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foNETiks newsletter


Gerry Docherty <[log in to unmask]>


Gerry Docherty <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 4 Jan 2001 14:31:12 GMT0BST





text/plain (587 lines)


A network newsletter
for the International Phonetic Association
and for the Phonetic Sciences

January 2001


 Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK
<[log in to unmask]>
 Gerry Docherty, University of Newcastle, UK
<[log in to unmask]>
 Paul Foulkes, University of York, UK
<[log in to unmask]>
 Lisa Lim, National University of Singapore
<[log in to unmask]>

 E-mail address:
   [log in to unmask]

 The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at:

 Visit the IPA web page at:


  (New ones marked **)
  (date of first appearance follows)

 11 - 13 January 2001. Holland Institute of Generative
  Linguistics, Conference on Phonology (HILP5).
  [log in to unmask];
  http://www.ling.uni-potsdam.de/aktuelles/hilp5_aktuell.html  (06/00)

 2 - 3 April 2001. Workshop on Innovation in Speech Processing
 (WISP2001). Stratford on Avon, UK.
 http://www.sys.uea.ac.uk/wisp-2001/ (09/00)

 5 - 7 April 2001. PTLC2001: The second meeting of the Phonetics
 Teaching  and Learning Conference. Royal Holloway College,
 University of London.  [log in to unmask];
 http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/johnm/ptlc.htm  (08/00)

 9 - 11 April 2001. Hands-Free Speech Communication. An ISCA
 Tutorial and  Research Workshop. Kyoto Japan.
 http://www.slt.atr.co.jp/hsc2001/ (08/00)

** 18 - 20 May 2001. TAPS 2001: Workshop on Typology of African
 Prosodic Systems, University of Bielefeld, Germany (01/01)

4 - 8 June 2001. 141st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.
 Chicago, Illinois. http://asa.aip.org/meetings.html; [log in to unmask]

3 - 16 June 2001. 4th International Speech Motor Conference.
 Nijmegen, Netherlands.  http://www.nici.kun.nl/speechmotconf/

18 - 22 June 2001. ORAGE 2001: ORAlity and GEstuality. Aix-en-
 Provence,  France. [log in to unmask];
 http://www.lpl.univ-aix.fr/~gevoix/ORAGE2001 (08/00)

18 - 22 June 2001. 2001, A Speaker Odyssey - The Speaker Recognition
 Workshop. An ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop. The Hebrew
 University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.
 http://www.odyssey.westhost.com/ (08/00)

21 - 23 June 2001.  TENNET XII. Montreal, Canada.

5 - 6 July 20001. Prosody in Processing (PiP). The Utrecht Institute
 of  Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University.
 http://www-uilots.let.uu.nl/conferences/pip/ (12/00)

19 - 21 July 2001. 3rd UK Language Variation Conference. University
 of  York, UK. (11/00)

12 - 16 August 2001. 5th International Congress of Voice Teachers
 (ICVT): Voice and Identity - Singing the Music of the World.
 Helsinki,  Finland. http://www.siba.fi/5ICVT/ (12/00)

23 - 26 August 2001. PEVOC IV: 4th Pan European Voice Conference.
 Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.speech.kth.se/voice/pevoc4/ (12/00)

29 - 30 August 2001. Adaptation methods in Automatic Speech
 Recognition. An ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop. Sophia
 Antipolis,  France. http://www.eurecom.fr/ITRW/ (12/00)

29 - 31 August 2001. DiSS'01: Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech. An
 ISCA  Tutorial and Research Workshop. University of Edinburgh,
 Scotland.  http://www.ling.ed.ac.uk/DISS-01/ (12/00)

3 - 7 September 2001. EUROSPEECH2001 - 7th European Conference on
 Speech  Communication and Technology. Aalborg, Denmark.
 http://eurospeech2001.org  (04/00)

13 - 15 September 2001. 2nd International Workshop on Models and
 Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications. Firenze,
 Italy.  http://www.die.unifi.it/Conferences/maveba2001/home.htm

 3 - 5 October 2001. 2001 International Workshop on Multimedia
 Signal  Processing. Cannes, France. http://mmsp01.eurecom.fr/

7 - 10 October 2001.  XXVII Deutscher Romanistentag, Muenchen.
 [log in to unmask] (10/00)

3 - 7 December 2001. 142nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of
 America. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. http://asa.aip.org/meetings.html;
 [log in to unmask] (12/00)

3 - 7 June 2002. 143rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.
 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. http://asa.aip.org/meetings.html;
 [log in to unmask]  (12/00)

