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Fw: Out of print Slavica titles at reduced prices


Andrew Jameson <[log in to unmask]>


Andrew Jameson <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 27 Nov 2003 14:06:38 -0000





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From: "Thornton's Bookshop" <[log in to unmask]>
To: <undisclosed-recipients:>
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 11:18 AM
Subject: Out of print Slavica titles at reduced prices

A list of mostly out of print titles published by Slavica Publishers,
Columbus, Ohio, USA:

Alexander, Ronelle: The Structure of Vasko Popa's Poetry, 196 p., 1987
(ISBN: 0-89357-149-0) (UCLA Slavic Studies, Volume 14), cloth: GBP 9.50

Aroutunova, Bayara: Lives in Letters Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya and
Her Correspondence, 224 p., 1994 (ISBN: 0-89357-251-9), cloth: GBP 9.50

John D. Basil: The Mensheviks in the Revolution of 1917, 220 p., 1984
(ISBN: 0-89357-109-1), cloth: GBP 12.50

Henrik Birnbaum: Sketches of Slavic Scholars. 248 p., 1998 (ISBN
0-89357-271-3), hardcover, GBP 15.00 Contents: Prefatory Note; O.O.
Potebnja's Conception of Russian Morphosyntax Viewed in its Historical
Context; V. Jagic's Contribution to Slavic Syntax; A.M. Peshkovskij's
Vision of Rusian Syntax; S. Ivsic's Contribution to Slavic Comparative
Linguistics; Baudouin de Courtenay as Perceived by American Linguists
(R. Jakobson and E. Stankiewicz); Assessments of Roman Jakobson's
Scholarship: Jakobson's Contribution to Slavic Accentology; Jakobson's
Inquiry Into the Cultural Legacy of the Slavic Middle Ages; Jakobson's
Final Word on Phonology; Jakobson's Concept of General Meaning;
Jakobson's Notion of the Linguistic Sign: From Saussure to Peirce;
Appendices: Obituaries and Encyclopedic Entries; L. V. Shcherba; J.
Bauer; M. Vasmer; A. Schmaus; Three Swedish Slavists; R. Ekblom; A.
Sj÷berg; N.┼. Nilsson; Bibliographic Notes.

Henrik Birnbaum and Thomas Eekman, eds.: Fiction and Drama in Eastern
and Southeastern Europe: Evolution and Experiment in the Postwar Period,
ix + 463 p., 1980 (ISBN: 0-89357-064-8) (UCLA Slavic Studies, Volume 1),
cloth: GBP 17.50

Marianna Bogojavlensky: Russian Review Grammar, xviii + 450 p., 1982
(ISBN: 0-89357-096-6), GBP 9.50

Gary L. Browning: Workbook to Russian Root List, 85 p., 1985 (ISBN:
0-89357-114-8), GBP 5.00

R. L. Busch: Humor in the Major Novels of Dostoevsky, 168 p., 1987
(ISBN: 0-89357-176-8), $17.95

William W. Derbyshire: A Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene, 154 p.,
1993 (ISBN: 0-89357-236-5), GBP 12.50

Dorothy Disterheft: The Syntactic Development of the Infinitive in
Indo-European, 220 p., 1980 (ISBN: 0-89357-058-3), GBP 15.00 To be
recommended as a model for sound comparative IE syntactical research

John Miles Foley, ed.: Comparative Research on Oral Traditions: A
Memorial for Milman Parry, 597 p., 1987 (ISBN: 0-89357-173-3), cloth:
GBP 15.00 "Consistently outstanding in quality, these splendid studies
are indeed a worthy memorial to Milman Parry and his path-finding work.
The volume recommends itself to anyone interested in oral poetry and in
medieval epics in particular." (Olifant) "ldquo;...the quality is almost
universally excellent..." (Asian Folklore Studies) "ldquo;...a
wide-ranging collection... The book provides a wealth of information on
oral poetry in general and of thought-provoking developments ... a
fitting scholarly memorial to one of the founders of Western folklore
scholarship." (SEER)

Richard Frucht, ed.: Labyrinth of Nationalism, Complexities of
Diplomacy: Essays in Honor of Charles and Barbara Jelavich, 377 p., 1992
(ISBN: 0-89357-233-0), GBP 9.00 "Anyone with an interest in the region
will read this book and be amply rewarded." (Austrian Studies

Charles E. Gribble: A Short Dictionary of 18th-Century Russian /Slovarik
Russkogo Jazyka 18-go Veka, 103 p., 1976 (ISBN: 0-89357-172-5), GBP 8.00

