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[CSL]: Issue 84, Internet Resources Newsletter


John Armitage <[log in to unmask]>


The Cyber-Society-Live mailing list is a moderated discussion list for those interested <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 6 Sep 2001 13:09:28 +0100





text/plain (1587 lines)

From: Catherine Ure [mailto:[log in to unmask]] Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 11:56 AM
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: Issue 84, Internet Resources Newsletter


The free, monthly, non-subscription newsletter for academics,
students,engineers, scientists and social scientists.

ISSN: 1361-9381

Heriot-Watt University Library

Edited by:
Roddy MacLeod ([log in to unmask]),
Catherine Ferguson and Catherine Ure.

View the web version on


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This month

Don't miss this event!

Random quotes

Information and reviews of new and recent Web sites

IPR-Helpdesk Pilot Project News Release

Community of Science Partners with Newcastle University to Offer New World
Class Research Funding Information Service

BioMed Central Embraces the Open Archives Initiative

JISC publishes three important new documents

Netskills BIZ/ed AHDS JISCmail
Data Archive TASI Chemical Database Service


Review of: A guide to finding quality information on the internet.



This month

Due to the holiday season, this month's issue of Internet Resources
Newsletter is a little shorter than normal. Nevertheless, there are still
numerous recent and notable Web sites to investigate, plus some press
releases of interest and various other features. In addition, Catherine Ure
has reviewed the book A guide to finding quality information on the

This summer has been pretty wet in Scotland, where this newsletter is based.
However, despite this, I enjoyed some time off in the Loch Lomond area. One
particularly enjoyable day trip was to the Loch Awe area. I didn't manage to
make a tour of the loch by boat, but instead had a good lunch at the Loch
Awe Post Office and visited the very impressive Kilchurn Castle, the
ancestral home of the Campbells. I can certainl;y recommend this part of the
world to anyone who enjoys beautiful scenery, good hospitality and a little
Scotch mist.

Don't miss this event

EEVL is launching its new service on Wednesday 12th September at a champagne
reception in the Early People Gallery, National Museum of Scotland, Chambers
Street, Edinburgh. The launch is taking place as part of the ALT-C 2001
conference, being held in Edinburgh. This event clearly should not be

Random Quotes
Almost 3 out of 10 British people log on to sports results at work. Survey
by npower, quoted in Wisden, August 2001.

The Internt-based custom-made travel guides publisher Booktailor has ceased
trading. The Bookseller, 10 August, p. 8

Internet Resources Newsletter by email

Over 2,400 people now subscribe to the email version of this Newsletter,
which is distributed by Free Pint. To subscribe, at no cost, go to


3rd Global Congress on Engineering Education


Call for papers. Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow, Scotland, United
Kingdom 30 June - 5 July 2002.


A national union catalogue for the UK?


Final Report from the Feasibility Study into a National Union Catalogue for
the UK.


Advanced Distributed Learning Network: ALDNet


"The purpose of the ADL initiative is to ensure access to high-quality
education and training materials that can be tailored to individual learner
needs and made available whenever and wherever they are required.

This initiative is designed to accelerate large-scale development of dynamic
and cost-effective learning software and to stimulate an efficient market
for these products in order to meet the education and training needs of the
military and the nation's workforce of the future. It will do this through
the development of a common technical framework for computer and net-based
learning that will foster the creation of reusable learning content as
"instructional objects.""




Subscription-based business information tools service.




An e-career site serving the built environment.


Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Integrity and Maintenance: ACSIM


25th-27th September 2002, Cairns, Australia.


Bibliographic Standard GUI Icon Set


"The following pages provide links to a set of suggested standard icons for
use with Bibliographic database applications. The purpose of the set is to
provide an international, standardized set of icons which are free of
copyright and are available for use by application developers and
publishers. It is hoped that by providing this set, a more consistent method
of accessing bibliographic databases can be developed."


Biotechnology Knowledge Resource Portal


Single entry point for biotechnology information, from Health Communication


British Standards Publishing Limited (BSPL)


"In January 2000, British Standards Institution (BSI) and USA-based
Information Handling Services (IHS) signed a joint venture agreement to
create British Standards Publishing Limited (BSPL) and British Standards
Publishing Sales Limited (BSPSL).

