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Fwd: DoveNews: Cambridge Univ Pr - New and Forthcoming


Thomas Izbicki <[log in to unmask]>


medieval-religion - Scholarly discussions of medieval religious culture <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 21 Apr 2005 08:45:36 -0400





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medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval religion and culture

Thomas Izbicki
Collection Development Coordinator
Eisenhower Library
Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD 21218
fax (410)516-8399

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DoveNews 4/20/05
Published by Dove Booksellers
Booksellers in Biblical, Ancient, Medieval, and Theological Studies
www.dovebook.com  <www.dovebook.com>


New and Forthcoming Titles from
Cambridge University Press

Accepting pre-orders for these soon to be released volumes
Cambridge History of Christianity
Mitchell, Margaret M, Frances M Young (eds)
Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 1: Origins to Contantine
Hardcover $160.00 $140.99   NYP
Gilley, Sheridan, Brian Stanley (eds)
Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 8: World Christianities
Hardcover $160.00 $140.99   NYP
McLeod, Hugh, (ed)
Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 9: World Christianities
Hardcover $160.00 $140.99   NYP

Young, Frances, Lewis Ayres, Andrew Louth, Augustine Casiday (eds)
Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature
Hardcover $120.00 $109.99

    The writings of the Church Fathers form a distinct body of
    literature that shaped the early church and built upon the
    foundations of Christianity established within the New Testament.
    Christian literature in the period c. 100-c. 400 constitutes one
    the most influential textual oeuvres of any religion. Written
    in Greek, Latin and Syriac, Patristic literature emanated from all
    parts of the early Christian world and helped to extend its
    boundaries. The History offers a systematic account of that
    literature and its setting. The work of individual writers in
    shaping the various genres of Christian literature is considered,
    alongside three general essays, covering distinct periods in the
    development of Christian literature, which survey the social,
    cultural and doctrinal context within which Christian literature
    arose and was used by Christians. This is a landmark reference
    for scholars and students alike.

Schniedewind, William M
How the Bible Became a Book: Textualization in Ancient Israel
Hardcover $29.99 $21.99
For the past two-hundred years Biblical scholars have usually assumed
that the Hebrew Bible was mostly written and edited in the Persian and

Hellenistic periods. Recent archaeological evidence and insights from
linguistic anthropology, however, point to the earlier era of the
late-Iron Age (eighth-though-sixth centuries BCE) as the formative
period for the writing of biblical literature. How the Bible Became a
Book combines recent archaeological discoveries in the Middle East with

insights culled from the history of writing to address how the Bible
first came to be written down and then became sacred Scripture. It
provides rich insight into why these texts came to have authority as
Scripture and explores why Ancient Israel, an oral culture, began to
write literature. It describes an emerging literate society in ancient

Israel that challenges the assertion that literacy first arose in
during the fifth century BCE.

Bergman, Nava
Cambridge Biblical Hebrew Workbook: Introductory Level
Paperback $31.99 $24.99
Hardcover $75.00 $67.99 NYP

    This workbook can be used together with any elementary Biblical
    Hebrew grammar. It applies many of the tools of modern language
    acquisition to make learning the classical language an active and
    inspiring process. Well-known Hebrew names are used as a
    aid to memorizing grammar and vocabulary. Original Biblical texts
    are focused upon and the translations provided closely follow the
    Hebrew text. The workbook enables students to develop their
    understanding of systematic sound changes in Biblical Hebrew.

Barmash, Pamela
Homicide in the Biblical World
Paperback $25.99 $20.99
Hardcover $70.00 $66.99

    Analyzing the treatment of homicide in the Hebrew Bible, this
    demonstrates that it is directly linked to the social structure
    religion of ancient Israel. Pamela Barmash reconstructs biblical
    from both legal texts and narrative texts and analyzes the law
    collections and documents of actual legal cases from the ancient
    Near East.