Charles E. Gribble: Reading Bulgarian Through Russian, 182 p., 1987
(ISBN: 0-89357-106-7), GBP 9.00

Pierre R. Hart: G. R. Derzhavin: A Poet's Progress, iv + 164 p., 1978
(ISBN: 0-89357-054-0), GBP 9.50 Michael Heim, Zlata Meyerstein, and Dean
Worth: Readings in Czech, 147 p., 1985 (ISBN: 0-89357-154-7) (UCLA
Slavic Studies, Volume 13), GBP 9.50

Peter Hill: The Dialect of Gorno Kalenik, 255 p., 1991 (ISBN:
0-89357-217-9), GBP 12.00 "...this is a rich book, packed with
information and, on almost every page, things one wants to discuss. In
itself it is outstandingly useful for its clarity and for the
authenticity of its data." (MLR)"To conclude, this book represents a
solid contribution to the field of Slavic linguistics and Balkan Slavic
dialectology. The data are also sufficient to serve as the basis for
more extensive historical analysis. The presentation of the material is
impeccable and the exposition is clear." (SEEJ) "...a welcome attempt to
shed new light on a problematic dialect area." (SEER)

M. Hubenova and others: A Course in Modern Bulgarian, Part 1, viii + 303
p., 1983 (ISBN: 0-89357-104-0), $18.95; Part 2, ix + 303 p., 1983 (ISBN:
0-89357-105-9), GBP 12.00

Ante Kadic: Essays in South Slavic Literature, xvii + 260 p., 1988
(ISBN: 0-936568-10-9) (Yale Russian and East European Publications, No.
10), cloth: GBP 8.00 "It is a welcome addition to an all-too-short
bibliography of South Slavic literatures in English." (SEEJ)

Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, ed.: East European History (Selected Papers of
the Third World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies), 183 p.,
1989 (ISBN: 0-89357-193-8), GBP 9.00

Konstantin Kustanovich: The Artist and the tyrant: Vassily Aksenov's
Works in the Brezhnev Era, 219 p., 1992 (ISBN: 0-89357-235-7), $19.95
"...should be on the shelves of all libraries that serve Russian
programs." (Choice) "This very solid and well-grounded book is
characterized by clarity of scholarly objective and consistency in its
pursuit. ...a truly innovative and fruitful approach..." (CSP) "...and
as a result of it our understanding of one of the best contemporary
Russian prose writers is considerably advanced." (SEER) "Osnovatel'nuju
i argumentirovannuju knigu ... otlichaet chetkost' zadachi i
posledovatel'nost' ee vypolnenija... Uchenyj prodemonstriroval poistine
novatorskij i plodotvornyj podxod..." (Novoe russkoe slovo)

Andrej Kodjak: Pushkin's I. P. Belkin, 112 p., 1979 (ISBN:
0-89357-057-5), GBP 7.50

Andrej Kodjak, Krystyna Pomorska, and Kiril Taranovsky, eds.: Alexander
Pushkin Symposium II, 131 p., 1980 (ISBN: 0-89357-067-2) (New York
University Slavic Papers, Volume III), GBP 9.50 "The essays range from
outstanding interpretations of individual works to discoveries about
pervasive structures in Pushkin's body of work. ...this book
demonstrates how fruitful innovative approaches to Pushkin may yet be."

Ronald D. LeBlanc: The Russianization of Gil Blas: A Study in Literary
Appropriation, 292 p. 1986 (ISBN: 0-89357-159-8), GBP 9.50 "This work
quite nicely achieves its goal of illuminating the major Russian
nineteenth century variations of the picaresque novel. ... LeBlanc's
study is informative, clearly presented, and sufficiently comprehensive
to provide most students with a good working acquaintance with the
background of the picaresque novel..." (SR) "ldquo;But LeBlanc's
treatment of it proves to be stimulatingly broad. ...it is extremely
well prepared and presented, and written in clear and incisive English.
... In short, this is a much more important book than its title might at
first suggest." (NZSJ) "ldquo;...a major contribution to the
still-understudied topic of the origins of the Russian novel ... a book
that is so informative and stimulating." (RR)

Gail Lenhoff: The Martyred Princes Boris and Gleb: A Social-Cultural
Study of the Cult and the Texts. 168 p., 1989 (ISBN: 0-89357-204-7)
(UCLA Slavic Studies Volume 19) cloth: GBP 9.50 "Lenhoff hat, gestuezt
auf ihre theoretischen Vorgaben, eine in sich abgeschlossene und
widerspruchfreie Argumentation vorgelegt. Moegen aus dem angekuendigten
Projekt weitere aehnlich gruendliche Arbeiten hervorgehen!" (Jahrbuecher
fuer Geschichte Osteuropas) "ldquo;...excellent and provocative study
... Lenhoff's book is well written and conceived. The thorough treatment
of the subject ... should serve as an example for future studies." (SEEJ

