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FONETIKS  September 2009

FONETIKS September 2009


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foNETiks newsletter


g j docherty <[log in to unmask]>


g j docherty <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 8 Sep 2009 16:07:53 +0100





text/plain (401 lines)

A Newsletter for The
International Phonetic Association
and for the Phonetic Sciences

September 2009

Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK.
Gerry Docherty, Newcastle University, UK.
Paul Foulkes, University of York and JP French Associates, UK.
Lisa Lim, University of Hong Kong.

E-mail address: fonetiks-request at jiscmail.ac.uk

The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at:

Visit the IPA web page at its **new address** at:


   [new ones marked ##]
   [date of first appearance follows]


9-11 September 2009. 3rd Round of the Conference on Discourse & Prosody
Interface (IDP09). Paris, France. http://idp09.linguist.univ-paris-diderot.fr

10-11 September 2009. PAC Workshop 2009: Models, Variation & Phonological
Corpora. Aix-en-Provence, France. gabor.turcsan at univ-provence.fr (04/09)

17-18 September 2009.Workshop on Prosody and Meaning (WPM). Barcelona,
Spain. http://prosodia.uab.cat/prosodyandmeaning/home/index.php (12/08)

17-19 September 2009. Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and
Teaching. Ames, Iowa, USA. (04/09)

24-26 September 2009. Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN2009).
Poznan, Poland. http://www.ifa.amu.edu.pl/~gespin (12/08, 02/09)

28-30 September 2009. Monosyllables - from Phonology to Typology. Bremen,
Germany. http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/monosyllables/ (04/09)

28-29 September 2009. Intonational Variation in Arabic. University of York,
UK. http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~sh581/iva09. (05/09)

16-18 December 2009. Workshop on Formal Approaches to the Phonology-Morphology- Syntax Interfaces.
Barcelona, Spain. http://seneca.uab.cat/clt/ConsoleXVIII/ workshop.html (04/09)

8-9 January 2010. Borders and Identities Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne,
UK. http://www.york.ac.uk/res/aiseb/bic2010/. (07/09)

## 11 - 12 January 2010. British Association of Clinical Linguistics Symposium,
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. (09/09) [further details below]

## 12-14 February 2010. Georgetown Linguistics Society 2010 - Sound, Structure, Meaning: Explorations at the Interface, Washington, D.C., USA. http://sites.google.com/site/gls2010site/Home  (09/09) [further details below]

## 13-14 February 2010. Computational Modelling of Sound Pattern Acquisition, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Web Site: http://www.ualberta.ca/~kirchner/CMSPA.html (09/09) [further details below]

## 24-26 February 2010. Prosodic Typology: State of the Art & Future Prospects,Berlin, Germany.
http://www2.hu-berlin.de/dgfs/  (09/09) [further details below]

## 19-21 March 2010. Ultrafest V, Haskins Labs, New Haven, CT, USA.
http://www.haskins.yale.edu/conferences/ultrafestV.html (09/09) [further details below]

14-17 April 2010. 8th International conference on the Evolution of Language
(Evolang8), Utrecht University, NL. http://evolang2010.nl/ (05/09)

1-3 May 2010. New Sounds 2010: Sixth International Symposium on the
Acquisition of Second Language Speech. Poznan, Poland. http://ifa.amu.edu.pl/newsounds/
(03/08) (6/09)

11-14 May 2010. Fifth International Conference on Speech Prosody, Doubletree
Magnificent Mile, Chicago, USA. http://speechprosody2010.illinois.edu.

## 23-26 June, 2010. 13th Meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association, Oslo.
www.hf.uio.no/icpla2010 (09/09) [further details below]

24-25 June 2010. Child Language Seminar, City University, London.
http://www.city.ac.uk/lcs/childlanguageseminar.html. (07/09)

8-10 July 2010, Conference on Laboratory Phonology, University of New
Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA.  (6/09)

## 22-23 October 2010. Workshop on Sound Change, Barcelona. (09/09) [further details below]

                        CONFERENCES, COURSES, CALLS
Ultrafest V

19 - 21 March 2010


Call for Papers:

Ultrafest V, the 5th meeting of researchers interested in using ultrasound for linguistic investigation, invites abstracts for presentations at our meeting in New Haven, CT. There are two parts to the meeting: a hands-on session to demonstrate ultrasound machines and ancillary equipment on Friday, March 19th, 2010, and a general session, March 20-21, 2010, which will consist primarily of presentations on technical issues of ultrasound measurement and theoretical papers based on results from ultrasound. Two invited speakers will also be presenting (see names and titles below). There is, in addition, a targeted session on comparisons of ultrasound and MRI techniques, which is also open to contributed papers.