Woodard, Roger D, (ed)
Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages
Hardcover $170.00 $141.99

    The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages is the
    first comprehensive reference work treating all of the languages
    antiquity. Clear and systematic in its approach, the Encyclopedia
    combines full linguistic coverage of all the well documented
    languages, representing numerous language families from around the
    globe. Each chapter of the work focuses on an individual language
    or, in some instances, a set of closely related varieties of a
    language. Providing a full descriptive presentation, each of these
    chapters examines the writing system(s), phonology, morphology,
    syntax and lexicon of that language, and places the language
    its proper linguistic and historical context. The Encyclopedia
    brings together an international array of scholars, each a leading
    specialist in ancient language study. While designed primarily for
    linguistic professionals and students, this work will prove
    invaluable to all whose studies take them into the realm of

New in a Second Edition
Harvey, A E
Companion to the New Testament
Paperback $39.99 $29.99
Hardcover $80.00 $72.99

    This fully revised second edition of the Companion to the New
    Testament now follows the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).
    accessible non-technical language, A.E. Harvey provides a running
    commentary on the text of the New Testament that applies the
    findings of recent scholarship. Setting the text in the context of
    the time and place in which it was written, Harvey clarifies its
    meaning in the light of modern methods of research and

SNTS Monographs
The SNTS series is alive and well, with many of the long out of print
classic volumes coming back in convenient paperback editions.  We list
selection of these along with some of the new volumes here.  See our
site for a more complete list
<http://www.dovebook.com/new/product.asp?code=like%27980%27>  Some
volumes are due to arrive in the US warehouse by the end of the month,

and these will be supplied upon arrival here.  More volumes will be
added to this expanding list as they are announced.

Beall, Todd S
Josephus' Description of the Essenes Illustrated by the Dead Sea
Paperback $32.99 $28.99

    Prior to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948, scholars
    studying the passages in Josephus' works which mention the
    pre-Christian sect of the Essenes attempted to explain various
    sections in Josephus primarily by comparing them with what other
    ancient writers, such as Philo and Hippolytus, had written
    concerning this group. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
    however, and the subsequent identification of the Qumran community
    with the Essenes by the majority of scholars, a whole new treasure
    trove of first-hand information concerning the Essenes has been
    available. This study provides the first detailed analysis of and
    commentary on Josephus' description of the Essenes in the light of
    the new material from Qumran. A fresh translation is provided
    alongside the Greek text of the passages in Josephus, as well as a
    full commentary on the major passages in which he describes this

Bond, Helen K
Pontius Pilate in History and Interpretation
Paperback $37.99 $33.99

    This study reconstructs the life of Pontius Pilate, the Roman
    governor responsible for the execution of Jesus. The first section
    provides the historical and archaeological background. The
    chapters look at six first-century authors: Philo, Josephus and
    four gospel writers. Each chapter asks how Pilate is being used as
    literary character in each work, why each author describes Pilate
    a different way, and what this tells us about the relationship
    between each author and the Roman state. <>The only full-length
    scholarly book on Pontius Pilate in English

Chancey, Mark A
Myth of a Gentile Galilee
Paperback $34.99 $30.99

    This investigation of Galilee during the time of Jesus
    that, contrary to the perceptions of many New Testament scholars,
    the overwhelming majority of Galilee's population were Jews.
    Utilizing the gospels, the writings of the Jewish historian
    Josephus, and published archaeological excavation reports, it
    the historical development of the region's population and examines
    in detail specific cities and villages. It is the only book-length
    treatment of this subject and is the fullest synthesis available
    archaeological and literary evidence for first-century CE Galilee.

Esler, Philip Francis
Community and Gospel in Luke-Acts: The Social and Political Motivation

of Lucan Theology
Paperback $32.99 $27.99

    In this widely-acclaimed study, Dr Esler makes extensive use of
    sociology and anthropology to examine the author of Luke Acts'
    theology as a response to social and political pressures upon the
    Christian community for whom he was writing. As well as
    those concerned with recent developments in New Testament
    scholarship, Esler's book offers a New Testament paradigm for
    interested in generating a theology attuned to the social and
    political realities affecting contemporary Christian

Guerra, Anthony J
Romans and the Apologetic Tradition: The Purpose, Genre and Audience of

