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FONETIKS  June 2008

FONETIKS June 2008


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Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 3 Jun 2008 14:46:18 +0100





TEXT/PLAIN (420 lines)



   			A network newsletter for
   		the International Phonetic Association
   		     and for the Phonetic Sciences

   			         June 2008


Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK.
Gerry Docherty, Newcastle University, UK. 
Paul Foulkes, University of York and JP French Associates, UK. 
Lisa Lim, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

E-mail address: <[log in to unmask]>

The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at: 

Visit the IPA web page at: <http://www.arts.gla.ac.uk/IPA/ipa.html>

   		      [new ones marked ++]
   		 [date of first appearance follows]

6-9 May 2008. Speech Prosody 2008. 25-28 June 2008. 12th Congress of the 
International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association. Istanbul, 
Turkey. <http://www.icpla2008.org> (09/07)

29 June - 4 July 2008. ASA-EAA joint conference Acoustics’08, Paris. 
http://www.acoustics08-paris.org/ (05/08)

30 June - 2 July 2008. LabPhon11: 11th Laboratory Phonology Conference. 
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. <http://www.victoria.ac.nz/
labphon11> (05/07)

2-4 July 2008. Australian Linguistic Society Conference. Macquarie 
Sydney, Australia. <http://www.ling.mq.edu.au/clas/conferences.htm> (01/08)

9 July 2008. The Phonological Deficit Hypothesis. Asheville, NC, USA. 
<http://triplesr.org/conference/08conf.php> (12/07)

21-26 July 2008. Workshop on Speech Science in Linguistics: Non-Native Speech 
Production and Perception. 18th International Congress of Linguistics (CIL18). 
Seoul, Korea. <http://www.cil18.org/workshop/workshop_04.htm> (12/07)

21-23 July, 2008. IAFPA Annual Conference, Swiss Federal Inst
Technology, Lausanne (CH). http://www.iafpa/net/conf08.htm (05/08)

23-24 July, 2008. Workshop on Linguistic Analyses for Asylum Cases. 
Lausanne (CH). (05/08)

28 July - 1 August 2008. XI International Congress for the Study of Child 
Language (IASCL): Edinburgh, UK. <http://www.in-conference.org.uk/IASCL> 

31 July - 2 August 2008. Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity. Munich, 
Germany. <http://www.phonetik.uni-muenchen.de/cluster> (12/07)

18-22 August, 2008.  Summer School on Corpus Phonology. Augsburg, Germany. 
<http://www.uni-augsburg.de/summerschool> (02/08)

25 - 27 August 2008. Special Session on Greek Phonetics, ISCA TRW on 
Experimental Linguistics (ExLing2008). Athens, Greece. 
<http://www.exling.gr/2008/home2008.htm> (03/08)

1-2 September 2008. 5th International Electropalatography Symposium. Edinburgh,
UK. <http://www.qmu.ac.uk/ssrc/conf/epg5_2008/default.htm> (03/08)

8-12 September 1008. Eleventh International Conference on Text, Speech and 
Dialogue (TSD 2008). Brno, Czech Republic. <http://www.tsdconference.org/> 

++ 11 September, 2008 Workshop on Phonological Variation in Voicing.
marc.van.oostendorp at Meertens.KNAW.nl (6/08)

15-17 September 2008. 3rd TIE Conference on Tone and Intonation. Lisboa, 
Portugal. <http://www.fl.ul.pt/LaboratorioFonetica/TIE3/> (04/08)

18-20 September 2008. Phonetics and Phonology of Media Discourse. Warsaw, 
Poland. <http://globe.ils.uw.edu.pl/> (03/08)

22-26 September 2008. Interspeech 2008. Brisbane, Australia. 
<http://www.interspeech2008.org/> (09/06; 04/08)

22-26 September 2008. Special Session of Interspeech 2008: Forensic Speaker 
Recognition: Traditional and Automatic Approaches. Brisbane, Australia. 
<http://geoff-morrison.net/ForensicSpeakerRecognitionSpecialSession/> (04/08)

