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FONETIKS  May 2010



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g j docherty <[log in to unmask]>


g j docherty <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 4 May 2010 14:19:32 +0100





text/plain (598 lines)

  A newsletter for
  The International Phonetic Association
  and for the Phonetic Sciences

  May 2010

Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK and BBC Pronunciation Unit
Gerry Docherty, Newcastle University, UK
Paul Foulkes, University of York and JP French Associates, UK
Lisa Lim, University of Hong Kong

E-mail address: fonetiks-request at jiscmail.ac.uk

The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at:

Visit the IPA web page at its **new address** at:


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8 May 2010. Government Phonology Round Table 7 (GPRT7). Ljubljiana, Slovenia. http://spj.ff.uni-lj.si/gprt7/ (04/10)

10 May 2010. Prosodic Prominence: Perceptual and Automatic Identification (Prom-2010). Chicago, USA. Speech Prosody 2010 Satellite Workshop. http://www2.unine.ch/speechprosody-prominence/page28592.html (04/10)

11-14 May 2010. Fifth International Conference on Speech Prosody 2010. Every Language, Every Style: Globalizing the Science of Prosody. Doubletree Magnificent Mile, Chicago, USA. http://speechprosody2010.org (05/09, 04/10)

20-22 May 2010. 18th Manchester Phonology Meeting. Manchester, UK. http://www.englang.ed.ac.uk/mfm/18mfm.html (11/09)

## 25 May 2011. Workshop: Beyond Hearing, Leiden, Netherlands.
[further details below]

28-30 May 2010. International Phonetics-Phonology Conference,Shanghai (IPPCS). College of English Language and Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China. Email: <engdept {AT} shisu.edu.cn> (04/10)

17 June 2010. Firth Day, School of Oriental and African Studies, London. http://www.phon.ox.ac.uk/FirthDay (01/10, 04/10)

23-26 June 2010. 13th Meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association. Oslo, Norway. www.hf.uio.no/icpla2010 (09/09)

24-25 June 2010. Dutch Accents in English, Amsterdam, Netherlands. http://www2.hum.uu.nl/solis/hum/congres/uiteng/eng.htm (01/10)

24-25 June 2010. Child Language Seminar. City University, London, UK. http://www.city.ac.uk/lcs/childlanguageseminar.html (07/09)

1-3 July 2010. Réseau Français de Phonologie (French Phonology Network) (RFP2010). Orléans, France. <rfp {AT} univ-orleans.fr> (04/10)

8-10 July 2010, 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA. http://www.unm.edu/~labfon12/  (06/09)

18-21 July 2010. International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics 2010 Annual Conference. Trier, Germany. http://www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=31498 (03/10)

25-27 August 2010. ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics. Athens, Greece. http://conferences.phil.uoa.gr/exling/ (12/09)

2-5 September 2010. Workshop on Diphthongs. Thematic session of the 43rd Annual Meeting Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE2010). Vilnius, Lithuania. http://www.flf.vu.lt/sle2010/  (04/10)

6-10 September 2010. 13th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD2010). Brno, Czech Republic. http://www.tsdconference.org/tsd2010/ (04/10)

8-10 September 2010. Phonlex 2010 International Conference. Toulouse, France. http://blogs.univ-tlse2.fr/phonlex2010 (11/09)

8-10 September 2010. 21st Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV 2010). Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany. http://public.beuth-hochschule.de/~mixdorff/essv2010/index_english.html. (04/10)

9-11 September 2010. 4th Conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe (TIE4). Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.nordiska.su.se/tie4 (11/09, 02/10)

10-11 September 2010. Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching; Hosted by TESL/Applied Linguistics, Iowa State University, Ames, IA USA. http://tsll2009.info/ (01/10)

22-24 September 2010. Interspeech 2010 Satellite Workshop on Second Language Studies: Acquisition, Learning, Education and Technology. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/L2WS2010/ (03/10)

22-24 September 2010. The 7th ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Speech Synthesis (SSW7). Kyoto, Japan. http://www.ssw7.org/ (04/10)