Pauls Letter
Paperback $32.99 $28.99

    Of all the letters in the Pauline corpus, the Letter to the Romans
    has attracted the greatest degree of scholarly attention. Yet
    surprisingly scant consideration has been given to the question of
    its literary genre. Taking up the comparatively brief suggestions
    previous scholars, Dr Guerra argues that the Letter belongs to the
    protreptic genre - the class of writing in antiquity which urges
    adoption of a particular way of life (or a deeper commitment to
    setting out its advantages, replying to objections, and
    demonstrating its superiority. Working through each chapter of the
    Letter in turn, he indicates how Paul provides a critique of
    non-Christian ways of life (both Jewish and Gentile) and affirms
    superiority of the Christian Gospel. It becomes apparent that the
    Pauline apologetics of Romans stand between the hellenistic Jewish
    tradition and the later Greek Christian apologists, and may have
    influenced the latter.

Hamerton-Kelly, R G
Pre-Existence, Wisdom, and the Son of Man: A Study of the Idea of
Pre-Existence in the New Testament
Paperback $43.00 $37.99

    The idea of pre-existence has a long history in early Jewish and
    Biblical traditions. Professor Hamerton-Kelly studies the various
    forms the idea takes in these traditions as they emerge in the New
    Testament. He pays special attention to the themes of Wisdom and
    Son of Man, with detailed references to the relevant texts and
    sources. His conclusions are that there are two basic types of the
    idea of pre-existence in the New Testament - which he calls
    'protological' and 'eschatological' respectively - and two
    which were chiefly understood in terms of these types - namely,
    Christ and the Church. This unusual book illuminates the process
    which the early Church blended its Greek and Jewish heritages by
    analysing some of the conceptual patterns in the New Testament
    anticipated that process. It will be of interest to New Testament
    scholars and historians of docrine.

Howard, George
Paul: Crisis in Galatia, A Study in Early Christian Theology
Paperback $23.99 $20.99

    This is the second edition of a work which first appeared in 1979.
    The first edition gave an interpretation of Paul's Letters to the
    Galatians which proceeded along the following lines: firstly,
    opponents at Galatia were Jewish Christians who believed that
    Gentiles had to accept the Law in order to be saved; secondly,
    Paul first revealed his noncircumcision gospel to James, Cephas
    John at the Jerusalem Conference; thirdly, Paul's view of
    justification by faith was seen in terms of Christ keeping faith
    with Abraham's promise that all nations would be blessed; and
    fourthly, that Paul considered Torah as binding upon Jewish
    Christians, but not upon Gentiles. In his second edition, the
    brings the discussion into line with his present thinking, and
    proposes a more nuanced view of the Galatian opponents. These, he
    feels, did not all share the same opinions, although they were
    Jewish Christians. The chief discrepancy in their views consisted
    the fact that some believed all Gentiles would be saved at the
    present time if they kept the Law, while others thought the
    would be saved, rather, at the dawn of the age to come.

Hughes, Graham
Hebrews and Hermeneutics: The Epistle to the Hebrews as a New Testament

Example of Biblical Interpretation
Paperback $34.99 $30.99

    This book offers a thesis about the interests underlying the
    Epistle. Dr Hughes argues that the major concern of the author has
    been to achieve a theological understanding of the relationship
    between the now out-moded forms and institutions of Old Testament
    worship and those of the distinctively new (yet not unrelated)
    Christian faith in which he now finds himself.

Hurst, L D
Epistle to the Hebrews: Its Background of Thought
Paperback $32.99 $28.99

    This work is a comprehensive treatment of one of the most
    questions of modern New Testament study: what kind of person could
    have produced the mysterious document known today as the Epistle
    the Hebrews? While other studies of Hebrews have tended to focus
    either on the question of the identity of the writer and of the
    letter's recipients, or on individual issues such as the writer's
    view of priesthood, religious pilgrimage or christology, Dr Hurst
    provides the first work to explore in a comprehensive way the
    important question of what specifically identifiable milieus might
    have produced a document which for many people seems something of
    alien presence within the New Testament. The book is organised
    around the widely differing backgrounds of thought which have to
    considered - such as Platonism, the beliefs of the Dead Sea Sect
    of the early gnostics (as well as those of St Stephen and St Paul)
    and it explores in depth the major theological and philosophical
    problems faced by first-century Christians.