As previously announced, the deadline for submission of abstracts is Sept. 10th, 2009. Presentations will be 20 minutes long. You can only be first author on one submission. Abstracts should be 500 words or less and submitted in PDF format. Notifications will be made by Oct. 9th. Please email abstracts to: ultrafesthaskins.yale.edu

If you would also like to demonstrate your system in Friday's hands-on session, please let us know what the system is and how much space you would require.

Vendor spaces are also available. Commercial providers are encouraged to contact us at ultrafesthaskins.yale.edu.

Invited Speakers:

Yoram Yekutieli, Hadassah Academic College and Weizmann Institute of Science: ''Biomechanics and Control of the Octopus Arm''
Hemant Tagare, Yale University School of Medicine: ''Finding Anatomical Structures in Ultrasound Images''

If you would like to be on the Ultrafest mailing list, please send a message to [log in to unmask]


Workshop on Sound Change

Barcelona | October 22-23, 2010

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) will be hosting a workshop on "Sound Change" in October 2010. The workshop will take place in the Casa de la Convalescencia, in downtown Barcelona.

The goal of the workshop is to examine current approaches to sound change from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, with an emphasis on the initiation of sound change. Dialectal and social phonetic variation, the role of perceptual and articulatory factors, analysis techniques, models of phonologisation, articulatory modelling, as well as typological patterns of change will be considered.

This workshop is intended as a meeting point for exchanging ideas and sharing analytical techniques, as well as for stimulating discussion and collaborative efforts.

The workshop will consist of plenary talks, invited talks, discussion sessions and a poster session.

The worshop is organised by Maria-Josep Solé and Daniel Recasens as part of the activities of the research group in Experimental Phonetics (SGR, Generalitat de Catalunya).

Any papers on research examining processes of sound change from an empirical perspective are invited for poster presentation.
Submission deadline: February 15, 2010
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2010 All information regarding submission, program etc. will be available through the workshop website in October 2009

For details, contact María José Solé Sabater [[log in to unmask]].


International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association - ICPLA

Oslo, June 23-26, 2010.

The 13th Meeting of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association is hosted by Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo and Bredtvet Resource Centre, Oslo.

The program will consist of a combination of plenary talks, thematic symposia, and general oral and poster sessions. The meeting will cover a wide range of topics, which include (but are not limited to) the following: clinical phonetics, clinical linguistics (phonology, semantics, syntax, pragmatics), assessment, treatment and methodology in speech and language pathology, developmental language disorders, acquired language disorders (aphasia, apraxia, etc.), audiology, hearing impairement, communication disorders across languages.

For more information, please visit the conference website: www.hf.uio.no/icpla2010


British Association of Clinical Linguistics Symposium 2010

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

11th-12th January 2010

This will be a two day event which aims to bring together researchers and teachers of clinical linguistics and phonetics. We invite submissions of papers on any area of clinical linguistics and phonetics which report on research findings, discuss issues in the teaching and learning of speech and language therapy, or combine both areas. The focus of Monday 11th January will be research, and the focus of Tuesday 12th January will be teaching and learning.

Presentations will be 20 minutes long followed by a 5-minute question period. Posters will be on display for a full day with one attended session during the day.

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words in length. Abstracts should be submitted by email as PDF documents. Please save your document using BACL 2010 followed by the first author's surname as the file name (e.g. BACL 2010 Smith.pdf).

The first page should include the name, affiliation, contact email address, and title of the proposed presentation. The text of the abstract should fit on the second page. A third page may be included for examples, figures, or references, if desired.

Abstracts submitted should present original research in clinical linguistics and phonetics, discuss issues in the teaching and learning of clinical linguistics and phonetics, or combine both areas.

Please indicate if you would prefer an oral paper or a poster presentation.

All submissions must be received by FRIDAY 27th AUGUST 2009.
Please send your abstracts and any queries to Ann Clark: [log in to unmask]
In the subject line, please write BACL 2010 and the first author's surname (e.g., BACL Smith 2010).

Local organisers: Ann Clark and Helen Kelly


Georgetown Linguistics Society 2010

Sound, Structure, Meaning: Explorations at the Interface

12-14 Feb-2010

Washington, D.C., USA

Call for Papers:

GLS 2010 - Sound, Structure, Meaning: Explorations At The Interface- focuses on relationships between linguistic subfields through study of the following interface topics: Syntax-Semantics, Syntax-Morphology, Syntax-Phonology, Phonology-Morphology, Phonology-Phonetics, Lexicon-Syntax, Semantics-Pragmatics. This conference highlights the importance of interface studies through in depth explorations of the relationships between grammatical systems.

GLS 2010 is a conference run by the graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University. The conference will include three days of paper and poster presentations by students as well as invited plenary addresses and panel discussions by established scholars.

Keynote Speakers:
Angelika Krazter
Alec Marantz
John Beavers

For more information visit http://sites.google.com/site/gls2010site/.

