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FONETIKS  October 2009

FONETIKS October 2009


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Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 6 Oct 2009 17:25:19 +0100





TEXT/PLAIN (484 lines)

  A Newsletter for The
  International Phonetic Association
  and for the Phonetic Sciences

  October 2009

Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK.
Gerry Docherty, Newcastle University, UK.
Paul Foulkes, University of York and JP French Associates, UK.
Lisa Lim, University of Hong Kong.

E-mail address: fonetiks-request at jiscmail.ac.uk

The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at:

Visit the IPA web page at its **new address** at:


  [new ones marked ##]
     [date of first appearance follows]


##11 - 13 December 2009. ACCENTS 2009, University of Lodz, Poland.
http://www.filolog.uni.lodz.pl/accents2009/ accents at uni.lodz.pl (10/09)

16-18 December 2009. Workshop on Formal Approaches to the Phonology-Morphology
- Syntax Interfaces. Barcelona, Spain. http://seneca.uab.cat/clt/ConsoleXVIII/
  workshop.html (04/09)

8-9 January 2010. Borders and Identities Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne,
UK. http://www.york.ac.uk/res/aiseb/bic2010/. (07/09)

11 - 12 January 2010. British Association of Clinical Linguistics Symposium,
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. (09/09)

##14 - 16 January 2010, The Word in Phonology, CUNY Grad Center, New York
City. http://www.cunyphonologyforum.net/word.php (10/09)

12-14 February 2010. Georgetown Linguistics Society 2010 - Sound, Structure,
Meaning: Explorations at the Interface, Washington, D.C., USA.
http://sites.google.com/site/gls2010site/Home (09/09)

13-14 February 2010. Computational Modelling of Sound Pattern Acquisition,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. http://www.ualberta.ca/~kirchner/CMSPA.html (09/09)

24-26 February 2010. Prosodic Typology: State of the Art & Future Prospects,
Berlin, Germany. http://www2.hu-berlin.de/dgfs/ (09/09)

19-21 March 2010. Ultrafest V, Haskins Labs, New Haven, CT, USA.
http://www.haskins.yale.edu/conferences/ultrafestV.html (09/09)

##24 - 25 March 2010. BIMEP 2010, Belgrade International Meeting of English
Phoneticians, Belgrade, Serbia. bimep.2010 at gmail.com (10/09)

14-17 April 2010. 8th International conference on the Evolution of Language
(Evolang8), Utrecht University, NL. http://evolang2010.nl/ (05/09)

1-3 May 2010. New Sounds 2010: Sixth International Symposium on the
Acquisition of Second Language Speech. Poznan, Poland.
http://ifa.amu.edu.pl/newsounds/ (03/08) (6/09)

11-14 May 2010. Fifth International Conference on Speech Prosody, Doubletree
Magnificent Mile, Chicago, USA. http://speechprosody2010.illinois.edu.

23-26 June, 2010. 13th Meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and
Linguistics Association, Oslo. www.hf.uio.no/icpla2010 (09/09)

24-25 June 2010. Child Language Seminar, City University, London.
http://www.city.ac.uk/lcs/childlanguageseminar.html. (07/09)

8-10 July 2010, Conference on Laboratory Phonology, University of New
Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA. (6/09)

22-23 October 2010. Workshop on Sound Change, Barcelona. (09/09)

                         CONFERENCES, COURSES, CALLS


The Department of English Grammar and Phonetics, University of Lodz, Poland
is pleased to announce the third conference on Native and Non-native Accents
of English - 'Accents 2009'. 'Accents' is an annual conference continuing the
tradition of earlier meetings of researchers and teachers of phonetics,
phonology and EFL interested in the issue of accent in English spoken as a
native or non-native language. The main theme of this year's conference is
accent variability in time and space. We invite papers in this area, however
we hope to continue the discussion of other issues, including the following:

    * variability in native accents of English
    * variability in non-native accents of English
    * the native- non-native accent continuum
    * the norm / reference accents in EFL
    * the use and acquisition of English speech by non-native speakers
    * socio-phonetics
    * methodology of accent studies
    * pedagogical implications

http://www.filolog.uni.lodz.pl/accents2009/ ACCENTS at uni.lodz.pl



January 14th-16th, 2010, at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue,
New York City, 10016

For more information, visit http://www.cunyphonologyforum.net/word.php.