23-25 September 2010. Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology. Provo, Utah, USA. http://hispling.byu.edu/larp/ (12/09)

25 September 2010. Competing Explanations in Phonology. Thematic session of Poznan Linguistics Meeting (PLM2010). Gniezo, Poland. http://ifa.amu.edu.pl/plm/2010/Competing_explanations_in_phonology (04/10)

25 September 2010. ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Statistical and Perceptual Audition (SAPA2010). Makuhari, Japan. http://www.sapa2010.org/ (04/10)

25-26 September 2010. DiSS-LPSS Joint Workshop 2010. The 5th Workshop on Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech. The 2nd International Symposium on Linguistic Patterns in Spontaneous Speech. Tokyo, Japan. http://cogsci.l.chiba-u.ac.jp/diss-lpss2010/ (04/10)

26-30 September 2010. Interspeech 2010: Spoken Language Processing for All. Makuhari, Japan. http://www.interspeech2010.org/ (12/09)

26-30 September 2010. Interspeech 2010 Special session on Social Signals in Speech. Makuhari, Japan. http://www.cs.utwente.nl/~truongkp/is2010sssss.html (04/10)

27 September- 1 October 2010. Summer School CPMSP2 - 2010: Cognitive and Physical Models of Speech Production, Speech Perception and Production-Perception Interaction Part III: Planning and Dynamics. Berlin, Germany. (01/10)

30 September - 3 October 2010. International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP2010). Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan. http://www.avsp2010.org/ (04/10)

8-10 October 2010. VIth International Conference on Phonetics Today. Moscow, Russia. http://phonetics.rli.ru/en (04/10)

21-22 October 2010. Workshop on Sound Change. Barcelona, Spain. http://www.traces.uab.cat/soundchange/ (09/09, 12/09)

29-30 October 2010. Phonetic Universals. Leipzig, Germany. http://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/conference/10-PhoneticUniversals/index.html (04/10)

15-19 November 2010. Tutorial and Special Session on Forensic Voice Comparison and Forensic Acoustics at 2nd Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics. Cancun, Mexico. http://cancun2010.forensic-voice-comparison.net/

11-12 November 2010. Experimental Approaches to Perception and Production of Linguistic Variation (ExAPP2010). Groningen, The Netherlands. http://www.rug.nl/let/exapp2010 (04/10)

16-19 November 2010. Sound of Indo-European 2 (SIE2): Phonetics, Phonemics, and Morphophonemics. Opava, Czech Republic. <soundofindoeuropean2 {AT} gmail.com> (04/10)

19-20 November 2010. Frontiers of Prosody (FoP). Leiden, The Netherlands. http://www.hum2.leidenuniv.nl/prosody-frontiers (04/10)

14-16 December 2010. Thirteenth Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology Melbourne, Australia, SST 2010.  http://www.assta.org/sst/2010 (02/10, 04/10)

6-9 January 2011. APA Panel: A New Look at Greek Prosody. San Antonio, TX, USA. http://www.apaclassics.org/AnnualMeeting/annualmeeting.html (04/10)

6-9 January 2011. Panel in MLA Discussion Group: Teaching Phonetics and Phonology. Los Angeles, CA, USA. http://www.mla.org (04/10)

## 9-11 June 2011. 6th International Conference on Speech Motor Control, Groningen - Nijmegen, NL.
http://www.slp-nijmegen.nl/smc2011 [further details below]


6th International Conference on Speech Motor Control
Groningen - Nijmegen, June 9 - 11, 2011

Following a well-established Nijmegen tradition, the sixth edition of the International Conference on Speech Motor Control will be held in 2011 in Groningen, the Netherlands. This conference, like the ones before, will highlight new trends and state-of-the-art approaches in theoretical and applied research in the area of normal and disordered speech motor control.