To submit go to http://linguistlist.org/confcustom/GLSC2010.

Please address any questions to Cala Zubair and Justin Kelley at


Computational Modelling of Sound Pattern Acquisition

13-14 Feb-2010

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Major advances have been made in recent years towards explicit modelling of phonological acquisition, including increasingly sophisticated OT learning algorithms, as well as application of general machine learning techniques (e.g. expectation maximization and maximum entropy learning). At the same time, evidence of token and type frequency sensitivity in the propagation of both categorical and gradient patterns in speech has spurred growing interest in exemplar-based models of acquisition and processing. This workshop aims to bring together these two strands of research, promoting dialogue between those pursuing symbolic and subsymbolic approaches to acquisition of the sound patterns of spoken language.

Invited speakers will include: Adam Albright (MIT), Michael Becker (Harvard), Andries Coetzee (Michigan), Robert Daland (UCLA), Bruce Hayes (UCLA), Jeff Mielke (Ottawa), Ben Munson (Minnesota), James Myers (CCU, Taiwan), Janet Pierrehumbert (Northwestern), Alan Yu (Chicago). Titles to be announced.

Call for Papers:
We invite oral and poster presentations from phonologists, phoneticians, psycholinguists, computational linguists, and speech scientists on this general theme. Though relevant analytic, programmatic, or experimental presentations are also welcome, priority will be given to abstracts reflecting original computational modelling results for some aspect of phonological/phonetic acquisition.

Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should be no longer than one page (US letter or A4, 11 pt, 1 inch margins) with a second page for references, data and/or figures.

Abstracts should be emailed as a PDF attachment to phonmodualberta.ca, deadline: midnight (Mountain Time), November 20, 2009.

Unless the submitter indicates otherwise, the organizers will consider each abstract's suitability for oral or poster presentation. Authors should include the title, name(s), and affiliation(s) in the body of the email.

The organizers anticipate sufficient funding to cover travel and accommodation costs of all presenters whose abstracts are accepted, above and beyond the invited speakers.

For further details contact Robert Kirchner ([log in to unmask]).


Prosodic Typology: State of the Art & Future Prospects

24-26 Feb 2010

Berlin, Germany


The study of prosody is traditionally concerned with suprasegmental features such as stress, tone, intonation and quantity. More recently, its scope has been expanded to include any phonological phenomenon sensitive to the domains of the prosodic hierarchy (ranging from the syllable to the utterance). In the course of this development, a number of theoretical frameworks have been developed which make strong claims about possible prosodic systems and their architecture. While the predictions are clear, the cross-linguistic evidence is often less so, especially since too often generalizations are based on a narrow language sample from better-known European languages.

Call for Papers:

Phonologists, typologists, and experts on individual languages are invited to submit abstracts addressing, among others, the following key questions in prosodic typology:

1) Which phenomena should be subsumed under the term 'prosodic'? E.g. is it reasonable to treat stress domains on a par with segmental assimilation processes? (cf. Bickel et al. 2009)

2) Can existing descriptive frameworks capture the attested diversity in prosodic systems? E.g. does ToBI provide an adequate means for cross-linguistic comparison? (cf. Jun 2005)

3) Are phonological theories capable of handling typological variation? E.g. can derivational approaches which assign metrical grids before intonational pitch-accents account for cases like Kuot? (cf. Lindström & Remijsen 2005)

Abstracts should be anonymous and should not exceed 1 page in length (an additional page for data and/or references can be added). Please send your abstracts electronically in pdf- and doc- or rtf-format to renepunksinscience.org. Include your name, affiliation and the title of the abstract in the body of the e-mail.

The workshop is organized by Gabriele Müller and René Schiering (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster). It takes place as part of the annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (German Linguistic Society, DGfS) in Berlin between February 24th and 26th, 2010: http://www2.hu-berlin.de/dgfs/. We encourage participants to present in English. Presentations at multiple workshops during DGfS are generally not approved of.

Keynote Speakers:

Daniel L. Everett, Illinois State University (tbc)
Janet Fletcher, University of Melbourne (tbc)


Bickel, Balthasar, Kristine A. Hildebrandt & René Schiering (2009). The Distribution of Phonological Word Domains: A Probabilistic Typology. In Phonological Domains. Universals and Deviations, Janet Grijzenhout & Baris Kabak (eds.), 47-74. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Jun, Sun-Ah (ed.) (2005). Prosodic Typology. The Phonology of Intonation and Phrasing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lindström, Eva and Bert Remijsen (2005). Aspects of the Prosody of Kuot, a Language where Intonation Ignores Stress. Linguistics 43: 839-870.