2 - 6 December 2002. Joint Meeting: 144nd Meeting of the Acoustical
 Society of America, 3rd Iberoamerican Congress of Acoustics and 9th
 Mexican Congress on Acoustics. Cancun, Mexico.
 http://asa.aip.org/cancun.html (12/00)



 13-15 September 2001, Firenze, Italy

We are glad to announce you that during the Conference the
following tutorials will be held:
  a.. S. Aguilera (ETSI, Madrid, ES): "Pathological voices data
bases for research and education purposes".

  b.. D. Howard (Univ. of York, UK): "The real and the non-real in
speech measurements".

  c.. X. Pelorson, M.Hirschberg (INPG/ENSERG, Grenoble, F - Univ. of
Eindhoven, NL): "Physical models of the vocal folds including

  d.. K. Wermke, W.Mende (Univ. of Berlin, D): "The infant cry and
its relation to speech and language development". Other proposals
are very welcome.

For further information please visit the Conference web site:
which is constantly updated.

Looking forward to meeting you in Firenze next year,
we send you ourbest wishes for a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year.

Claudia Manfredi and Piero Bruscaglioni

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[log in to unmask]


University of Bielefeld, Germany

TAPS 2001: Workshop on Typology of African Prosodic Systems

TAPS 2001 will bring together international experts to discuss the
typology of African prosodic systems. The workshop will be held in
Bielefeld, Germany, from May 18 - 20, 2001. Since this is the first
workshop of its kind, it would be premature to focus on one specific
issue. We anticipate that topics such as the following will be of
interest to participants: type of tone language or Pitch accent
languages; type of tones with reference with discrete levels or
terrace, number of level and/or contour tones; tonal downstep and
floating tones; tonal processes such as spreading, assimilation,
simplification, deletion; downtrend phenomena such as downdrift,
upstep, upsweep, suspension of downdrift; functional load of tone
(lexical, grammatical); historical emergence and disappearance of
tones and pitch accents; prosody of intonation languages spoken in
Africa (e.g. English, French, Portuguese).

Full papers will be prepared for distribution before the workshop
and subsequently revised with a view to publication.

For further details, including the procedure for preparation of
papers, please check our webpage

O R A G E  2 0 0 1

ORAlité et GEstualité
INTERNET : http://www.gevoix.org/ORAGE2001
E-MAIL : [log in to unmask]

Université de Provence
Aix-en-Provence (France)
18-22 juin 2001 June 18-22
Colloque international / International Conference

Langues : français, anglais / Languages : English, French

Faisant suite au colloque "Orage'98. ORAlité et GEstualité :
communication multimodale, interaction" (Santi S., Guaïtella I.,
Cavé C., Konopczynski G. (eds), 1998, L'Harmattan, Paris), ORAGE
2001 est organisé afin de promouvoir les recherches sur la
multimodalité dans la communication. L'objet de cette rencontre est
l'étude des gestes et de la voix dans l'interaction, ces modalités
permettant aux individus de gérer l'espace et le temps interactifs.
L'émergence de cette thématique et le développement
des travaux sur le "gestuo-vocal" ont donné lieu à la création de
l'association GeVoix qui est organisatrice de ce colloque, en
collaboration avec le Laboratoire Parole et Langage (CNRS ESA 6057)
de l'Université de Provence. / ORAGE 2001 is in straight line with
the ORAGE' 98 conference - ORAlité et GEstualité - Communication
Multimodale, Interaction, Santi S., Guaïtella I., Cavé C.,
Konopczynski G. (eds), 1998, l'Harmattan, Paris. Its objective is to
promote the importance of a multimodal approach in the study of
communication. The major theme of this
meeting is the use of voice and gestures in the management of
interactive time and space. The emergence of this set of topics and
the increasing research in gestural and vocal studies led to the
foundation of the GeVoix association which is organizing this
conference with the Laboratoire Parole et Langage (CNRS ESA 6057) at
the Université de Provence.