This joint venture brings together the management and development of all
on-line delivery services for British Standards, including British Standards


Brooklands - The Birthplace of British Motorsport & Aviation


Brooklands it is an Ancient Monument and part of Britain's recent
technological history.




"bunk.com contains the most complete listing of university-owned
accommodation for all UK universities and colleges. But more than that - we
provide information about local cashpoints, supermarkets, public transport
and other crucial stuff."




A survival guide for students, for gap years and job searching.




John Kirriemuir, who has written in the past for Internet Resources
Newsletter, has produced this new Web site. "Ceangal is based on the
philosophy of connecting people with electronic information, images or
game-based experiences"


Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards: CETIS


CETIS represents UK higher-education and further-education institutions on
international learning technology standards intiatives.

First meeting of the CETIS Learning Content Special Interest Group Date:
Friday 21st September Venue: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

The first meeting of the CETIS Learning Content Special Interest Group (LC
SIG) will take place on Friday 21st September at the Centre for Academic
Practice, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This is an open meeting which
will be of relevance to all FE/HE colleagues who are interested in the
development and delivery of reusable interoperable educational resources.


Chimneygod's Tips and Tricks Newsletter Archive


Helpful tips, tricks, jokes, short stories, money saving tips, etc. It comes
out twice a week and is free.


Coastal Guide Europe


"An information service of the EUCC and Coastinfo International, aimed at
professionals in coastal management, planning, conservation and research in
Europe. Our mission: Provide help in finding and accessing the best
available information."


Committee on Women in Science and Engineering: CWSE


This site contains the name, institution, field of specialty or department,
and contact information for nearly 1300 women faculty in engineering
departments of U.S. colleges and universities. Where possible, a Web address
and link for the faculty member has also been provided.




COVAX plans to combine document descriptions and digitised surrogates from
libraries, archives and museum, to build a global system for search and
retrieval. It will allow the widely distributed primary documents to be
accessed regardless of their location.

COVAX has four basic aims: dissemination of European Culture Heritage,
facilitating access for European citizens to primary sources of
intellectual, cultural and scientific heritage stored in archives, libraries
and museums; exploitation over the Internet of existing cultural
infrastructures; the use of standards in the field of information structure
and retrieval and interoperability between systems (interoperable access to
distributed resources) based on the complementary capabilities of each


Department for Education and Skills


Newly renamed UK Government Department.


Dictionary of Slang


"A monster online dictionary of the rich colourful language we call slang...
all from a British perspective, with new slang added every month."


DNER Frequently Asked Questions


Find out more about the Distributed National Electronic Resource.


Evaluation of the eLib Programme


Summative Evaluation of Phase 3 of the eLib Initiative: an Overview
document, and the Final Report, are now available from this page.


Fencing Directory


A directory of the suppliers and installers of fencing systems in the U.K.


Free Medical Journals.com


The Free Medical Journals Site is dedicated to the promotion of free access
to medical journals over the Internet.


Full-text subject-specific scientific and technical reports and journal


"The Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information
(OSTI) in partnership with DOE Program Offices, announces new tools for
information access, Subject Portals. These versatile subject-specific Web
sites provide full-text DOE scientific and technical reports, links to
journal literature, and other information sources pertaining to the
following subjects: Photovoltaics, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen Energy,
Superconductivity, Heavy Vehicle Technology, Wind Energy, Biopower,
Environmental Management, Biofuels, and Concentrating Solar Power. All
Subject Portals include a distributed searching feature, which provides
parallel searching across a select set of heterogeneous databases. In
addition, each portal is customized to meet the needs of the sponsoring


Further Voluntary Sector Resources


An article in Free Pint by Allan Pearson.


Genealogy and History


A scholarly mega site collection of annotated links to family history
resources on the Web.


Gobi International


"Gobi International is a fast expanding business information company based
in London. We publish reports on markets for wire and cable,
telecommunications, electronics, ferrous and nonferrous metals, industrial
minerals, chemicals, plastics, building materials, electrical power
equipment, energy and soft commodities (including foodstuffs)."