Jules F. Levin and Peter D. Haikalis, with A. A. Forostenko: Reading
Modern Russian, vi + 321 p., 1979 (ISBN: 0-89357-059-1), GBP 8.00

Stephen Marder: A Supplementary Russian-English Dictionary, xv + 522 p.
(8.5 x 11" format), 1992 (corrected reprint 1994) (ISBN: 0-89357-253-5),
GBP 14.50

[R60144] Carlton,Terence R.. Introduction to the Phonological History of
the Slavic Languages. X, Slavica, 1991; 462pp., paper. This is a book or
every student and sholar interested in the history od the Slavic
languages and their relationships to each other. xeroxed text, 2pp per
landscape A-4 page, printed single-sided, hardback GBP 55.00

[R52993] Lubensky S., Jarvis D.(ed.). Teaching, Learning, Acquiring
Russian, 1983. viii; 415pp., fine paperback. GBP 12.95

[R71915] Mikos, M.. Polish Renaissance Literature. An Anthology.. It is
the first ever collection of English texts devoted solely to Polish
Renaissance poetry, prose and drama. The texts include epigrams, fables,
songs, sonnets, and elegies as well as letters, sermons, tales,
treatises, and chronicles. They are richly diverse and display the
virtuosity of many writers. 1995. 275 pp., select Bibliography, XVI b/w
illustrations, fine hardback. GBP 14.50

[R71913] Naylor, K.E. (ed.). Balkanistica. Occasional Papers in
Southeast European Studies. III 1976. The papers published in this book
were presented at the 1976 meeting of the American Assosiation for
Southeast European Studies in St.Louis in a pair of panels called
"Peasant Culture ahd National Culture in Southereast Europe." This
volume contents following chapters: Theoretical Conciderations. -
Examples from the Arts. 1978. 158 pp., illustrations; very good
paperback. GBP 5.50

[R53735] PAPERNO, L., SYLVESTER, R.. Getting around Town in Russian.
Situational Dialogs.. This is not a book intended for beginners. It
contains no grammar explanations, and no glossary. The dialogs can be
useful to graduate students, exchange scholars, and anyone residing
Russia for period of work or study. They contain very useful cultural
information. 1987. 122pp., photographs by R.D.Sylvester, fine
paperback. GBP 9.50

[R54384] ROLLBERG, P.. And Meaning for A Life Entire. Festschrift for
Charles A. Moser on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday.. The majority
of this collecton of essays are concerned with themes in the domains of
literary studies Charles Moser himself pursued: Russian literature from
the beginnings to modernity, with strong emphasis on the 19th century.
But they also cover other aspects - political, cultural, pedagogical,
and linguistic. 1997; 508pp., frontispiece portrait, ill., fine
hardback. GBP 15.00

[R71916] Rowney, D.K.; Orchard, E.G.(eds.). Russian and Slavic History..
The essays presented in thisvolume cover a broad range of 19th and 20th
Centiry Russian and East European history. 1977. 303 pp., table, ill,
fine paperback. GBP 12.00

[R71919] Scatton, E.. Bulgarian Phonology.. This book attempts to
formulate a major portion of the phonological component of a complete
transformational-generative grammar of Contemporary Standard Bulgarian.
This component consists of a set of ordered rules which apply to
"underlying" or "systematic phonemic" representations of well-formed
sentences in order to generate or specify their proper "systematic
phonetic" representations. 1983. 224 pp., bibliography, fine paperback.
GBP 9.00

[R71917] Schenker, A.M.; Stankiewicz, E.; Iovine, M.S. (eds.). The
Slavic Literary Languages: Formation and Development.. The essays
collected in this volume outline the external histories of all the
slavic literary languages without shunning, on occasion, novel and
controversial approaches. The emphasis is on the cultural and
ideological aspects of the problem, but, in most instances, the
essential linguistic information is also provided. 1980. 287 pp.,
selected bibliography, fine hardback. GBP 15.00

[R71918] Scherr, B.P.; Worth, D.S. (eds.). Russian Verse Theory.
Proceedings of the 1987 Conference at UCLA.. 1989. 514 pp., tables,
graphes; fine hardback. GBP 12.00

