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RAIN 070316 INTEL emails, Tom Berry, Atty billng records, sold on ebay


Peter Kurilecz <[log in to unmask]>


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Sat, 17 Mar 2007 14:52:17 -0400





text/plain (422 lines)

RAIN 070316
Records and Archives In the News is a compilation of news stories 
related to records and archives management.

FTC Launches Investigation Of TJ Maxx Parent Company
Information Week Weblog - Manhasset,NY,USA
During the past few years, ChoicePoint showed everyone just how much 
power the FTC wields. That company wound up paying $10 million in civil 
penalties and ...

Marco councilman turns over 2100 more e-mails in response to ...
Naples Daily News - Naples,FL,USA
Marco Island City Councilman Ted Forcht turned over another 
approximately 2100 e-mails Wednesday in response to a Daily News public 
records request. ...

Legal risks and ediscovery
ZDNet.com blogs - USA
As Intel tells it, the company set a firm, clear document retention 
policy in place once it learned of AMD's legal intentions. Employees, 
however, didn't ...<http://blogs.zdnet.com/Murphy/?p=816>

Intel's Big Three lost e-mails ... possibly forever
Geek.com - USA
In a follow-up to the previous admission by Intel that several 
documents and e-mails possibly important to AMD's lawsuit were not 
saved (see our coverage), ...

Google Will Strengthen User-Privacy Protections
March 15, 2007; Page B2
Google Inc. plans to step up privacy protections for users of its 
Internet search engine by making its records of queries anonymous after 
no longer than two years.

Wall St Journal
Mississippi Justice

Archival documents not sent to shredder, men sent to court
Mar 15, 3:09 AM
ST. JOHNS (CBC) - The discovery of 19th-century documents that were 
intended to be destroyed has resulted in charges against two men, the 
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said Wednesday.

Five Email and Document Management Strategies Key to Reducing ...
Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada
New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments Require New Records 
Management, Litigation Readiness Strategies CHICAGO, IL, March 15 /CNW/ 
- Smoking-gun ...

CA Named a Leader in Records Management in Independent Market Analysis
SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
CA was among nine companies invited by Forrester to participate in the 
report, which evaluated 12 records management products across 135 
criteria. ...<http://www.sys-con.com/read/349581.htm>

Do not commit the seven deadly sins of information risk management
Security Park - Winkfield,UK
Once information has been captured in a records management system 
access or deletion of records is only possible through the defined and 
security controlled ...
Schools faulted for poor records of art collection
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
"Some of the photographs that we've seen indicated possible shredding or
other damages to some valuable pieces, and we're alarmed about that,"
Butkovitz ...
Author finds peace unearthing Irish family’s difficult past
Northwest Herald - Crystal Lake,IL,USA
... the Chicago Historical Society archives; National Archives and 
Records Administration in Washington, DC; as well as numerous sites in 
Ireland, ...

Grover Cleveland library envisioned
Auburn Citizen - Auburn,NY,USA
It wasn't until Herbert Hoover that presidents began getting formal 
libraries overseen by a branch of the National Archives and Records 
Administration. ...

House approves bill to divulge funding of presidential libraries
Chicago Tribune - Chicago,IL,USA
They are historical repositories; the National Archives maintains 11 
under a 1955 law enacted to encourage presidents to donate their 
archives and papers ...

Schools faulted for poor records of art collection
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
"Some of the photographs that we've seen indicated possible shredding 
or other damages to some valuable pieces, and we're alarmed about 
that," Butkovitz ...

Why Keep Personal Information On A Laptop, When It's Much Easier ...
Techdirt - USA
In story after story about data leaks stemming from a lost or stolen 
laptop, one question that's never answered very well is why people are 
carrying so much 

A Hostile Environment for Documents
Scientist - UK
Some have alleged that the EPA is shredding not just journals and 
documents, but files that may specifically damage the agency. ... 