"Websites added to the GoGuides Directory should be quality sites that add
original content and value to the directory. We are building the best
directory on the net. Quality content is key."


Google Malawi


A country specific search engine for the 'Warm Heart of Africa'


Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups


A useful site about newsgroups.


HeadLine Project legacy website


HeadLine (Hybrid Electronic Access and Delivery in the Library Networked
environment) was one of the Hybrid Libraries projects funded under the
Electronic Libraries (eLib) Phase 3 programme of the UK Higher Education
Joint Information Systems Committee.


Heat Transfer 2002


Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer 22 - 24 April 2002
Halkidiki, Greece


Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh: News and Events


University news.


Homebuilding & Renovation (ejournal)


"The established website for self-builders and renovators"




"Looking for a course? Use hotcourses to search for courses in many cities
in the UK. You can then contact the course provider to ask about
availability and apply."




iMesh is a program that lets you search for and share multimedia files.




A new search engine.


Industrial WebNews


Industrial WebNews is developed and managed by Arena Internet Ltd, the
vertical market specialist for the UK and Continental Europe.

"Arena Internet's mission is to create, animate and leverage vertical
business-to-business communities. All our communities are exclusively
dedicated to professionals, including buyers, suppliers and manufacturers.
Arena Internet's purpose is to help industry experts to share knowledge,
advice and personal experiences on all issues affecting their every day




"Inomics is a new Internet service especially tailored to the needs of
economists. At this site you can find job openings for economists,
conference announcements, a human-edited directory as well as a search
engine for economic information."




India's Instrumentation portal.


International Association for Sports Information: IASI


An authority in the field of sports information and documentation.


International Centre for Island Studies


Lots of links to related sites.


International Conference on eCommerce Engineering: ICECE'2001


International Conference on eCommerce Engineering, 16-18 September, 2001,
Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710049, China.


International Conference on Engineering Education 2002: ICEE 2002


Manchester 18-22 August 2002.


International Institute of Applied Aesthetics: IIAA


The Institute organises research and educational projects, seminars,
internet projects, exhibitions and other events. New online services include
a discussion forum and introductions to various culture's or region's
aesthetics. Publications of the Institute include books in applied
aesthetics and the IO Internet Magazine.


International Society for Engineering Education: IGIP


IGIP: was founded in 1972 in Klagenfurt / Austria, has members in 72
countries, and enjoys consultative status with UNESCO and UNIDO.


Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law


A new version is available.




Intrallect's tools enable more efficient delivery of e-Learning.

Intrallect Ltd is a new spin-out from the University of Edinburgh.
Intrallect will provide the next generation of software for efficient
delivery of e-Learning.


ISI eSource


"Using the ISI eSource(SM) databases, you can access key scholarly
literature in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities from around the
world. Using our unique navigational features, you will be able to link
seamlessly between articles allowing you to review all papers associated
with your area of interest.

ISI eSource record views are purchased in bundles of ten."




Jobs.NET provides cost-effective online recruitment solutions for employers




Commercial site. Advanced factory automation products including sensors,
vision systems and measuring instruments.




A South African virtual learning community.




The directory currently has links to over 500 translation dictionaries and


Little Octopus


"The dynamic site functions to support science education through the
performing arts.

The timing couldn't be more perfect with the impending launch of Science
Year across the UK. The government declared that the coming school year will
be Science Year and will aim to "raise awareness of science [for] young
people between ten and nineteen." LittleOctopus.com is at the heart of
making this happen.

LittleOctopus.com employs a team of highly skilled writers, teachers and
editors to combine education with entertainment producing a learning system
that is educational, entertaining and effective. The system can be used at
home, in clubs and at school. It can be used by individuals, but it is most
effective when used by a group of students and an audience."




I read about this new product in a magazine. OK, so this is a commercial
site, but malaria is such a killer disease that any product which works is
of enormous potential benefit.

"Mega-catch mosquito traps are designed to maximise dispersion of these
attractants, luring females to their destruction in the mosquito trap -
reducing the population by breaking the breeding cycle. Mega-catch mosquito
traps have outperformed other brands in independant field trials held in
Asia and the South Pacific regions."