Klutz, Todd
Exorcism Stories in Luke-Acts: A Sociostylistic Reading
Hardcover $80.00 $72.99

    This is the first book in English to integrate detailed literary
    criticism of the exorcism stories in Luke-Acts with wide-ranging
    comparative study of ancient sources on demonology, spirit
    affliction and exorcistic healing. Methods from systemic
    linguistics and critical theory are explained and then applied to
    each story. Careful focus is placed on each narrative's linguistic
    functions and also on relevant aspects of its literary co-text and
    the wider context of culture. Implications of the analysis for the
    new perspective on Luke-Acts, especially the implied author's
    relationship with Judaism, are explored in relation to the Lukan
    stories' original context of reception. Largely neglected
    between Luke's narrative representation of exorcism and emerging
    academic discourse about religious experience, shamanism, health
    care in antiquity, ritual performance and ancient Jewish systems
    impurity are probed in ways that shed fresh light on this
    alien part of the Lukan writings.

Lentz, John C
Luke's Portrait of Paul
Paperback $32.99 $28.99

    The purpose of this book is to seek a fuller understanding of how
    the characterisation of Paul in Acts would have been perceived by
    those who first read or heard the Lucan narrative. As the author
    makes clear, the careful reader of Acts should be amazed at the
    St Paul is portrayed therein. Dr Lentz demonstrates, through a
    careful examination of particular texts, the great improbability
    that a Jew of strict Pharisaic background would have held, let
    been proud of, Roman citizenship and citizenship of the city of
    Tarsus. By investigating the social and legal expectations of the
    first century, the author shows that Paul is seen to be deferred
    in matters of legal minutiae by those in positions of authority.
    is given high social status and abundant moral virtue in order to
    attract to Christianity the high-ranking citizen who would
    in Paul the classical cardinal virtues.

Lincoln, Andrew T
Paradise Now and Not Yet: Studies in the Role of the Heavenly Dimension

in Paul's Thought With Special Reference to His Eschatology
Paperback $43.00 $37.99

    Dr Lincoln sees three main factors contributing to the Pauline
    picture of heaven: Paul's Jewish conceptual background and
    of Old Testament and other traditions about heaven; the effect on
    that inherited background of Paul's encounter with the risen
    and his later visions and revelations of the heavenly Christ; and
    his apostolic task in moulding the thought and practice of the
    converts in the churches for which he felt responsible, countering
    what lie considered to be distorted views or false options. The
    author analyses passages in Paul's letters where the concept of
    heaven plays a significant role, and discusses the relation of the
    concept to the background of his thought, his views of history, of
    the cosmos, of the destiny of humanity, and of the nature of
    Christian existence. As a uniquely full treatment of a neglected
    aspect of Paul's thought this monograph makes an important and
    contemporarily relevant contribution to New Testament studies.

Long, Fredrick J
Ancient Rhetoric and Paul's Apology: The Compositional Unity of 2
Hardcover $80.00 $72.99

    Second Corinthians is Paul's apology to the Corinthians for
    to visit them, using rhetorical persuasion in his letters, and
    appearing unapproved for the collection. The scholarly consensus
    maintains that 2 Corinthians is a conglomeration of letters due to
    its literary and logistical inconsistencies. Consequently, most
    interpretations of 2 Corinthians treat only parts of it. However,
    new consensus is emerging. Fredrick Long situates the text within
    Classical literary and rhetorical conventions and argues for its
    unity based upon numerous parallels with ancient apology in the
    tradition of Andocides, Socrates, Isocrates and Demosthenes. He
    provides a comprehensive survey and rigorous genre analysis of
    ancient forensic discourse in support of his claims, and shows how
    the unified message of Paul's letter can be recovered. His study
    will be of relevance to Classicists and New Testament scholars

MacDonald, Margaret Y
Pauline Churches: A Socio-Historical Study of Institutionalisation in
the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Writings
Paperback $43.00 $37.99

    The author studies the Pauline corpus in order to trace the
    of institutionalisation in the Pauline communities. She claims
    development can be traced since we have not only letters from Paul
    himself, but also the Pastoral epistles from the beginning of the
    second century, as well as Ephesians and Colossians, writings
    are characteristic of the ambiguous period following the
    disappearance of the earliest authorities. This is the first
    substantial examination of the Pauline corpus from this angle; it
    also incorporates effectively insights from the social sciences.