We invite oral and poster presentations from any subdivision of cognitive
science such as formal linguistics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics,
poetics, philosophy, psychology, etc. We also encourage diversity in methods,
so we welcome both formal and experimental approaches to the topic of the
word in phonology.

The following list of questions is meant to be suggestive and provocative. In
fact the organizers wish to open the field of discussion to all matters
related to the nature of the word in phonology and/or phonetics.

Is the word a valid concept?

Is the word the same entity as the phonological word?

Is the word hierarchically superordinate to feet and/or syllables?

What is the internal structure of the word?

What principles determine word structure?

What aspects of the word are relevant to rhyme and meter?

How do psycholinguistic processes interact with the linguist's word?

How do morphological and phonological rules/constraints refer to the word?

Does the word exist at different levels of phonology and phonetics?


Nigel Fabb, University of Strathclyde, "The linguistics of surprise."
Alec Marantz, New York University, "Deconstructing Words."
Adam Ussishkin, University of Arizona, "Words and Roots in Semitic:
           psycholinguistic evidence for multiple factors in lexical access."

Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should consist of a one page
description (12pt font) with a second page for references, data and/or
illustrations. Please specify whether it is a proposal for a poster or an
oral presentation, or potentially either. Although we will make every effort
to honor authors' requests, the criterion for assigning a proposal to either
the oral or the poster format is simply whether the subject matter is better
suited for one or the other mode of presentation. Abstracts should be emailed
as an attachment (PDF format) to [log in to unmask] no later than
midnight, October 18, 2009. Authors should include title of the proposal,
name of the author(s) and affiliation in the body of the email.


October 18, 2009 deadline for abstracts submission
November 20, 2009 notification of acceptance
January 14-16, 2010 Conference on the word in phonology

Email contact: word at cunyphonologyforum.net
Web: http://www.cunyphonologyforum.net/word.php
Organized by Chuck Cairns, CUNY, and Eric Raimy, University of Wisconsin


BIMEP 2010

The English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade,
is pleased to announce the second international meeting of the phoneticians
of English.

The aim of the event is to bring together researchers who investigate various
aspects of English phonetics and English pronunciation both from the
theoretical and pedagogical perspectives. Papers addressing comparative
issues between English and another language are most welcome.

The official language of the conference is English. The keynote speakers are
Emeritus Professor of Phonetics John Wells, University College London, UK,
and Professor Tatjana Paunovic, University of Ni, Serbia.
Contact BIMEP.2010 at gmail.com

                            STUDENTSHIPS, JOBS

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University invites
applications for three Ph.D. Studentships in Linguistics with a
specialization in General Linguistics and/or Phonetics, Ref.nr SU
617-2167-09, and a Ph.D. Studentship in Computational Linguistics at
Stockholm University, Sweden, Ref.nr SU 617-2168-09

Three Ph.D Studentships in Linguistics (Ref.nr SU 617-2167-09)

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University invites
applications for three four-year studentships within its Ph.D.
programme in Linguistics with a specialization in General Linguistics
and/or Phonetics, with start date January 1, 2010. The thesis project
should involve one or both of the profile areas of the department,
namely, *language typology* (see http://www.ling.su.se/ASV/engelska/
eng-text.html) or *early language acquisition in children.
The deadline for applications is October 29th, 2009. Applications should
be sent by ordinary mail to Stockholms universitet, Registrator/PA, 106
91 Stockholm, Sweden, and should include the following:

1. CV with information about earlier studies, jobs and publications;
2. a copy of written works that are referred to in the application;
3. contact information for two reference persons;
4. a sketch of up to 6,000 words describing a possible thesis project.

Please indicate the reference number Ref.nr SU 617-2167-09 on your
application. Further inquiries should be directed to Professor Maria
Koptjevskaja Tamm (tamm at ling.su.se) for General Linguistics, and
Professor Francisco Lacerda (frasse at ling.su.se) for Phonetics.


A Ph. D Studentship in Computation Linguistics (Ref.nr SU 617-2168-09)

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University invites
applications for a four-year studentship within its *Ph.D. programme in
Computational Linguistics,* with start date January 1, 2010.