26-28 September 2008. Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonology. University 
of Texas, Austin TX, USA. <http://www.utexas.edu/cola/conferences/lasp/main/> 

++6-8 October, 2008.  Acoustics Week in Canada. <http://www.caa-aca.ca/
vancouver-2008.html>  (6/08)

23-24 October 2008. International Conference on Prosody and Iconicity. Rouen, 
France. smhttiki at hotmail.com; (04/08)

++4-6 November, 2008.  Applications of Phonetics and Phonology on Arabic.
Al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan. <http://www.aabu.edu.jo/art/home.htm> 

4-6 December 2008. Heard Around The World: Phonetic Diversity In The World's 
Languages. Universite Libre de Bruxelles and The Royal Academy for Overseas 
Sciences of Belgium. <http://www.heard.ulb.ac.be> (01/08)

8-12 December 2008. 8th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP 
2008). Strasbourg, Alsace, France. <http://issp2008.loria.fr/> (03/08, 04/08)

12-14 December 2008. Accents 2008. Lodz, Poland. 
http://www.filolog.uni.lodz/pl/accents2008 (05/08)

1-3 May 2010. New Sounds 2010: Sixth International Symposium on the Acquisition
of Second Language Speech. Poznan, Poland. 
<http://ifa.amu.edu.pl/newsounds/> (03/08)


Acoustics Week in Canada 2008 Vancouver, 6 - 8 October

Submission of abstracts: 13 June 2008
Notification of abstract acceptance: 20 June 2008
Submission of two-page summaries: 10 July 2008
(for publication in the proceedings issue of Canadian Acoustics)

Conference Website: www.caa-aca.ca/vancouver-2008.html
[ver nueva convocatoria como dato adjunto (abajo)]

Acoustics Week in Canada 2008, the annual conference of the Canadian Acoustical
Association, will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia from 6 to 8 October 

This is the premier Canadian acoustical event of the year, and is being held 
in beautiful, vibrant Vancouver, making it an event that you do not want to 
miss. The conference will include three days of plenary presentations and 
parallel technical sessions on a wide range of areas of acoustics, the CAA 
Annual General Meeting, an equipment exhibition and the conference banquet.
Plenary Lectures - Each day of the conference will begin with a plenary 
 	Stan Dosso, University of Victoria: Studying the Sea with Sound
 	John Esling, University of Victoria: Origins of Constricted Voice
 		Quality-First Sounds of Speech
 	Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University: Micro to Macro-Composing
 		Microsound and Soundscapes

Special Sessions - Special sessions consisting of invited and contributed 
papers are currently being organized on the following topics:

 	Architectural and Classroom Acoustics
 	Auditory Scene Analysis
 	Biomedical Acoustics
 	First Nations Languages Acoustics
 	Psychological Acoustics
 	Second Language Acquisition Acoustics
 	Speech Perception
 	Speech Production and Speech Disorders
 	(and others ... see website)

Special Sessions - Special sessions consisting of invited and contributed 
papers will be organized on a number of topics. If you would like to propose 
and/or organize a special session in your technical area, please contact the 
Conference Chair or Technical Co-Chair.

Venue - The conference will be held at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites
in the dynamic West End of downtown Vancouver, steps from the beach near 
Granville Island and Chinatown.

Equipment Exhibition - The conference will include a one-day exhibition of 
acoustical equipment and products. If you are an equipment supplier interested
in participating in the exhibition, please contact the exhibition coordinator.

Student Participation - The participation of students is strongly encouraged. 
Travel subsidies and reduced registration fees will be available. Student 
presenters are eligible to win prizes for the best presentations at the 

Paper Submission - The deadlines for submission of abstracts, and
of two-page summaries for publication in its proceedings issue, will be
announced in the March issue of Canadian Acoustics.