The conference is organized by:

Center for Language and Cognition Groningen (CLCG) Faculty of Arts & School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN), University Medical Centre Groningen; Department of Medical Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center; and Department of Speech Language Pathology, University of Toronto, Canada; in close collaboration with:

- Motor Speech Conference, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, NE, USA

Program & Organizing committee
- Ben Maassen, chair (CLCG & BCN, University of Groningen & Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center)
- Pascal H.H.M. van Lieshout, co-chair (Oral Dynamics Lab, Department of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto, Canada)
- Hayo Terband (BCN, University Medical Centre Groningen)

The conference will be held in "Het Kasteel" (The Castle), at short walking distance from the city-centre of Groningen. Visiting address: Melkweg 1, Groningen.

Secretariat Of The Conference
Conference Agency:  Groningen Congres Bureau
c/o mr. Jaap A. Westerhuijs
Ubbo Emmiussingel 37B
9711 BC Groningen
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0) 50 3168877; Fax: +31 (0) 50 3126047
E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Conference website: http://www.slp-nijmegen.nl/smc2011


October 11, 2010
Online abstract submission opens

December 6, 2010
Online registration opens

January 10, 2011
Abstract Submission Deadline

February 28, 2011
Notification of acceptance

March 28, 2011
Full abstract submission deadline

March 28, 2011
Early Registration Deadline
(No refunds after May 1, 2011)


Workshop: Beyond Hearing

25th May 2010
Leiden, Netherlands

The researchers involved in the NWO VIDI project on 'Morphosyntactic Development
in Children with a Cochlear Implant' at Leiden University and the Consortium of
the FP7-SME1-222291 project 'DUAL PRO' will be organizing a one-day workshop

'Beyond Hearing: Current Investigations in Listening and Language Skills of
Cochlear Implant Users'

The workshop has two parallel sessions. The first session concentrates on the
language development in cochlear-implanted children, in comparison with hearing
impaired children with classical hearing aids and specific language impairment.
The second session concentrates on the electric-acoustic speech processing and
assessment tools for residual low-frequency hearing in deaf CI users. Both
sessions are followed by a presentation of the newly developed prosodic module
of the Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (ASSE) aiming to assess prosody
perception in hearing impaired.

Anyone who is interested in attending the workshop is cordially invited to do so.

For more information and full program visit:



Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sociolinguistic Meaning
4th-5th June 2010
Columbus, OH, USA


The Ohio State University Department of Linguistics is delighted to announce
this year's TIE-funded Spring Symposium, 'Interdisciplinary Approaches to
Sociolinguistic Meaning.' It will feature a mix of talks, plenary panels and
interactive breakout sessions, all designed to foster cross-field conversations
regarding the links between linguistic features and sociocultural concepts.
Presenters and attendees will represent a diverse array of fields, including
sociolinguistic variation, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics, social psychology
and linguistic anthropology. Researchers in these and other fields are invited
to attend.

Please register by emailing springsymling.osu.edu with your name, departmental
affiliation and whether you will attend the symposium dinner on Friday evening.

For more information, contact:

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (kbckling.osu.edu)
E. Allyn Smith (esmithling.osu.edu)
Craige Roberts (crobertsling.osu.edu)

Plenary Address:

Penelope Eckert (Stanford University)

Plenary Panelists:

Katie Drager (University of Hawai'i at Manoa)
Keith Johnson (University of California, Berkeley)
Katherine Kinzler (University of Chicago)
Sally McConnell-Ginet (Cornell University)
Richard Ogden (York University)
Robert J. Podesva (Georgetown University)
Craige Roberts (The Ohio State University)
Michael Silverstein (University of Chicago)
Laura Staum-Casasanto (Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen)


Molly Babel (University of British Columbia)
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (The Ohio State University)
Kathleen Currie Hall (City University of New York)
Benjamin Munson (University of Minnesota)
E. Allyn Smith (The Ohio State University)
Gregory Ward (Northwestern University)


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Department of Linguistics

The Linguistics Department provides both a general and an applied option
leading to an undergraduate major as well as an option for a minor in
linguistics. We also have an MA and a Ph.D., currently offered through the
English Department, however the transfer of the MA and Ph.D. to the
Linguistics Department is currently in progress.