National Measurement Partnership: NMP


The National Measurement Partnership programme is an initiative of the
Department of Trade and Industry with the aim of developing the
organisational infrastructure of the UK's National Measurement System.


New Media and the Humanities: Resaerch and Applications


Edited by Domenico Fiormonte and Jonathan Usher. 2001, Humanities Computing
Unit, University of Oxford.

This is the latest publication from the Humanities Computing Unit.


Online advertising is effective for branding


A report from NUA.


Online Calculators, Conversion Tools, Measurements & Weights


Links to various tools, etc.




This site publishes and sells downloadable eContent in several languages.




The PROCHART project, which is EPSRC funded, has been established to
generate theory and knowledge to accelerate beneficial change in planning,
scheduling and control (PSC) across manufacturing sectors. Central to the
research is the view that planning, scheduling and control processes must be
designed and managed in an integrated fashion, explicitly acknowledging the
human, social and organisational factors that underpin technical solutions.


Project Based Learning in Engineering: PBLE


"This project aims to enhance engineering education by promoting and
facilitating the use of Project Based Learning (PBL), thereby improving
students' key transferable skills and their grasp of the subject content.
The key skills developed through PBL will produce more employable graduates,
ready and confident to begin their professional careers. The project will
employ evaluation as means of achieving it aims and objectives...."


RLG DigiNews


Latest issue.




"fast and easy ordering on over one million titles available up to 250,000
titles available sameday"




The software division of Sage Publications. This company distributes a range
of software tools for academic and professional researchers.


Scottish Coastal Forum


"At the national level, the Scottish Coastal Forum was set up to provide a
focus for coastal issues, and to advise Government. I am aware that it is
working to develop a national strategy for our coasts and inshore waters and
this work will play an important part as the Scottish Executive develops its
policy in relation to the coast."


Scout Portal Toolkit


"The Scout Portal Toolkit allows organizations that want to share the
collection of knowledge and resources they have assembled via the World Wide
Web to do so without making a substantial investment in technical resources
or expertise. The three facets of the Toolkit that work together to achieve
this goal are the Portal Interface, the Intelligent Metadata Tool, and the
Portal Toolkit packaging itself."


Solvent Central


"...the premier solvent selection website based on Expert Referral
Technology(tm). This patent pending methodology provides you with a
prioritized list of unbiased solvent suggestions for your specific
industrial application."




"Not sure if the free software you are about to download is in fact a so
called Spyware, or adware or otherwise advertising enhanced product that
installs additional third party components on your system?

We currently index almost a thousand software titles, providing the most
complete online database of this kind."


Structural Geology on the Web


New address for a resource first mentioned in issue 31 of this newsletter.


Taylor & Francis eBookstore


Sells electronic versions of the publisher's biggest titles.

" For two centuries Taylor & Francis has been fully committed to the
publication of scholarly information of the highest quality, and today this
remains the primary goal. Our renowned book publishing programme encompasses
the imprints Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Europa Publications, Garland,
RoutledgeFalmer, Spon Press, Psychology Press and Brunner-Routledge. Here at
our eBookstore, you'll find a selection of titles from these leading
imprints in electronic format."




Helpful information for teachers, including over 150,000 reviewed web sites.


the global site


This is a 'critical gateway to world politics, society and culture'.


The Perl Journal (ejournal)


"TPJ is the only magazine devoted to Perl, featuring in-depth articles from
Perl experts. TPJ online offers full text articles dedicated to the Perl
script development community, source code from every issue, and an extensive
back issue archive."




Exhibitions, trade shows, and expos.




"UNITE, the UK's leading specialist provider of accommodation services for
students and NHS key workers"


University Guide


EducationGuardian.co.uk's interactive guide to universities and colleges
covers some 60,000 vital statistics on 150 higher education institutions.


usit campus


Student and young travel specialists.


Vinyl By Design (e-journal)


Online resource for building professionals.




A Web-based Distance Learning provider, specialising in IT Skills for


Wachowicz's Web World


The Web site contains categorized and briefly annotated links, over 1,000
PowerPoint slides, interactive quizzes, and more, and are grouped to
correspond with the major topic headings in Fundamentals of Financial
Management (with Prentice Hall Finance Center CD-ROM), 11th ed.,
Prentice-Hall (2001) by James Van Horne and John Wachowicz..