Ce colloque est sponsorisé par / This Conference is sponsored by :
Le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Le Réseau sud-est des sciences cognitives (Cognisud)
L'Université de Provence

et soutenue par / and supported by :

The International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS)
La Société Française d'Acoustique (SFA)

Calendrier / Deadlines
1er mars 2001 : envoi du texte définitif (en français ou en anglais)
March 1, 2001 : Deadline for the submission of papers (in English or

Comité Scientifique / Scientific Committee
R. Allott D. Autesserre C. Cavé C. Cuxac B. Cyrulnik
M. Faraco P. Feyereisen A. Giacomi I. Guaïtella U. Hadar
J.M. Hombert R. Jarvella A .Kendon D.R. Ladd J. Laver
M. Magnusson D. Massaro C. Maury-Rouan D. McNeill
J. Montredon J. Ohala I. Poggi M. Rossi S. Santi T.A. Sebeok
J. Vauclair
Comité d'Organisation / Organizing Committee
I. Guaïtella : Présidence / President
S. Santi : Secrétariat général / General Secretary

D. Autesserre O. Bagou M. Baudoin J. Boyer C. Cavé
R. Cruz M.-H. Faivre M. Faraco T. Kida B. Lagrue
A. Lejeune C. Maury-Rouan C. Paboudjian C. Portes

Colloque ORAGE 2001
Laboratoire Parole et Langage
Université de Provence
29, av. R. Schuman
13621 Aix-en-Provence  Cedex 1 - France

tél / phone:  +33 (0)4 42 95 36 37
fax : +33 (0)4 42 59 50 96 (préciser / specify "colloque ORAGE
2001") e-mail : [log in to unmask] internet :

Association GeVoix
Créée par le Groupe de Recherche Geste et Voix, du Laboratoire
Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence. - Recherche scientifique et
promotion artistique dans le domaine de la gestualité et de la
vocalité communicatives.
(Contact : [log in to unmask])

Founded by the Gesture and Voice Research Group, from the
Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence (France). -
Scientific research and promotion of artistic projects relative to
Gestures and Voice in communication. (contact : [log in to unmask])


Position at MPI, Nijmegen

The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is offering a
postdoctoral staff position in the field of language comprehension.
This is a non-permanent position (term of appointment 3 to 5 years).
It is a research position and involves no teaching duties;
considerable technical support is available. The position will be
available in 2001; we would prefer the successful candidate to begin
earlier rather than later in the year.

Research at the institute in the area of language comprehension
currently focusses on spoken-word recognition and the role of
phonological structure in comprehension.  The research includes
strong components of cross-linguistic comparison and computational
modelling. Current members of the group have primary research
interests in infants' development of word recognition abilities, and
in adult processing of spoken language in native and non-native
languages. Current research focusses on phonetic perception, the
processing of suprasegmental structure, the recognition of word
forms and the segmentation of continuous speech.  The group
currently includes six scientists and six students working towards a
PhD degree.

To supplement the expertise of the group we are particularly
interested in a candidate with knowledge of experimental
phonetics/phonology.  Young scientists with a completed Ph.D. in a
relevant field are encouraged to apply.  Relevant fields could
include experimental phonetics, laboratory phonology, experimental
psycholinguistics, or a related experimental discipline.  An
important criterion is a demonstrated ability to publish research
findings. Applications should include a c.v. and the names of two
referees who would be willing to write letters of recommendation;
examples of published work and a cover letter describing research
interests would also be helpful.

Send applications to:
     Dr. Anne Cutler
     Max-Planck-Institut fuer Psycholinguistik
     Postbus 310
     6500 AH Nijmegen
     The Netherlands

fax:      31-24-3521213
e-mail:   [log in to unmask]
WWW: http://www.mpi.nl/world/groups/comprehe.html

Deadline for receipt of applications:  15 Jan. 2001


Announcement of position in Computational Linguistics

San José State University
San José, CA 95192-0093

Position No. (PVIN): H&A 01-064

Rank and Salary: Assistant to Associate Professor - Tenure
Track. Ph.D. in Linguistics or related field. ABD applicants will
be considered at the assistant professor rank if doctorate is
completed by August 2001. Salary commensurate with rank and

Qualifications: SJSU is looking for a computational linguist
to teach courses in natural language processing and/or speech
recognition/synthesis. Additional areas of specialization preferred
in syntax, semantics, or phonetics/phonology. The candidate would
also be expected to teach introductory courses in linguistics and
linguistics courses for non-majors. Required: evidence of teaching
ability and scholarly activity; awareness of and sensitivity to the
educational goals of a multicultural population.

Responsibilities: Teach courses in linguistics at the
undergraduate and graduate level; maintain liaison with Silicon
Valley companies; work cooperatively with colleagues. Address the
needs of a student population of great diversity-in age, cultural
background, ethnicity, primary language and academic
preparation-through course materials, teaching strategies and
advisement. The full-time teaching load is normally four courses a

Starting Date: August 23, 2001

Application Procedures: Interested candidates should submit a letter
of application, curriculum vitae, evidence of teaching
effectiveness, three letters of recommendation, and representative
publications to : Thom Huebner, Chair, Department of Linguistics &
Language Development, San José State University, San José, CA 95192-
March 1, 2001

An equal opportunity/affrimative actional/title IX Employer.