McGrath, James F
John's Apologetic Christology: Legitimation and Development in
Paperback $43.00 $36.99

    The Gospel according to John presents Jesus in a unique way as
    compared with other New Testament writings. Scholars have long
    puzzled and pondered over why this should be. In this book, James
    McGrath offers a convincing explanation of how and why the author
    the Fourth Gospel arrived at a christological portrait of Jesus
    is so different from that of other New Testament authors, and yet
    the same time clearly has its roots in earlier tradition. McGrath
    suggests that as the author of this Gospel sought to defend his
    beliefs about Jesus against the objections brought by opponents,
    developed and drew out further implications from the beliefs he
    inherited. The book studies this process using insights from the
    field of sociology which helps to bring methodological clarity to
    the important issue of the development of Johannine Christology.

Limited Quantity SNTS ... while supply of hardcovers last ...
Miller, James D
Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents
Hardcover $75.00 $32.99

    The authorship of the Pastoral letters has been a matter of
    scholarly debate for almost two hundred years. The letters clearly
    purport to be written by Paul, but perceived differences in the
    literary style, vocabulary and theology of the Pastorals when
    compared with that of the genuine Pauline letters suggests that
    was not so. The arguments have centred primarily on the question
    whether Paul or a disciple of Paul - a gifted pseudonymist -
    composed these letters. It is the 'either-or' nature of the debate
    that is brought into serious question in this book. Dr Miller
    that the Pastorals reflect a compositional history that was
    commonplace throughout the ancient Near East. He takes the reader
    a wide-ranging tour of biblical and extra-biblical sources,
    examining their literary histories, and arguing that the Pastorals
    are composite documents, not unlike many Jewish and early

Mohrlang, Roger
Matthew and Paul: A Comparison of Ethical Perspectives
Paperback $37.99 $32.99

    The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare the basic
    structures of Matthew's and Paul's ethics, rather than to deal in
    detail with their teaching on specific moral issues. Dr Mohrlang
    discusses their perspectives under the five headings of 'law',
    'reward and punishment', 'relationship to Christ and the role of
    grace', 'love', and 'inner forces', and gives special attention to
    the question of ethical motivation. There is no absolute contrast,
    however, since elements both of law and of grace are found in both
    writers, and for both it is their understanding of Christ that is
    decisive. The comparison is highly illuminating, and serves to
    into clear relief the more striking characteristics of each
    ethical system. It should prove of considerable value to students
    both of New Testament ethics and of Matthean and Pauline theology
    and to those interested in the larger question of unity and
    diversity in the New Testament as a whole.

Pattemore, Stephen
People of God in the Apocalypse: Discourse, Structure and Exegesis
Hardcover $75.00 $67.99

    Stephen Pattemore examines passages within Revelation 4:1-22:21
    depict the people of God as actors in the apocalyptic drama and
    infers what impact these passages would have had on the
    self-understanding and behaviour of the original audience of the
    work. He uses Relevance Theory, a development in the linguistic
    field of pragmatics, to help understand the text against the
    background of allusion to other texts. Three important images are
    traced. The picture of the souls under the altar (6:9-11) is found
    to govern much of the direction of the text with its call to
    faithful witness and willingness for martyrdom. Even the militant
    image of a messianic army (7:1-8, 14:1-5) urges the audience in
    precisely the same direction. Both images combine in the final
    of the bride, the culmination of challenge and hope traced briefly
    in the New Jerusalem visions.