Job Summary/Basic Function:
General linguist with specialization in phonetics. Applicants should be
prepared to set up a phonetics laboratory, and to teach undergraduate
introductory courses in linguistics and graduate courses in all areas of
phonetics in the MA and Ph.D. program in linguistics.

Minimum Qualifications:
1) Ph.D. in linguistics or related field in hand at the time of appointment.
2) General linguist with specialization in phonetics.
3) Ability to set up a phonetics laboratory.
4) Ability to teach undergraduate introductory courses in linguistics and
graduate courses in all areas of phonetics in the MA and Ph.D. program in

Preferred Qualifications:
1) Knowledge of a language other than English
2) Familiarity with research in second language acquisition

Apply online at: www.jobs.uwm.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=51336

A complete application includes a letter of application, curriculum vitae,
and three letters of recommendation. Questions and letters of reference may
be directed to Ms. Kami Graham, contact information below.

Application Deadline: Open until filled.
Mailing Address for Applications:
Ms. Kami Graham <klgrahamuwm.edu>
Department of Linguistics
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
PO Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201


University of Canterbury, NZ
Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for 5
Post-Doctoral Positions at the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and

The New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour (NZILBB) is a
new multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to the study of human language. The
researchers come from a wide range of disciplines, forging connections
across linguistics, speech production and perception, language acquisition,
language disorders, social cognition, memory, brain imaging, cognitive
science, bilingual education, and interface technologies. More information
is available at: http://www.nzilbb.canterbury.ac.nz/.

The successful candidates for all positions will have a PhD or equivalent
(NZQA Level 10) in a field related to studies of language, brain and
behaviour, such as Linguistics, Speech-Language Therapy, Psychology,
Medical Physics, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, or Education as well as
demonstrated experience of excellent research capabilities (design and
leadership) required to carry out innovative and insightful research.

(a) NZILBB Post-Doctoral Researcher (x 4).

These researchers will be based at NZILBB, University of Canterbury,
Christchurch and will be expected to contribute to the research themes of
the NZILBB, and to undertake a small amount of teaching (max. one course
per year).

Start date July 2010, or ASAP thereafter. End date: December 2012.

(b) Joint Van der Veer/NZILBB Post-Doctoral Researcher

This researcher will be located at the Van der Veer Institute for
Parkinson's and Brain Research, in Christchurch. You will conduct fMRI
research, and contribute to the themes of both the NZILBB and the Van der
Veer Institute (http://www.vanderveer.org.nz).

Start date June 2010, or ASAP thereafter. End date: June 2013

Application Deadline: 21-May-2010

Web Address for Applications: http://vacancies.canterbury.ac.nz/
Contact Information:
Associate Professor Jen Hay
Email: [log in to unmask]


Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
School of Linguistics and Language Studies

The School of Linguistics and Language Studies invites applications for a
one-year term position in Linguistics at the rank of Instructor, commencing
July 1, 2010. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Linguistics, with a
specialization in one of the core areas (phonetics, phonology, morphology,
syntax or semantics) and a demonstrated enthusiasm for, and excellence in,
undergraduate teaching. The successful candidate will be expected to teach
undergraduate courses to a culturally diverse student body. This is a
teaching position with a load of seven courses over Fall 2010 and Winter
2011 terms, with a possibility of one of the seven courses being scheduled
for the Spring 2011 term (May-June), subject to preferences of the
successful candidate and the needs of the School. Courses might include
Introduction to Linguistics, Phonetics, Semantics and Linguistic Analysis I
and II, with some repetition possible to minimize course preparation. Basic
course descriptions are available at

The School's B.A. program in Linguistics, which provides students with a
strong formal background, is housed in a unit representing a rich diversity
of perspectives on language, with courses in Linguistics, Applied
Linguistics and Discourse Studies, Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese
(Mandarin), German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, as well as
Communication Courses for Disciplines and Professions, and courses in
English as a Second Language for international students, immigrants, and
refugees. Detailed information on the School and our programs can be found
at http://www.carleton.ca/slals/.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, but in accordance with
Canadian immigration requirements, applications from Canadians and
permanent residents will be given priority. Carleton University is strongly
committed to fostering diversity within its community as a source of
excellence, cultural enrichment and social strength. We welcome those who
would contribute to the further diversification of our faculty and its
scholarship, including but not limited to women, visible minorities,
Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual
orientation or gender identity.