     Conference Chair: Murray Hodgson [[log in to unmask]]


Workshop on Phonological Variation in Voicing

Call for Papers, Deadline: 28-Jun-2007

For most phonologists, the process of Final Devoicing, which we can observe 
in languages such as German, Dutch, Yiddish, Russian, Polish, Catalan and 
Turkish, did not deserve a lot of attention. One would write a rule of 
approximately the shape [-son] -> [-voice] / -- #/$, and declare the issue 

However, recent years have seen a revived interest in phenomena surrounding 
devoicing, for a variety of reasons. One of them are developments in the 
formalism, like that of OT. For one thing, it appears much easier to view 
devoicing as a rule than as the result of a constraint. There is no consensus 
yet as to what the constraint should be in OT (e.g. a general constraint 
against voicing *Voiced, dominated by a faithfulness constraint for onsets, 
a conjunction of NoCoda with *Voiced, a positional markedness constraint, 
etc.) and further, Final Devoicing is one of the most famous cases of the 
so-called Too-Many-Solutions Problem: why would the relevant constraint always
be satisfied by deletion of the voicing feature?

Further, lots of empirical work has come out which does not fit very easily 
with classical views of phonology (including most of OT). First, we find 
final devoicing both in languages in which the relevant contrast is indeed 
[voice] (such as Catalan), but also in languages in which it rather involves 
[spread glottis] (like German), which raises the question what these phenomena
have in common from a phonological point of view. Secondly, there is a large 
body of work showing that final devoicing in many cases is not neutralizing 
completely, but that there are phonetic traces of voicing in the acoustic 
signal, and that listeners to some extent can detect these traces at least 
in experimental circumstances. Thirdly, it turns out that whether or not a 
given stem is subject to final devoicing is to a large extent predictable 
given lexical statistics.

Finally, it has become clear over the years that devoicing interacts with 
many other phonological processes in (varieties of) European languages, such 
as voicing assimilation, but also lexical tone. It has been claimed as well 
that certain dialects of French, for instance, have developed interesting 
phonological phenomena as a result of contact with West-Germanic final 
devoicing systems.

The workshop will end in a very big party. Participation (including the 
party) is free. Invited speakers will be Harry van der Hulst (University 
of Connecticut) and Ben Hermans (Meertens Instituut).

Please submit an abstract (2 pages max; does not need to be anonymous; 
pdf file) to [log in to unmask] Deadline: June 28.


Applications of Phonetics and Phonology On Arabic

Conference Program/Announcement

The conference has the following main objectives:

Firstly, to handle issues related to phonetics and phonology Terms, and to 
shed a new light on the contributions of ancient Arab linguists to the 
terminology Pertaining to phonetics and phonology.

Secondly, to focus on the phonological system of The Holy Quran, namely 
Quranic recitations via phonological studies.

Thirdly, to tackle phonological and phonetic phenomena of old and modern 
Arabic dialects.

Fourthly, to study phonetic and phonological changes of Arabic.

Fifthly, to focus on the far reaching effects of rapid technological changes 
on the phonetic study of Arabic, and the resulting demands of computational 
phonetics applications on Arabic.

Sixthly, to analyze the phonetic and phonological systems of Arabic, through 
investigating the correlation between these systems and other linguistic 
systems, such morphological, syntactic, and semantic, on one hand, and 
examining translation, language acquisition, and language learning problems, 
on the other.

Seventhly, to explore the far reaching results of phonetics and phonology on 
applied linguistics fields, such lexicography, phono- stylistics, etc.

We hope that this conference and similar conferences will enrich and bridge 
the Phonetic and phonological Arabic language studies among language studies.

We take a great pleasure in inviting you to participate in making this 
event a success.


Time: November 4-6, 2008

Place: AL al-Bayt University Campus

Application Form Deadline: 1/6/2008

Papers and Abstracts Deadline: 1/8/2008

Conference Fees: No Fees

Cost: University covers housing and hospitality for (3-7, November), and for 
participants out side the country transportation from and to ALIA 
international Airport in Amman.