New Trojan variant steals confidential usernames and passwords
Help Net Security - Croatia
As a result, the use of such Trojans in corporate espionage has risen 
dramatically over the last few years. For a home user, it can cost dear 
by way of ...<http://www.net-security.org/virus_news.php?id=762>

Beyond the Data Warehouse:
DMReview.com - New York,NY,USA
One more contemporary slant on the "throw it all in" philosophy: 
Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations have made record retention a big 
issue. ...<http://www.dmreview.com/article_sub.cfm?articleId=1078962>

Corporations Spend To Avoid Liability in Paperless World
New York Sun - New York,NY,USA
The most prudent and careful companies would do well to set up thorough 
electronic document retention policies, a panelist at the forum, ... 

Houston Chronicle, Thu, 15 Mar 2007 2:06 AM PDT
Officials receive training, work to scan, organize public information
Under the ever-watchful eye of the media and taxpayers, government 
entities have had to learn how to respond to open records requests to 
meet the demands of their clientele — the general public.

Key Intel exec email lost in AMD case
Intel's three heavy-hitters were among the names listed in a 
spreadsheet that the company provided to AMD, outlining employees who 
do not use backup tapes ...

Intel chiefs may have lost e-mail tied to AMD claim
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Intel brought the missing e-mail messages to light March 5 in a letter 
to US District Judge Joseph J. Farnan Jr. about inadvertent 
"document-retention ...

Feds Fail To Get Freedom Of Information Act Together Online
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
The National Security Archive at George Washington University reports 
most government agencies are violating Electronic Freedom of 
Information Act ...

Iron Mountain prices too high?
Techworld.com - London,UK
Iron Mountain is going to have to take a look at their overall cost 
structure to compete effectively in this market. - $30 per user per 

Iron Mountain Completes E-Discovery Suite
eWeek - Woburn,MA,USA
Iron Mountain, best known as the company that trucks away data tape 
cassettes to safe archive locations, has been building its digital 
managed services 

Privacy must find clarity in the law
Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati,OH,USA
Clearly, Social Security numbers are private information that must be 
protected. With that in mind, last June I suspended public access to 
the records on ...

Data Safety -- The Old Fashioned Way
Information Week Weblog - Manhasset,NY,USA
Thousands of social security numbers, and not even the most basic 
security protocols were followed. Heck, I have better security on my 
trusty USB flash ...

Google Will Forget You Asked
TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
Rather than hitting the delete button automatically, Google collects 
all the information on each search, such as keyword queries, IP 
addresses, ...<http://www.technewsworld.com/story/56321.html>

Massey librarian implicated in $1m book heist
Stuff.co.nz - Wellington,New Zealand
"She also had authority to delete records of these books from library 
catalogues if the need arose, which would then show that the university 
had no record ... <http://www.stuff.co.nz/3995009a10.html>

Archival Environment, Part 5
B-EYE-Network - Boulder,CO,USA
For many good reasons, archival data is best placed in a series of time 
vaults as it passes from the active environment to the archival 
environment. ...<http://www.b-eye-network.com/view/4018>

Town unlikely home to Kennedy assassination documents
Port Arthur News - Port Arthur,TX,USA
"She ended up being one of the hubs of research," said Rex Bradford, 
the foundation's archivist. She was the person writers and historians 
studying the 

Library to digitize local history photos
Orange County Register - Costa Mesa,CA,USA
The Placentia Historical Committee in partnership with the Placentia 
Library secured the $5000 grant from the California State Library to 
pay to digitize ...

Feds: Intern steals Lincoln death notice from US archives
International Herald Tribune - France
PHILADELPHIA: A 40-year-old intern with the National Archives stole 
about 165 Civil War documents — including the War Department's 
announcement of President ...

Archivist Hindman develops system to organize local records
Cleveland Daily Banner - Cleveland,TN,USA
One of the biggest challenges is the archives department is rapidly 
running out of space for storage of thousands of boxes, bound volumes 
and hundreds of ...

Desert clan's rich heritage handed back
The Australian - Sydney,Australia
... will be able to see the images via a network of dedicated 
computers; original material will remain for safekeeping and research 
in the national archive. ...

Presenting the past
The Argus.co.uk - Brighton,UK
East Sussex county archivist Elizabeth Hughes told the audience that 
the theatre's collection is one of the best examples in the country. ...