We would especially welcome thesis projects with a potential for
cross-fertilizing areas within the department and/or with partners in
the Human Language Technology Center in the Stockholm--Uppsala
University Network (http://www.uu.se/suun/eng/hltcenter.php). For
example, the thesis project might involve one of the profile areas of
the department, language typology (see http://www.ling.su.se/ASV/
engelska/eng-text.html) or early language acquisition in children. It
might also relate to activities within the Userware Laboratory at the
Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), such as data-oriented
models of semantics. Examples of other such cross-border areas are
symbolic and statistical methods for parsing and computational linguistics
for under-resourced languages.

The deadline for applications is October 29, 2009. Applications should
be sent by ordinary mail to Stockholms universitet, Registrator/PA, 106
91 Stockholm, Sweden, and should include the following:

1. CV with information about earlier studies, jobs and publications;
2. a copy of written works that are referred to in the application;
3. contact information for two reference persons;
4. a sketch of up to 6,000 words describing a possible thesis project.

Please indicate the reference number Ref.nr SU 617-2168-09 on your
application! Further inquiries should be directed to Associate Professor
Mats Wirin (mats.wiren at ling.su.se).

General information

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree including at least an
equivalent of the Swedish "magister" programme in General Linguistics.
This programme focuses on linguistic theory and comprises four years of
study including the writing of two research papers. Applicants from all
countries are welcome. Knowledge of Swedish is not a formal requirement
but students are strongly advised to acquire a working knowledge of
Swedish as soon as possible (language courses are offered by the
university). Additional details on the general admission requirements
for postgraduate studies at Stockholm University can be found at

During the period of the studentship, the student is a regular employee
of the University. The beginning salary is SEK 21,600 a month
(approximately EUR 2,100 or USD 3,100).

The first period of employment is for one year. The employment contract
can then be renewed for at most two years at a time, up to a total of
four years, or, if the student accepts teaching or administrative duties
at the department (not exceeding 20% of full time), maximally five years.

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University
(http://www.ling.su.se) has about 60 employees, which makes it one of
the larger departments at the Faculty of Humanities. The department is
organized into six sections, namely, General Linguistics, Computational
Linguistics, Phonetics, Sign Language for the Deaf, Swedish for the
Deaf, and Modern Greek. The research at the Department of Linguistics
belongs to one of fifteen areas at Stockholm University which have been
graded as "leading research" in the sense of being nationally leading
and having a high international status (see
The department is a member of the Human Language Technology Center in
the Stockholm--Uppsala University Network
(http://www.uu.se/suun/eng/hltcenter.php), and participates in the
Swedish National Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT,

Prof. Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
Inst. fvr lingvistik, Stockholms universitet
106 91 Stockholm, Sverige
tel. +46-(0)8-16 26 20


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Utah invites
applications for a tenure-line position at the rank of Assistant Professor
to begin July 1, 2010, pending budgetary approval. The Ph.D. must be
completed by the time of appointment.

The successful applicant will have a primary specialization in theoretical
phonology, and will provide evidence of a cohesive research program and
teaching excellence. Preference will be given to candidates whose research
interests mesh with those of the present faculty and who will contribute
actively to the success of the department's research and teaching missions.

Duties require a sustained research program, the mentorship of graduate
and/or undergraduate student-scholars, a normal teaching load of 4 courses
per year, and departmental and/or university service. Salary is
competitive, and commensurate with abilities and experience. The
University of Utah offers a generous benefits package and research support.

The Search Committee will begin screening applicants on November 24, 2009,
and the position will remain open until filled. Candidates should send a
letter of application, a CV, and representative scholarly publications to
the address below. Candidates should arrange to have three letters of
reference sent directly to the same address. Candidates should please
indicate whether they will attend the LSA meeting in Baltimore.

Please see application and contact information below.