Where to do Research


"WheretodoResearch.com is the official site for Research Unlimited, the
research consultancy of Saguee Saraf. With nearly 100 subject areas and over
6,000 external links, it is increasingly becoming a popular reference site,
partly due to it's easy to use format."


**** IPR-Helpdesk Pilot Project News Release ****

The IPR-Helpdesk was established as a pilot project by the European
Commission in September 1998.

The primary task of the project since that time has been to support current
and potential Research and Technological Development contractors involved in
EU-supported research projects with matters related to Intellectual Property
Rights   IPR.

The IPR-Helpdesk uses primarily two support tools to achieve these
  An informative website www.ipr-helpdesk.org containing more than 10,000
pages of multilingual information on Intellectual Property Rights issues and

  A free-of-charge legal Helpline [log in to unmask] directed towards
participants in EU-funded research under the 4 th & 5 th Framework

The website was visited on average during the project by one thousand
persons each day who spent approximately 15 minutes per session viewing
information. The Helpline provided personal support to callers dealing with
questions ranging from general IP issues to writing and understanding
consortium agreements. The majority of Helpline users are now able to find
the information they require from the extensive guides, briefing papers and
tutorials that are availab le from the website in English, French and
German, with a significant number of items also in Italian and Spanish,
including the esp@cenet tutorial.

The current IPR-Helpdesk pilot project ends on 31 st August 2001.

The lessons learnt from the pilot project are being incorporated by the
European Commission into the next phase of the IPR-Helpdesk project.

For more information contact:
Alexander Weir
Communications and Public Relations Manager
51   53 rue de Merl
e-mail: [log in to unmask]

**** Community of Science Partners with Newcastle University to Offer New
World Class Research Funding Information Service ****

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Community of Science, Inc. (COS),
a leading Web site for researchers and research institutions worldwide,
announced today the formation of a new partnership to provide UK
universities with access to the largest, most comprehensive research funding
service available anywhere in the world. The new service, to be named
COS-REFUND, will feature online access to both COS Funding Opportunities,
the largest international research funding database on the Web, and REFUND,
Newcastle's research and grants web news service for UK universities.

COS-REFUND will enable UK researchers and their institutions to build up and
diversify their portfolio of research grants and contracts through online
access to more than 21,500 records of current research grants and awards
from international public and private sources with a cumulative value of
over $35,000,000,000 ($35 billion!). The service will be delivered via a
sophisticated online format for searching and tracking results, and will be
backed by exceptional customer service and support. The REFUND service will
continue to provide COS-REFUND customers with valuable information on the
background to major research programmes in the UK and Europe, as well as the
familiar REFUND Web Newsletter.

"Combining the resources of REFUND and COS means that UK research
institutions now have a competitive edge in the search for funding," said
Richard Tomlin, managing director with COS, and REFUND's original creator.
"UK researchers will in future be able to locate grants open to them from
corporations, government agencies and philanthropic foundations throughout
the world including the USA, whose existence is largely unknown in the UK.
This partnership opens up entirely new horizons in the increasingly
competitive quest for research funding," he continued.

COS-REFUND will be available to universities from August 1, 2001. Before
then COS will be contacting existing REFUND customers about the new
subscription arrangements.

Richard Tomlin
+44 (0)1661 854757
[log in to unmask]

Susan Fallon
+1 410 563 2378 x251
[log in to unmask]

**** BioMed Central Embraces the Open Archives Initiative (10th August) ****

BioMed Central http://www.biomedcentral.com/ has now implemented support for
the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) by providing its metadata (a description
of the information within an archive, eg title, authors and abstract of a
research article) in standard Dublin Core format XML. This allows any OAI
compliant service provider to list BioMed Central content.

The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) is developing uniform standards to allow
academic holdings of all kinds to be accessed with ease. The OAI gives
technical recommendations for archives that, when implemented, will allow
archive metadata to become available via its inclusion in search engines and
recommendation services.

