jones, formerly of Guggenheim Museum, New York, and curator 
of Seeing Double, now director of Western Front, Vancouver.



This programme involves a practice-based approach to learning whilst 
providing a thorough understanding of the theoretical and historical 
underpinnings of curating. MA Curating is structured through 5 modules 
(also incorporating postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma 
levels of attainment). The following is a brief description of the 


Genealogies of Curating(CURM01, Postgraduate Certificate)

This module studies a range of histories connected to the development 
of contemporary curating. This initial seminar and lecture based module 
establishes a substantial basis for the practice of curating in all its 
forms and begins by introducing contemporary curating as a 
multi-faceted and historically deep-rooted concept.

Mechanics of Curating(CURM02, Postgraduate Certificate)

This module brings together the main procedures of exhibition 
organizing as objects of study. It looks at a range of practical 
aspects that form the professional basis of any curator whether they 
are working or intend to work in the public or private sectors. The 
module establishes this via a combination of workshops led by 
professionals working in the field, group visits to cultural 
organizations in the region and keynote presentations by core staff. 

Curating a Region(CURM03, Postgraduate Diploma)

This module builds on the practical concerns of Contemporary Art & 
Design infrastructures in a region. It will examine the relationship of 
local/regional production to an international market and global 
culture. It takes as its main object of study the environment of the 
North-East and investigates the role artists have played in the growth 
of arts provision. Curating a Regionis delivered via a combination of 
field trips and lecture/seminars.

Visions of Curating(CURM04, Postgraduate Diploma)

This module interrogates models of curatorial practice both in and out 
of the museum. It looks, in particular, at the ways in which artists 
have adopted the ideas and practices of curating into their work, the 
role of the collection, and models of the distribution of art derived 
from media. The module provides a platform for further enquiry into new 
and emerging models of curatorial practice. It asks: What are the 
possible future models of curating contemporary art? The module is 
delivered via lecture/seminars including case studies.

Curatorial Practice(CURM05, Masters level)

In this final module, students work either individually or 
collaboratively on a project of their own, either in association with a 
regional cultural institution or independently in the region (or 
further a field if applicable). Projects do not necessarily have to be 
realized as completed cultural events/exhibitions but exist as 
'display' [presentation of advanced research]. The written aspects of 
the module (Project Report) contextualise the practical aspect with any 
topic covered previously in the programme.


Each module involves a submission of an essay, written case study (with 
visual material) or in the case of Curatorial Practice (CURM05) a 
Project Report.


Through application form and interview or in the case of overseas 
candidates by written application, telephone interview and or written 
correspondence. (For more detailed information on applications please 
contact Tim Brennan (Programme Leader) or the School of Art, Design, 
Media & Culture office, University of Sunderland (contact details 


The duration of the course is: one year full-time, 2 years part-time.

It is modular in structure offering Post-graduate Certificate, Diploma, 
and Masters levels.


If you are interested in being part of this new and dynamic research 
culture of curating at the University of Sunderland please contact:

Beryl Graham

MA Curating Programme Leader

University of Sunderland

[log in to unmask]

or Tim Brennan [log in to unmask]

Further details:

url: http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/coursedetails/index.php?cid=611


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