The University of Utah values candidates who have experience working in
settings with students from diverse backgrounds, and who possess a
commitment to improving access to higher education for historically
underrepresented students. Moreover, the University of Utah is an Equal
Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer, and encourages applications from
women and minorities, and provides reasonable accommodation to the known
disabilities of applicants and employees.
Application Deadline: 24-Nov-2009
Application Address: Chair Edward Rubin
Phonology Search Committee
Department of Linguistics
255 S. Central Campus Drive, Rm. 2300
Salt Lake City US 84112 USA
Contact Information: Shantel de Arraiz , Administrative Officer
shantal.dearraiz at linguistics.utah.edu
Phone: 801-585-9785 Fax: 801-585-7351


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Utah seeks applications
for a one-semester, non-renewable, Associate Instructor position for Spring
2010. This position involves teaching an intermediate-level phonology
course, and the successful candidate may also teach one or more additional
courses offered by the department. Pay will be determined by
qualifications, experience and the number of courses taught. Teaching and
research experience in phonological theory are required; PhD is highly

Please send a letter of application describing teaching and scholarly
interest, CV, and a list of those of our courses which you are interested
in teaching, to the address below. Please also provide the names/contact
details for three references: Do not ask them to send letters in regard to
this position. We will begin considering application materials immediately.
Application Deadline: 01-Apr-2010
Flexible Deadline
Application Address: Edward Rubin, Chair
Associate Instructor Position
Department of Linguistics
255 S. Central Campus Drive, Ste. #2300
Salt Lake City US 84112
Application Email: shantel.dearraiz at linguistics.utah.edu
Contact Information: Shantel de Arraiz , Administrative Officer
Phone: 801-585-9785 Fax: 801-585-7351


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago announces an
open-rank search for a tenured or tenure-track position in linguistics with
a research and teaching focus on experimental linguistics. We welcome
applicants from all subfields of linguistics. Priority will be given to the
overall originality and promise of the candidate's work rather than the
area of specialization within linguistics. The ideal candidate will have
research interests which complement those of other linguists on campus, and
which address scientific questions regarding knowledge and use of language.
S/he will have teaching responsibilities at both the graduate and the
undergraduate levels and will supervise student research in appropriate areas.

Candidates should hold a PhD, either in Linguistics, Psychology, or in
Cognitive Science with a demonstrated strong interest in questions of
significance to linguistics.

Candidates must submit a cover letter and current curriculum vitae online
at the University of Chicago's Academic Career Opportunities website, for
posting number 00124: https://academiccareers.uchicago.edu. Also,
candidates must submit hard copies of a CV, statements of research and
teaching, and up to three appropriate research papers; please supply a URL
with links for these items as well. Teaching evaluations should also be
submitted if available. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as
possible. Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2009.

Candidates should arrange for three letters of reference to be sent
directly to the search committee at the address listed below. The
department expects to interview candidates at the Annual Meeting of the
Linguistic Society of America in Baltimore, January 7-10, 2010.

All electronically submitted materials and hard copy materials must be
received by November 15, 2009, for applicant to be considered. Applications
must be sent to the address provided below.

E-mail inquiries should be directed to Alan Yu, Chair of the Search
Committee; see e-mail address below.
Application Deadline: 15-Nov-2009
Application Address: Alan Yu , Search Committee Chair,
Department of Linguistics
1010 E. 59th Street
Chicago IL 60637
Application URL: https://academiccareers.uchicago.edu
Contact Information: Alan Yu , Search Committee Chair,
Phone: 7737028528 Fax: 7738340924


Tel-Aviv University, Israel
The Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities

Tenure-track position in Phonology
Department of Linguistics
Starting October 2010

The position is open to candidates who will be holding a PhD degree by the
time of appointment, with expertise and research interests in phonology,
and ability to teach phonetics. Secondary domain of specialization is an

The position requires high-quality research and teaching abilities.

Salary and conditions will conform to Israeli university regulations.
Appointment, and eventually tenure, procedures will be carried out
according to the regulations of Tel-Aviv University and are subject to
approval by the University authorities.

Candidates should send their applications, including CV, statement of
research interests, records of teaching experience, list of publications
and samples of published work to the address below.

In addition, three letters of recommendation from senior scholars should be
sent directly by the recommenders to the same address.

Application deadline: 30.11.09

The position is open to candidates without discrimination based on gender,
nationality or ethnic origin. The appointment will be based on candidate
qualifications and the needs of the university.
Application Deadline: 30-Nov-2009
Application Address: Professor Shlomo Biderman
Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv 69978
Contact Information: Prof. Tal Siloni
Phone: 97236409685 Fax: 97236405109

Items for the November foNETiks should reach us by October 27, 2009.


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