[R71914] Sussex, R.; Eade, J.C. (eds.). Culture and Nationalism in
Nineteenth-century Eastern Europe.. This volume is not intended to be
representative of the whole field of nineteenth-century national and
cultural revivals in Eastern Europe. The papers published here were
chosen rather because they address not only individual aspects of the
revival question, but also a common core of broader issues; the question
of "natio" and "patria", ethnic re-awakening and cultural renaissance,
the pursuit of a sense of national identity, historical revival, and the
affirmation of national rights in the present. 1985. 158 pp., fine
hardback. GBP 11.95

Jules F. Levin and Peter D. Haikalis, with A. A. Forostenko: Reading
Modern Russian, vi + 321 p., 1979 (ISBN: 0-89357-059-1), GBP 11.50
Alexander Lipson
: A Russian Course, Part 2, 343 p., 1981 (ISBN: 0-89357-081-8), GBP 7.50

A Sense of Place Tsarskoe Selo and Its Poets Papers: from the 1989
Dartmouth Conference Dedicated to the Centennial of Anna Akhmatova,
edited by Lev Loseff and Barry Scherr, 368 p., 1993 (ISBN:
0-89357-239-X), GBP 7.00

Terje Mathiassen: A Short Grammar of Lithuanian, 256 p., 1996 (ISBN:
0-89357-267-5), GBP 15.00

Peter J. Mayo: The Morphology of Aspect in Seventeenth-Century Russian
(Based on Texts of the Smutnoe Vremja), xi + 234 p., 1985 (ISBN:
0-89357-145-8), GBP 13.50 "This is a useful book which, with its
comprehensive index of verb-forms, will have to be taken into account in
all the work which remains to be done in the area in the future." (ISS)
"Dr. Mayo's book forms a welcome addition to the literature on the
development of Russian aspect. It is an equally valuable contribution to
the study of the Russian literary language of the early seventeenth
century." (SEER) "...edin cenen spravochnik za izsledovatelite na
glagolnata morfologija v istorijata na ruskija ezik." (SE)

Gordon M. Messing: A Glossary of Greek Romany As Spoken in Agia Varvara
(Athens), 175 p., 1988 (ISBN: 0-89357-187-3), GBP 13.50 "The result is a
valuable contribution to the study of Gypsies and their language."
(Newsletter of the Gypsy Lore Society

Dragan Milivojevic and Vasa D. Mihailovic: Yugoslav Linguistics in
English: A Bibliography 1900-1980, 128 p., 1990 (ISBN: 0-89357-213-6),

Edward Mozejko: Yordan Yovkov, 117 p., 1984 (ISBN: 0-89357-117-2), GBP
6.50 "Mozejko's volume is a useful introduction to Yovkov... Appropriate
for upper-division undergraduates." (Choice) "It is a pleasure to
recommend this overview of Iovkov's life and works to all readers, and
not just those interested in Bulgarian literature.... We can only hope
it will have the kind of broad readership it deserves." (CSP) "...can be
thoroughly recommended, both to the specialist devotees and to all who
wish to discover more about the Bulgarian author whom Thomas Mann
considered worthy of a place alongside the greatest short story writers
of the world." (The South Slav Journal)

Alexander D. Nakhimovsky and Richard L. Leed: Advanced Russian, Second
Edition, Revised, vii + 262 p. (8.5 x 11" format), 1987 (ISBN:
0-89357-178-4), GBP 9.50

Wieslaw Oleksy and Oscar E. Swan: W Labiryncie (Labyrinth of Life) opera
mydlana w dwudziestu jeden odcinkach oparta na motywach serialu
telewizyjnego w rezyserii Pawla Karpilskiego ( advanced Polish language
course), xiv + 378 p., 1993 (ISBN: 0-89357-242-X), GBP 9.50

Hongor Oulanoff: The Prose Fiction of Veniamin Kaverin, v + 203 p., 1976
(ISBN: 0-89357-032-X), GBP 9.50

Temira Pachmuss: Russian Literature in the Baltic between the World
Wars, 448 p., 1988 (ISBN: 0-89357-181-4), cloth: GBP 15.00 "...provides
a rich panorama of Russian cultural life in the Baltic countries during
their short period of independence between 1918 and 1941." (World
Literature Today) "...the student of Russian emigre literature owes a
debt of gratitude to Professor Pachmuss for her effort..." (SEEJ) "Die
Materialfuelle, die Frau Pachmuss vor dem erstaunten Leser ausbreitet,
ist ueberwaeltigend.... Noch viel reicher ist das Bild, das Frau
Pachmuss in einer ausfuerlichen einleitenden Eroerterung vom
literarischen, kuenstlerischen, allgemein kulturellen und
wissenschaftlichen Leben in den baltischen Staaten und Finnland
entwirft." (KL)