Contact said at abu.edu.jo / said at 19681yahoo.com
Meeting URL: http://www.aabu.edu.jo/art/home.htm


The Department of Communicative Disorders of the University of Louisiana at
Lafayette are looking for applicants for their PhD program in Applied
Language and Speech Sciences. Several fully funded studentships are
available for next calendar year (starts January 2009). We are particularly
keen to encourage applicants with an interest in phonetics and phonology,
and with previous qualifications in Speech-Language Therapy or Linguistics.
Applicants should have a good undergraduate degree or a Masters in a relevant 
area. We currently have several overseas students, and applications
are welcomed from candidates from other countries as well as from the United
States; especially from those having been trained in European traditions of

Due to the need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), interested
persons should contact me as soon as possible. More details on the program
are available at: http://speechandlanguage.louisiana.edu/programs/phd.shtml

Please contact Dr Martin J. Ball, Director of the Hawthorne Research Center,
at [log in to unmask] , sending a current CV with your email.


Phonology: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader, University College London, 
United Kingdom


The Linguistics Research Department at UCL is looking for a phonologist
with a strong commitment to world-class research. The appointment will be
at Lecturer level (equivalent to Assistant Professor) or at Senior
Lecturer/Reader level (equivalent to Associate Professor). The ideal
candidate has some years of postdoctoral experience and a record of
high-quality publications commensurate with the stage of their academic
career. You will contribute to the department's research, teaching,
graduate supervision, and administration.

The Linguistics Research Department has recently become part of a new
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at UCL, which offers enhanced
opportunities for cross-disciplinary clinical research. The appointment
also follows a move to newly refurbished premises where the infrastructure
exists for the successful applicant to build up their own research team.

Applicants will hold a doctorate in phonology and will be engaged in a
program of original research that enhances the department's research
portfolio and that can give rise to PhD projects and applications for
research funding.

The successful applicant will start work at UCL on 1 September 2009. The
position is a permanent one, with a three-year probationary period
(equivalent to tenure track). The appointment will be made within grade 7
point 33 (30,912 GBP) to grade 9 point 49 (49,606 GBP) plus London 
allowance (2,649), according to experience.

Further information is available at the website listed above.

Informal enquiries can be made to Prof John Harris (+ 44 (0) 20 7679 4042,
[log in to unmask]) or to the Head of Department, Dr Hans van de Koot (+
44 (0) 20 7679 4049, [log in to unmask]).

We particularly welcome female applicants and those from an ethnic
minority, as they are under-represented within UCL at these levels.

Application Deadline: 	29-Aug-2008
Application Address: 	Ms Stefanie  Anyadi
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Chandler House
2 Wakefield Street
London    WC1N 1 PF
United Kingdom 
Application Email: 	[log in to unmask]
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7679 4224


Visiting Lecturer, Indiana University/Bloomington, IN, USA

Linguistics Department http://www.indiana.edu/~lingdept

One year Visiting Lecturer position in the Department of Linguistics,
2008-2009 academic year. Applicants must have PhD in hand by September
2008. Teaching load is four courses for the academic year. Our teaching
needs include some combination of computational linguistics (specifically a
programming course, preferably PERL or Python), phonology/phonetics
(introductory undergraduate courses and/or a graduate phonology seminar),
introductory language and linguistics, and possibly a course in
sociolinguistics. Preference to applicants with demonstrated teaching
effectiveness. Salary is $40,000 and includes fringe benefits; see the IU
Human Resource Services website:


Send application materials, including statement about research and teaching
interests, sample teaching evaluations, CV, sample publications, and three
letters of recommendation by June 16th to the application address listed
below. Indiana University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity
employer. Indiana University encourages applications from women and

Memorial Hall 322, 1021 E. Third Street
Indiana University
Department of Linguistics
Bloomington   US  47405
m.j.cobb at indiana.edu
Phone: 812-855-6459

      Items for the July issue of foNETiks should reach us by 28 June 2008.

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