A room of his own
Economist - UK
Housing the George W. Bush presidential library and museum will bring 
SMU money and attention. But Mr Bush's plans for managing his legacy 
have ignited a 

The Tennessean
Collector could keep Hank's notebook
Theft case brought by Sony thrown out

Galveston County Daily News, Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:50 PM PDT
Barnes? papers mark Women?s History Month
March is Women?s History Month. The Rosenberg Library?s Galveston and 
Texas History Center offers information for researchers interested in 
studying the lives and activities of women from Galveston.

Archives intern sells Civil War docs on eBay
In a shocking violation of the nation's historical artifacts, 
prosecutors charged an intern with the National Archives with stealing 
about 165 Civil War ...<http://government.zdnet.com/?p=3000>

Snooping case exposes a hot area: corporate intelligence
KOMO - Seattle,WA,USA
Companies need to take proactive steps to protect trade secrets," 
Springer said. "Reputation is everything. Companies have to use 
technology to stay ahead 

Old construction equipment finds home
Daily Commercial News - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Among the museum’s holdings is an archive of sales records, inventory 
logs, photos, and original catalogues from about 2600 equipment 
manufacturers. ...<http://dcnonl.com/article/20070316300>

RIAA must turn over attorney billing records to Oklahoma mother
TG Daily - USA
... Debbie took the case to court and asked for the RIAA to produce 
records of what files she supposedly downloaded, along with the dates 
of the downloads. ...

Pa. House clerk working to implement new open-records procedure
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader - Wilkes Barre,PA,USA
AP. HARRISBURG, Pa. - A new policy to make House spending records 
available to the public by e-mail is posing logistical challenges for 
the office that is 

Organizations need to be more selective in the information they store
Computer Business Review - UK
Spam and personal emails could be given a short retention period and 
then deleted. Business emails could be given a retention period 
according to guidelines ...

Did Intel CEO Fail to Save E-Mails in AMD Case
IT Management - Darien,CT,USA
While Intel (Quote) had already admitted earlier this month to numerous 
glitches in its document-retention efforts, more details emerged last 
week during a ...

Archives overview
ComputerWeekly.com - UK
Since most archival data has a finite lifecycle, CAS also manages data 
retention and disposal in accordance with regulatory or compliance 
requirements. ...

Iron Mountain becomes e-mail ASP
Techworld.com - London,UK
For £15 per employee per month Iron Mountain is to provide a managed 
e-mail service complete with mail archiving, the company has announced. 

Apple's Next Task: Archiving Your Entire Existence
TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
The Library of Congress is currently suffering an enormous backlog of 
America's shared history: records, films and papers that need to be 
digitally archived ...

Air force wins 2007 Rosemary award for worst FOIA performance
Sanders Research Associates - London,UK
The only copy of a set of documents that was loaned to one Air Force 
office by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in 
1997 went missing, ...

High fees used to thwart search for public data
Honolulu Advertiser - Honolulu,HI,USA
The board said it needed to hire a company to make a 50-page transcript 
of the recording, have a deputy attorney general review the transcript 
to delete the ...

Ethics Panel Dismisses Huckabee Case
ABC News - USA
Huckabee, who has formed an exploratory committee to run for president, 
has defended the destruction of the drives and said it was done to 
protect sensitive 

Eddie Robinson museum adds ally
Monroe News Star - Monroe,LA,USA
But, even as the Louisiana State Archives collected truckloads of 
memorabilia from Robinson’s career, that allocation dried up. ...

Passion for genealogy draws a crowd to NY
New Jersey Jewish News - Whippany,NJ,USA
In addition to meetings and speeches by Allen Weinstein, the archivist 
of the United States, and Samuel J. Freedman, a journalism professor 
from New Jersey ...

House votes to disclose library donors
Washington Times - Washington,DC,USA
The presidential library legislation requires that the name of each 
contribution of more than $200 be listed by the name of the 
contributor, whether that ...

New laws needed to tackle challenges of e-business
Daily Nation (subscription) - Nairobi,Kenya
An amendment to Kenya’s Evidence Act, Cap 80, (2000) allows for the 
admissibility of electronic or computer records or scanned documents as 
evidence in ...

Peter Kurilecz
Richmond Va
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from AOL at AOL.com.

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