The Dept. of Language & Speech offers a two-year position for
research on ASR within the European project MUMIS.

* Project title
  MUMIS: Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

* Project description
  MUMIS will develop base technology, demonstrated within a
  laboratory prototype, to support automated multimedia indexing and
  to facilitate search and retrieval from multimedia databases in
  specific domains. The project will demonstrate that innovative
  technology components can operate on multilingual, multisource,
  and multimodal information and create a meaningful and queryable
  database with video content from the soccer domain.

* Data of the MUMIS project
  Starting date : 1 July 2000
  Duration : 30 months

The candidate should (preferably) start as soon as possible.
The main task of the candidate will be to develop the automatic
speech recognition (ASR) software for extracting text elements from
audio files and video soundtracks; for Dutch, English and German.

* Required skills:
  - experience in ASR technology
  - ability to work as part of a team

* Desired skills:
  - Perl and UNIX
  - MA Speech Science or Computer Science

Additional information on this vacancy and MUMIS can be found at

Additional information on the research activities carried out at
the Dept. of Language & Speech can be found at


Interested parties who (at least partially) fulfill the
Qualifications stated above should send the following information
(preferably by e-mail) before 3 Jan. 2001:

   * name and affiliation,
   * a short paragraph describing your qualifications
   * list of publications and prior work
   * contact details of references
   * pointers to web sites or other relevant resources


Prof.dr. L. Boves
[log in to unmask]
Tel. +31-24-3612902


Dr. H. Strik
[log in to unmask]
Tel. +31-24-3616104

Postal address:
A2RT, Dept. of Language and Speech,
University of Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9103,
6500 HD   Nijmegen,
The Netherlands.

Vacancy at Sony Digital Creatures Laboratory Tokyo, Japan


Sony Corp is looking for a qualified researcher in the field of
speech recognition.

General information

At Sony we are developing core technology for speech recognition,
synthesis and speech dialogue applications for a number of consumer
products. We are an international team based on three continents in
Tokyo, Stuttgart and San Jose.
All three labs work closely together, involving frequent meetings
and regular video conferences. The present position is for our
office in Shinagawa/Tokyo which is located just next to
Corporate Headquarters. Sony will provide visa sponsorship for
overseas applicants.

Applicants should possess most of the following:

o University Degree in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering or
  Computer Science
o Experience in speech processing
o Good programming skills in C/C++
o Good working knowledge of English
o Interest in application-oriented research
o Knowledge of UNIX a plus
o Initiative, flexibility and team working skills

Interested persons should send their resume and cover letter to:

      Sony Corporation
      Global Recruiting Group
      Corporate Human
      Resources Div.
      6-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku,
      Tokyo 141-0001 Japan

The cover letter should include
  - reason for applying for Sony
  - career objectives

For online submissions, please follow the instructions at

If you have further questions about this position please contact

Dr Helmut Lucke
Digital Creatures Lab. Gp3
Sony  Corporation
6-7-35, Kitashinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, Japan
<[log in to unmask]>

(Inquiries will be dealt with after January 11)



Applications will soon be invited for a graduate student position in
phonetics leading to a Ph.D., to start early in 2001. The position
can be held full-time over maximum 4 years. The position can be
in any area of phonetics that is related to our current research
activities (see http://www.ling.su.se).

For more information about application procedure and deadline,
contact Professor Olle Engstrand, [log in to unmask]

Olle Engstrand, PhD
Professor of Phonetics
Department of Linguistics
Stockholm University
SE-10691 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Web:       http://www.ling.su.se/staff/olle/olle.html
Tel:       +46 8 161245, 162347
Cellular:  070-2467423
Fax:       +46 8 155389

Message from Prof. John Laver

Would you please note that I am about to change my
address (from 1 January 2001), from:

 Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
 University of Edinburgh
 8 Hope Park Square
 Edinburgh EH8 9NW

 Queen Margaret University College
 Faculty of Health Sciences
 Corstorphine Campus
 Clerwood Terrace
 EH12 8TS
 Tel: (+44) 0131 317 3000
 email: [log in to unmask]

Material for the February 2001 issue of foNETiks should reach us
by 28 January 2001

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