Carleton University is located on a beautiful campus in the central portion
of Ottawa, bounded by the Rideau River on one side, and the Rideau Canal on
the other. Its prime location - minutes from downtown, an international
airport, and the Gatineau Hills - enhances quality of life, and allows for
recreational opportunities for individuals and families. With a population
of almost one million, the city of Ottawa is Canada's capital and reflects
the country's bilingual and multicultural character. Applications should be
submitted to Professor Randall Gess via post or email, addresses below.
Letters of application should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae as well
as a concise dossier that includes written evidence of teaching
effectiveness. Three letters of reference should be sent directly to the
Director. The closing date for the receipt of applications, including the
letters of reference, is May 10, 2010. This position is subject to
budgetary approval.

Professor Randall  Gess
School of Linguistics and Language Studies
215 Paterson Hall
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa    K1S 5B6
Email: [log in to unmask]


Michigan State University
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Research Associate in Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition

Applications are invited for up to a three-year postdoctoral position in
the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University in speech
perception and spoken word recognition. The position is funded in part by
an NSF grant to study the contributions of speech prosody, including pitch,
loudness, speech rate and rhythm to understanding spoken words.

The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for helping to plan and
conduct all aspects of the research, including speech perception and
production experiments and acoustic-phonetic analyses, as well as preparing
written and oral presentations of the research for journal publications and
conferences. Evidence of scholarly productivity in the form of journal
articles and/or conference presentations is essential. It is expected that
the successful candidate will communicate the research through
presentations and papers. Additional responsibilities will include
oversight of undergraduate and graduate students working on the project.

Applicants for the position should have a track record of published
research commensurate with their experience in an area that overlaps with
the projects aims, such as auditory perception, speech perception, speech
production, or acoustics commensurate with their experience. Relevant areas
for the Ph.D. include, but are not limited to, Psychology, Speech and
Hearing Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience and/or Cognitive Science. The
successful candidate will have excellent organization and communication
skills and strong personal motivation. Background and experience with
acoustic analysis of speech segments and/or speech prosody, computer
programming skills, and/or music performance and/or theory are desired.
English language proficiency required.

The researcher will have the opportunity to work with individuals across a
variety of departments affiliated with the MSU Cognitive Science Program,
including Psychology, Linguistics, and Communicative Sciences and
Disorders, in a welcoming, active, and interdisciplinary research
environment. The salary is $40K per year with an anticipated starting date
of August 15, 2010. Contract will initially be for one year with
possibility of renewal up to two additional years. To apply, please send
the following information to Dr. Laura Dilley ([log in to unmask]): (1) a
current CV, (2) statement of research interests and career goals, (3) three
letters of recommendation, and (4) three representative publications and/or
other writing samples.

Review of applications begins immediately. Applications received by April
30 will receive full consideration. Applications received later than this
date will be considered until the position is filled or June 1, 2010
(whichever is earlier). Inquiries can be sent by email to Dr. Laura Dilley
([log in to unmask]) or to Dr. Devin McAuley ([log in to unmask]).


Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS)
Utrecht, Netherlands

1 PhD position: Perception of speaking fluency (1,0)
Starting date 1-9-2010, vacancy number 681016

Project content:
Some people speak more fluently than others, with fewer and/or shorter
pauses, a relatively fast speaking rate, and with few "uhm"'s. These
individual differences exist for native speakers, and they also exist for
non-native speakers. For non-native speakers, part of these hesitations are
related to language proficiency. In testing second language oral
proficiency, therefore, fluency is an important component. The
PhD-candidate will investigate which aspects of speech play a role in the
perception of fluency, and in the judging of fluency. The research is
carried out using listening experiments in which several aspects of (second
language) speech is manipulated, such as pausing behaviour, speech rate,
and the use of filled pauses such as "uhm"'s. This project has a clear
applied linguistic focus, because for the purpose of second language
testing it is crucial to have a good understanding of fluency perception
and the judgment of fluency. We are looking for an ambitious student who is
willing and able to work in a closely collaborating team.