Piper, Ronald A
Wisdom in the Q Tradition: The Aphoristic Teaching of Jesus
Paperback $48.00 $42.99

    One of the least well-researched aspects of the teaching of Jesus
    found in the gospels is the use of proverbs, or aphorisms. Whilst
    the parables of Jesus have drawn great interest and study, this
    other kind of saying has been relatively neglected, although it is
    equally if not more prominent in the gospel-tradition. The present
    study is an attempt to show how these proverbial or aphoristic
    sayings played an important role in the early formulation of the
    sayings of Jesus by the church. Small collections of aphoristic
    sayings can be detected in the sayings tradition known as 'Q'.
    collections reveal markedly similar structures and concepts, which
    lead one to suspect that they have been compiled by a unique group
    which had a particular interest in 'wisdom'. These findings are
    tested by analysing other aphoristic sayings outside the
    and by relating the results to other studies which have approached
    the question of 'wisdom' in the Jesus-tradition from other angles.

Przybylski, Benno
Righteousness in Matthew and his World of Thought
Paperback $28.99 $25.99

    While New Testament scholars generally agree that the concept of
    righteousness occupies an important place in the Gospel of
    there is no scholarly consensus as to the meaning and function of
    this concept. The author of this study contends that this lack of
    agreement is largely due to the fact that the wrong background
    literature (i.e. the Old Testament and the letters of Paul) has
    posited as governing Matthaean usage. It is only when Matthaean
    usage is viewed in terms of the world of thought reflected in the
    Dead Sea Scrolls and the Tannaitic literature that it becomes
    intelligible. This monograph makes a twofold scholarly
    Professor Przybylski's exhaustive analysis of the righteousness
    terminology in the background literature provides a foundation for
    research in various areas of early Christianity and Judaism. In
    addition, his study contributes to a better understanding of the
    Matthaean view of salvation. This latest title in a distinguished
    series will arouse interest not only among New Testament
    but also among those concerned with Judaic studies of the period.

Sanders, Jack T
New Testament Christological Hymns: Their Historical Religious
Paperback $27.99 $24.99

    A study of the hymnic and liturgical material in the New Testament
    which describes Christ's nature and person. Professor Sanders
    analyzes the hymns in detail and finds in them a common
    pattern. He traces its origin to a particular and unorthodox
    of Judaism which is itself a branch of the 'wisdom' tradition
    the thanksgiving hymn had its home. His conclusions therefore have
    considerable importance and implications for questions about the
    origins of Gnosticism and its influence on Christianity. This is
    full-scale historical religious study of the New Testament
    Christological hymns, and English readers will find particularly
    useful Professor Sanders' critical survey of recent continental
    scholarship on this and related subjects.

Savage, Timothy
Power Through Weakness: Paul' Understanding of the Christian Ministry
2 Corinthians
Paperback $37.99 $32.99

    Dr Savage seeks to understand the apostle Paul's apparently
    contradictory description of his ministry in 2 Corinthians as one
    which power is manifested through weakness: 'When I am weak, then
    am strong!' This paradox becomes intelligible when it is
    that Paul's critics were influenced by a perspective which was the
    exact opposite of his: they imbibed the self-exalting outlook of
    their contemporary world, while he embraced the self-emptying
    of Christ. Drawing from archaeological data on first-century
    Corinth, this study is unique in establishing both the secular
    underpinnings of Paul's paradoxical language and the devastating
    critique which that language offers on the general outlook of the
    first century. Paul emerges as a radical foil to the spirit of the

Stanton, Graham N
Jesus of Nazareth in New Testament Preaching
Paperback $32.99 $28.99

    This book argues that an account of the life and character of
    formed an integral part of the early church's preaching. Against
    many modern scholars, Dr Stanton seeks to show that interest in
    life of Jesus was not a late development within primitive
    Christianity. A study of Luke's Gospel indicates that in his own
    reference to the life and character of Jesus was an important part
    of missionary preaching. In this respect at least, Luke was no
    innovator. The references in the speeches in Acts to the life of
    Jesus can be traced to Luke's use of earlier traditions. Dr
    then takes up the much-debated question of Paul's interest in
    of Nazareth. The author challenges several widely-accepted views
    from critical conclusions about the nature and purpose of the
    traditions on which the evangelists drew.

Taylor, Vincent, Qwen E Evans (ed)
Passion Narrative of St Luke: A Critical and Historical Investigation
Paperback $27.99 $24.99

    This is the last of the late V

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