The BioMed Central metadata is already being used by a variety of projects
such as Cornell University's 'SITE for Science' (part of the NSF National
Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital

The support of the OAI is consistent with our policy of promoting wider
indexing of BioMed Central's journals. Articles from BioMed Central online
journals are already indexed in PubMed and Scirus and are archived at PubMed
Central. The British Library has also agreed to archive research from BioMed
Central as soon as it has put the necessary technical infrastructure in

In the near future, we also plan to release an update to the BioMed Central
OAI repository, that will offer a richer choice of metadata formats, and
compliance with the recently finalised version 1.1 of the OAI Metadata
Harvesting Protocol.

For further information on BioMed Central's support for the OAI visit:

For further information on the Open Archives Initiative visit:

**** JISC publishes three important new documents ****

The JISC has just published three new documents. These are the Collections
Development Policy, the draft 3-year Collection Strategy and the Final
Report from the JCEI (JISC Committee for Electronic Information) Charging
Working Group.

Full details are available at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/dner/news/

BIDS News Bulletins

BIDS is a UK provider of networked information services for higher education
and research.

The following is taken from a message sent to [log in to unmask] on
10th August, by Terry Morrow.

Changes to BIDS Service Selection Page 3rd September 2001

As many of you will know, the ingenta service was relaunched in May this
year. The ingenta full text articles service and the UnCover resource
discovery database service were brought together, along with access to the
Medline service. You will probably also be aware that shortly after the
ingenta release it became clear that there were some performance issues
affecting the usability of the service. As a result, the changes to the BIDS
service selection page that were originally planned to be released at the
same time, were postponed until these problems had been solved.

I am pleased to say that the ingenta.com performance problems have now been
addressed, and as a result we can implement the changes first announced in
May. From Monday 3rd September, the service selection page that BIDS users
see after login will change slightly:

* Under the 'General' banner, the 'ingentaJournals' and 'Uncover@ingenta'
links will be replaced by a single link labelled 'ingenta services
(including MEDLINE)'. This link will take users to the www.ingenta.com
homepage where they can search directly or login using either their Athens
or (if they have registered with ingenta) their ingenta username and
password. The ingenta homepage has options for searching for ingenta full
text articles, the UnCover plus database, or Medline. Please note that if
you wish to make full use of the personalisation features within
ingenta.com, you will need to use either your Athens or ingenta personal

* Under the 'Medicine and Health' heading, the Medline link will be removed.

* Finally, the 'Customised Features' section will be removed (as these now
form part of the ingenta.com site). If you have any queries, please don't
hesitate to contact our Help Desk [log in to unmask] .



A week-by-week listing of new information resources on the NISS (National
Information Services and Systems) Information Gateway selected by experts in
the subject area is available at:



BUBL has retained a strong library element, but now provides a subject-based
service to the academic and research community more generally, this via the
BUBL LINK Subject Tree. The latest news from BUBL is available at:


The latest updates to the BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources
are available at:



The latest Additions to EEVL, The Hub for Engineering, Mathematics and
Computing, are available at:



The latest additions to SOSIG (Social Science Information Gateway) are
available at:



EDINA Newsline
The latest issue of Edina (Edinburgh Data & INformation Access) Newsline can
be found at:



CHEST aims to obtain quality commercial software, datasets, training
materials and other IT products for the Education and Research Community at
low prices and attractive licence terms. The latest news from CHEST is
available at:



MIMAS is a JISC-supported national data centre run by Manchester Computing,
at the University of Manchester, to provide the following range of services
to the academic community:

Flexible on-line access to strategic research and teaching datasets.
Access to key bibliographic information.
Access to specialist support and training.
Access to software packages and large-scale computing resources.

The latest news from MIMAS can be found at:



New on RUDI
RUDI (Resource for Urban Design Information) is a multimedia information
resource for research and teaching in the field of urban design in the
Western cultural context. The latest news from RUDI can be found at:



BIOME is a collection of gateways which provide access to evaluated, quality
Internet resources in the health and life sciences, aimed at students,
researchers, academics and practitioners. The latest news from BIOME can be
found at:



Netskills: News
Netskills aims to help the UK HE community make effective use of the
Internet for teaching, research and administration. The latest news from
Netskills can be found at:



What's new on Eldis
Electronic Development and Environment Information System. A gateway to
information sources on development or the environment. What's new on Eldis
can be found at:



What's New on Biz/ed
Biz/ed is a dedicated business and economics information gateway for
students, teachers and lecturers.