                           STUDENTSHIPS, JOBS



A postdoctoral position is available in the University of Toronto project on automatic speech recognition in dysarthria.  The research will involve detailed analysis of movement data obtained from 3D kinematic recordings of facial landmarks during the production of speech. The findings will be used to inform a physically plausible computational model that integrates with a newly created speech recognition system customized to disordered speech as found in patients with dysarthria.  The position is initially for 12 months, with possible continuation contingent upon funding.

The project is a cooperation between UofT's Departments of Computer Science and of Speech-Language Pathology and Bloorview Kids Rehab.  The appointment will be in the Department of Computer Science.

QUALIFICATIONS:  A recent (2005 or later) PhD and high-level expertise and experience in one or more relevant topic areas, such as automatic speech recognition, signal processing, speech science, and programming.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Apply with letter of application, full CV, research statement, and names and contact details for three references.  Consideration of applications will begin on 15 September 2009 and continue until the position is filled.

STARTING DATE:  Available immediately.

The University of Toronto is the largest and most prestigious research-intensive university in Canada, with more than 11,000 faculty and staff, and 70,000 students enrolled across three campuses. Inclusive of on-campus research spending, the University has an annual budget of $1.6 billion, and its research productivity ranks among the top ten universities world-wide.  Toronto is an exciting, multicultural, neighborhood-oriented city with many attractions and excellent transit.

ENQUIRIES:  Graeme Hirst, [log in to unmask], 416-978-8747


BBC Pronunciation Unit

London, UK

We are pleased to announce a vacancy for a Pronunciation Linguist in the BBC Pronunciation Unit. The vacancy is for a full-time fixed term one-year contract to cover a career break. Fluency in certain languages (on this occasion, Russian, Spanish, Arabic) would be of particular interest but applications from suitable candidates with fluency in languages other than those stated above are also welcome.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 16th September 2009. We expect to conduct interviews on Thursday 1st October, and would want the successful candidate to begin work no later than w/c 2nd November 2009.

The BBC can only accept applications from candidates who are eligible to work in the UK.
For full details of the job, including the specification, competencies and application form, please visit:


(Job ref. 18470809).


California, USA


Phonetician - 5 month contract (20-40 hrs/wk)

Gracenote is a global leader in the space of digital media recognition,
management, enjoyment, and discovery. We are looking for a Phonetician to
help maintain and expand our media-related speech command and control
product (MediaVOCS) for PC, embedded (Consumer Electronics and Mobile) and
on-line platforms, as we continue to expand our current offering, the
MediaVOCS product, into more markets to provide our customers a truly
global solution.

It is a great opportunity for an expert in linguistics, phonetics and
speech technologies to participate in enhancements to our MediaVOCS product
in an environment that exhibits the pace and energy of a start-up within a
proven and disciplined content and product organization. This individual
will contribute to the content creation and maintenance process that drives
MediaVOCS and work closely with the Content Team and Product Management
Team to ensure that MediaVOCS continues to enable an industry leading
speech-operated user interface.

-Review and edit Gracenote international speech data
-Assist in the maintenance and development of Gracenote's linguistic
processing of speech content
-Interact with Content team to develop standards for content review based
upon analysis of content review.
-Work with Gracenote phonetic experts to improve cross-language processing

-BS/BA degree in Linguistics, Computer Science or equivalent
-1-3 years of experience in speech software solutions or phonetic data
editing is preferred.
-International experience is a plus, especially Japan, Korea, China or
non-UK Europe.
-Understanding and experience with phonetics and phonology
-Fluency in one or more phonetic alphabets such as the International
Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), X-SAMPA, Kirshenbaum, etc.
-Ability to learn phonetic and phonological characteristics for languages
other than English
-Knowledge of foreign languages is a plus. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese,
Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian or European), Turkish, Swedish, Dutch,
Arabic or other Asian Languages is a big plus.
-Partial or total literacy in non-Roman written languages like Chinese,
Arabic, or Cyrillic a big plus.
-Excellent organizational and project management skills.
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Must be able to communicate effectively and authoritatively in the areas
of speech software applications that enable speech-operated command and
control digital music and media.
-Knowledge of digital music software, Internet services and/or consumer
electronics a plus.
-Knowledge of entertainment media metadata and information architecture
principles is a plus.
-Professional demeanor, strong presence, and ability to interact with all
levels of personnel within the org.
-Strong team player that thrives in a rapid-paced and fluid entrepreneurial
-Genuine passion for music, movies, TV, and the visual arts

About Gracenote
Gracenote, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, is the
worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media. With
the Corporate office located in Emeryville, California, global offices in
Tokyo, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and satellite offices throughout the
US, Gracenote is expanding to make an even greater impact on the digital
music world.

Application Deadline: Open until filled.

Email Address for Applications: jobsgracenote.com

Items for the October 2009 issue of foNETiks should reach us by 27 September


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