Don Karl Rowney, ed.: Imperial Power and Development: Papers on
Pre-Revolutionary Russian History (Selected Papers from the Third World
Congress for Soviet and East European Studies), 187 p., 1990 (ISBN:
0-89357-209-8), $23.95. Theofanis G. Stavrou and Peter R. Weisensel:
Russian Travelers to the Christian East from the Twelfth to the
Twentieth Century, LI + 925 p., 1986 (ISBN: 0-89357-157-1), cloth: GBP

William R. Schmalstieg: Introduction to Old Church Slavic, second
edition, revised and expanded, xv + 314 p., 1983 (ISBN: 0-89357-107-5),
GBP 12.00

Studies in Poetics: Commemorative Volume Krystyna Pomorska (1928-1986),
edited by Elena Semeka-Pankratov, 588 pp., 1995 (ISBN:0-89357-256-X),
cloth: GBP 14.50

J. Thomas Shaw: Pushkin's Poetics of the Unexpected: The Nonrhymed Lines
in the Rhymed Poetry and the Rhymed Lines in the Nonrhymed Poetry, 369
p., 1994 (ISBN: 0-89357-245-4), cloth: GBP 13.50 "One comes away from
the book possessing new insights into specific works as well as a
greater understanding of Pushkin's virtuosity. ...a highly original and
highly accomplished piece of scholarship." (RR) "...many excitements and
new revelations ... no serious Pushkin reader can do without it." (SEER)
"...a brilliant analysis..." (MLR)

David A. Sloane: Aleksandr Blok and the Dynamics of the Lyric Cycle, 384
p., 1988 (ISBN: 0-89357-182-2), GBP 12.00

Greta N. Slobin, ed.: Aleksej Remizov: Approaches to a Protean Writer,
286 p., 1987 (ISBN: 0-89357-167-9) (UCLA Slavic Studies Volume 16),
cloth: GBP 12.00 "This well produced volume is a welcome contribution to
the study both of an individual writer and of modernist poetics in
general." (CSP) "...this is a most impressive volume... (SSR)

Theofanis G. Stavrou and Peter R. Weisensel: Russian Travelers to the
Christian East from the Twelfth to the Twentieth Century, LI + 925 p.,
1986 (ISBN: 0-89357-157-1), cloth: GBP 25.00 "...this impressive book
will be an essential reference guide..." (Middle East Studies
Association Bulletin) "The bibliography in question will make an
indispensable research tool for all people interested in the history of
Russia, Eastern Europe in general and the Near East till the beginnings
of the First World War. The scope of the publication is a great deal
wider than its title suggests..." (Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte

Oscar E. Swan and Sylvia Galova-Lorinc: Beginning Slovak, 522 p., 1990
(ISBN: 0-89357-214-4), GBP 12.00

Charles E. Townsend: Continuing With Russian, xxi + 426 p., 1981 (ISBN:
0-89357-085-0), GBP 12.00

Charles E. Townsend: Czech Through Russian, viii + 263 p., 1981 (ISBN:
0-89357-089-3), GBP 9.50

Charles E. Townsend: Russian Word-Formation, corrected reprint, xviii +
272 p., 1975 (ISBN: 0-89357-023-0), GBP 9.50

Walter N. Vickery, ed.: Aleksandr Blok: Centennial Conference, 403 p.,
1984 (ISBN: 0-89357-111-3), cloth: GBP 15.00 "The twenty-one excellent
papers ... in this collection suggest that the occasion was worthy of
the great poet... Our overall knowledge of Blok's life, technique,
preoccupations and spiritual torment is greatly advanced by this
rewarding collection of essays." (ISS) "Future students of Blok will
find the collection an indispensable source for information on specific
topics as well as for guidance on fruitful approaches to the poetry."

Paul Wexler: The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a
Jewish Identity, x + 306 p., 1993 (ISBN: 0-89357-241-1), GBP 16.00

James B. Woodward: The Symbolic Art of Gogol: Essays on His Short
Fiction, 131 p., 1982 (ISBN: 0-89357-093-1), cloth: GBP 12.00 An
"Outstanding Academic Book" selection for 1982 by Choice.

James B. Woodward: Form and Meaning: Essays on Russian Literature, 368
p., 1993 (ISBN: 0-89357-240-3), GBP 11.50

Essays in Honor of A. A. Zimin, ed. D. C. Waugh, xiv + 416 p., 1985
(ISBN: 0-89357-147-4), GBP 11.50 "Alles im allem ein ueberaus
gehaltvoller Band, der in eindrucksvoller Vielfalt von Quellen und
Methoden dem wissenschaftlichen Verstaendnis des alten Russland dient."
(Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte Osteuropas) "This is an extraordinary
book..." (CSP)

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