AHDS Newsletter
The latest issue of the AHDS (Arts and Humanities Data Service) Newsletter
can be found at:



JISCmail News

JSICmail provides electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education



UK Data Archive news
The UK Data Archive at the University of Essex houses the largest collection
of accessible computer-readable data in the social sciences and humanities
in the United Kingdom. It is a national resource centre, disseminating data
throughout the United Kingdom and, by arrangement with other national
archives, internationally.


Chemical Data Service (CDS)
CDS provides on-line access to a variety of quality databases in the field
of Chemistry, plus support, training and advice. This is available (free of
charge) to academics at UK Universities.


Academic Info
Your gateway to quality educational resources. Academic Info is an annotated
subject directory tailored toward a college and university audience and is
used by students, librarians, and researchers.




The Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) is a managed environment
for accessing quality assured information resources on the Internet which
are available from many sources.


The Mantex Information Design web site has reviews of some of the books
mentioned in previous issues of the Internet Resources Newsletter.

Recent Arrivals

There are no new Internet books this month.

A complete list of new books added to Heriot-Watt University Library is
available from the Library News page.


A guide to finding quality information on the internet: selection and
evaluation strategies
2nd edition
Author: Alison Cooke
Publisher: Library Association Publishing
ISBN: 1-85604-379-7

The first edition of this guide was based upon the results of doctoral
research carried out between October 1994 and July 1998. It was written in
response to the explosion of information on the internet, much of which,
when retrieved, was often found to be useless, outdated or inaccurate. The
guide was designed as a comprehensive manual to enable users to effectively
locate high-quality information, sift through the information sources
located and assess their quality. In the revised edition chapters 3 and 4
remain based largely upon the results of this research but new sections have
been added on using search facilities to find quality information, web
citations, the "invisible web", and using checklists and rating schemes to
evaluate information sources.

The guide is divided into 5 chapters. The first chapter provides an
introduction to the guide and explains its purpose and format. It suggests
the range of users who would find the guide useful. Cooke considers it
appropriate for both the newcomer and the experienced user. Suitable
starting points in the guide are suggested for different users.

In chapter 2 the ever-increasing array of tools and facilities available for
searching the internet are discussed, focusing on how to find high quality
information. It explains how they work, how to narrow searches and the
advantages and disadvantages of the different tools and facilities.

Following on, chapter 3 explains how to evaluate the quality of an internet
resource once it has been located. It suggests and discusses the criteria
that can be used as a benchmark. Cooke explains that as many as possible of
the available criteria are described so that the reader can select those
that are relevant to his/her own needs and the source that he/she is

Chapter 4 looks at the types of sources available on the internet such as
organisational sites, full-text documents, databases, etc. It defines the
source type and discusses the various factors that might be considered in
assessing the value of the source.

The final chapter discusses the guidelines and checklists already in
existence or under development. It gives examples of checklists and rating
tools, kitemarks and seals of approval and metadata. The pros and cons of
each are discussed.

This guide is excellent. It is well organised, written succinctly and
provides essential information for locating and assessing information on the
internet. It is well illustrated with useful examples and provides
checklists summarising the criteria to evaluate information resources. The
checklists allow the guide to be easily referred to whilst evaluating a
resource. It is definitely an essential guide for the experienced and
inexperienced user, but not for the complete beginner with little search

Catherine Ure

Last Man Standing


Online cricket challenge



Darren Gough's Official Website


Cricket organiser for windows


Thatscricket - Women's cricket


Sport England


Sport England is the brand name of the English Sports Council



Wisden.com, the website from the biggest name in cricket publishing, is now
in hibernation while we concentrate on completing our brand-new site, which
will appear again shortly.

Women's cricket


Camping basics


End of Issue 84

Distributed through Cyber-Society-Live [CSL]: CSL is a moderated discussion
list made up of people who are interested in the interdisciplinary academic
study of Cyber Society in all its manifestations.To join the list please visit:

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