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LIS-E-RESOURCES  November 2009

LIS-E-RESOURCES November 2009


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Serials: e-book supplement now published!


Ally Souster <[log in to unmask]>


An informal open list set up by UKSG - Connecting the Information Community <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 9 Nov 2009 11:22:31 -0000





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Thanks for that, Lesley.

Folks might also like to know that there is a supplement on e-books to
accompany the November issue of 'Serials':

Editorial Assistant, 'Serials'

-----Original Message-----
From: An informal open list set up by UKSG - Connecting the Information
Community [mailto:[log in to unmask]] On Behalf Of Crawshaw,
Lesley A
Sent: 09 November 2009 10:56
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: [LIS-E-RESOURCES] FW: Serials: The Journal for the Serials
Community - New Issue Alert


Please see below for the details of the articles/features from the latest
issue of Serials.


Lesley Crawshaw
Knowledge &  Business Intelligence Consultant
Information Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire
Tel: 01707 285508

Joint List Owner:
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From: MetaPress Alerting [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: 06 November 2009 20:42
To: Crawshaw, Lesley A
Subject: Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community - New Issue Alert



Dear Lesley Crawshaw,

Volume 22 Number 3 / November 2009 of Serials: The Journal for the Serials
Community is now available on the uksg.metapress.com web site at

This issue contains:

 p. ii


 p. i


 p. iii


 p. 193

Mini‐profile:: a day in the life of an e‐publishing business development

 p. 194

Mini‐profile:: a day in the life of a scholarly information

 p. 196

An introduction to the JISC Academic Database Assessment

 p. 199

Liam Earney

The JISC Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT) aims to help libraries to
make informed decisions about future subscriptions to bibliographic
databases. The ADAT is freely available and provides access to detailed
information and title lists for major bibliographic and full‐text
databases, and key service information for database and e‐book content
platforms.This paper will provide an introduction to the ADAT, why it was
created, where it is today, reactions to it from both the academic and
publishing communities and how libraries and service providers can help to
develop the service and ensure it is kept up to date and free.

Economists Online: user requirements for a subject

 p. 206

Michelle Blake

The Network of European Economists Online (NEEO) project is a 30‐month
project running from September 2007 - February 2010. NEEO aims to create a
central multilingual portal, Economists Online (EO), with enhanced metadata
descriptions and links to the full‐text research publications and primary
data output of at least 500 top researchers and the economics publications
of partner institutions.In late 2007 the first user requirements study was
undertaken to identify the needs of economics researchers regarding access
to full‐text documents and datasets; dissemination of research outputs;
services to be implemented in EO; and any multilingual issues. A follow‐up
mid‐project questionnaire was conducted in early 2009 in order to obtain
early feedback from users of EO and identify any necessary refinements. A
third evaluation questionnaire will be conducted near the end of the
project. This article presents the results of the first two of these

Publishers for Development (PfD): a new initiative to help researchers in
developing countries<http://uksg.metapress.com/link.asp?id=68494P662927002M>

 p. 214

Jonathan Harle, Anne Powell

High quality research is critical to international development. For
developing countries to address the many and complex social, environmental
and health challenges which they face they will need to bring new knowledge
and thinking to bear on a wide array of problems. Academic publishers are a
vital part of the global research communication cycle, and can help to
encourage the dissemination of research and ideas from underrepresented
areas of the international scientific and academic community. Publishers for
Development (PfD) is a new initiative of the Association of Commonwealth
Universities (ACU) and the International Network for the Availability of
Scientific Publications (INASP) which aims to forge a new partnership of
publishers for international development.

The AuthorAID project at INASP: building on a holistic approach to research

 p. 220

Julie Walker

The AuthorAID project at the International Network for the Availability of
Scientific Publications (INASP) is a pilot project which aims to increase
the success rate of developing‐country researchers in obtaining publication
and, ultimately, to increase the visibility and influence of research
undertaken within the developing world. Through providing mentoring,
training, resources and networking, the project supports early career
researchers with writing up and disseminating their work. As part of INASP's
PERii programme, the project both links and complements the other components
of INASP's work. This paper outlines the AuthorAID project and explores its
symbiotic relationship with INASP and its holistic approach to supporting
research communication in developing countries.

The ‘DOD’ and ‘POD’ project in context at McGill: part of digitizing
collections to preserve content, provide access and enrich

 p. 224

Janine Schmidt, Louise O'neill

The McGill Library in Canada has extensive holdings of online resources,
including its own theses and purchased e‐book and e‐journal collections.
It also holds significant collections of rare books and heritage materials
in its central Rare Books and Special Collections and branch libraries,
amassed over many years through significant donations as well as purchase.
Material covers many languages and multiple formats, and ranges from
Canadiana to cook books. Most items held are not listed in the online
catalogue, making discovery difficult. Early digitization focused on
scanning of content and creation of individual websites for projects. More
recently, planned standardized approaches have focused on the publishing of
two online journals, on a digitization‐on‐demand (DOD) project with
materials in the public domain, linked to print on demand (POD), and on
improving discoverability. This paper tracks some developments, outlines
current projects and indicates future directions.

Print on demand (POD) from a publisher's viewpoint: the case of Taylor &
Francis journals<http://uksg.metapress.com/link.asp?id=F611130063130L28>

 p. 230

Matthew Howells

Print on demand (POD) has been gathering momentum in all areas of book
production, most notably over the past five years. Increased use of POD is
the result of significant improvements: first, in technology (file supply,
content management and data quality) and, second, in the quality of what is
being produced. These two factors, combined with the increasing market
penetration of digital printing for journals and the relatively low numbers
of print subscribers, make POD a very relevant consideration for journal
publishers. The question for journal publishers has been: how do we make it
work for journals? Taylor & Francis answered this question by developing
over the past two years an initiative termed ‘Distributed Print on Demand’
(DPOD) where journal issues are printed and despatched simultaneously from
three global locations (USA, UK and Singapore), near to the subscriber.

Key issue: Usage

 p. 233

Richard Gedye, Fytton Rowland

Profile: Robert

 p. 235


 p. 238

Notes for

 p. 243


 p. 244

The backfile of Serials from 1995 is freely available online, apart from the
latest three issues for which you must hold either a UKSG membership or a
subscription to Serials to gain access. To access this backfile, click

Thank you,
MetaPress Alerting

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uksg.metapress.com who asked to receive email alerts when new issues of
Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community are published. If you would
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section of http://uksg.metapress.com to update your preferences.

lis-e-resources is a UKSG list - http://www.uksg.org/serials
UKSG groups also available on Facebook and LinkedIn

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lis-e-resources is a UKSG list - http://www.uksg.org/serials
UKSG groups also available on Facebook and LinkedIn

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