Candidates must hold an MA in (applied) linguistics or psycholinguistics,
must have experience with the analysis of speech, and have outstanding
proficiency in Dutch and English. Candidates are experienced in
experimental research, preferably in conducting listening experiments.
Experience in statistics and proven affinity with research on second
language proficiency are recommendations. The candidate must have an MA
degree in hand one month prior to the starting date.

The PhD project involves training in research and completion of a PhD
dissertation within 3 (maximally 3.5) years with 1.0 FTE. As part of
her/his training, the PhD student will take courses offered by the National
Graduate School in Linguistics (LOT).

For further information, please contact the project supervisor Dr. Nivja de
Jong, (030) 253 6150, e-mail N.H.dejonguu.nl. For information about the
PhD-postition, contact the UiL OTS PhD-coordinator Dr. Maaike Schoorlemmer,
(030) 253 6183, e-mail M.Schoorlemmeruu.nl. You might also like to consult
our institute's website: http://www.uu.nl/uilots.

How to apply:
Applications should include a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, two
references (or contact details of two referees), an MA thesis, and a list
of academic courses including results.

E-mail applications in pdf or doc format should be sent to
Humanitiesjobs.gwuu.nl, and should specify the applicant's name and the
vacancy number (681016) in the topic as well as the message text. Please
also include a list of attachments in the message, and specify your name in
the filename and text of each attachment. E-mail applications have our

Hard copy applications (or partial applications) should be sent to the
Personnel Department at the address below with the vacancy number clearly
marked on the envelope.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 10 May, 2010.
Interviews are planned on May 25th and 27th.

Mailing Address for Applications:
P&O Department
Kromme Nieuwegracht 46
Utrecht 3512 HJ
Email Address for Applications: Humanitiesjobs.gwuu.nl
Contact Information:
Dr. Nivja de Jong
Email: n.h.dejonguu.nl
Phone: 0031302536150


Trinity College University of Dublin
Department: School of Linguistics, Speech & Comm Sciences

Research Studentship - Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences

The School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences in Trinity College
Dublin offers a limited number of Research Studentships for Ph.D. students in
the areas of:
- Linguistics
- Applied Linguistics
- Phonetics and Speech Science
- Clinical Speech and Language Studies
- Deaf Studies

The research studentship includes the payment of annual tuition fees, plus a
cash stipend. A limited amount of teaching may be expected of students in
receipt of a studentship.

The Ph.D. in Trinity College Dublin is a research degree, based on original
research carried out under the guidance of a research supervisor. Decisions on
admission are based on a combination of an applicant's previous academic record,
professional experience where relevant, and a research proposal which is
submitted as part of the application process. Information on the College's
entrance requirements and other regulations can be found on the Graduate Studies
Office website, http://www.tcd.ie/Graduate_Studies/. Further information about
the School's research activities, academic staff, and resources can be found on
the School's website, http://www.tcd.ie/slscs/clcs/.

Prospective applicants are invited to contact the School's Director of Teaching
and Learning (Postgraduate), Dr. Jeffrey Kallen (jkallentcd.ie), in the first
instance. Applications are made online via the Postgraduate Application Centre
(PAC) at http://www.pac.ie/. Applicants who wish to be considered for the
2010-11 academic year must complete an application with PAC no later than 1 June

Mailing Address for Applications:
        Attn: Dr Jeffrey Kallen
        School of Linguistic, Speech & Communication Sciences
        Arts Bldg.Trinity College
        Dublin D2


Please send contributions for the June issue of foNETiks by 26 May 2010.


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