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New LEO documents at the National Archive for the History of Com


Jon Agar <[log in to unmask]>


Jon Agar <[log in to unmask]>


Fri, 15 Dec 2000 13:34:21 BST





text/plain (738 lines)

The National Archive for the History of Computing (NAHC) has recently
expanded its collection relating to LEO Computers, including a large
donation of documents by Peter Bird. A full listing can be found
below, as well as via the NAHC website:



Dr Jon Agar



Collaborations between J. Lyons & Company, a British catering company
with strong interests in new office management techniques, and
Cambridge University led to the production of a series of important
computers, called LEO - Lyons Electronic Office. LEO, operational in
1951, ran 'the world's first regular routine office computer job'. LEO
Computers Ltd was formed in 1954 with Anthony Salmon, J.R.M. Simmons
and T.R. Thompson as Directors. The company installed LEO computers in
many British offices, including Ford Motor Company and the 'clerical
factory' of the Ministry of Pensions at Newcastle. LEO Computers Ltd
merged with the computer interests of English Electric in 1963 to form
English Electric LEO. Subsequent mergers eventually found LEO
incorporated into ICL in 1968.

Peter Bird, LEO, the First Business Computer, Hasler, 1994
David Caminer, John Aris, Peter Hermon and Frank Land, The World's
First Business Computer: User-Driven Innovation, London: McGraw-Hill,
1996 John Hendry, 'The teashop computer manufacturer: J. Lyons, LEO
and the potential and limits of high-tech diversification', Business
History (1987) 29, pp73-102

Other collections:
J.R.M. Simmons' papers are held at the Modern Records Centre, Warwick
University, listing in NAHC

John Pinkerton (C1-C13, and C52-97), John Aris, Peter Byford, Gordon
Foulger, A.L. Jacobs, G. Parry, Phil Andrews, Ann Sayce, Gordon
Foulgar, Mike Hancock, and Peter Bird (A9, B1-B17, C98-C195). Much of
the collection was made available through the generous assistance of
the Leo Computers Society, whose website is here.

NAHC/LEO/A  Historical

A1 Diary by John Aris of a visit to the USA with John and Muriel
Simmons and A.K.  "George" Robey of J. Lyons, 1963

A2 Contributions submitted for the book User-Driven Innovation but not
used in it, various  authors, 1990s

A3 "Summary of visits made by D.T. Caminer and J.M.M. Pinkerton during
visit to USA",  March/April 1958

A4 "LEO chronicle, supplement 1955-1961", includes letter to John
(Simmons?) from  "Tommy" (T.R. Thompson?),  1975

A5 Peter Bird, "LEO - the pride of Lyons", British Journal of
Administrative Management,  1990-1991

A6 File, containing British Journal of Administrative Management 75th
Anniversary Issue  (includes O&M and Simmons) November 1991, "Simmons,
the visionary", British  Journal of Administrative Management April
1991, and "Conversation: J.M.M.  Pinkerton", Annals of the History of
Computing 5(1), January 1983

A7 "LEO Computers", a draft historical account based on interviews
with Salmon,  Simmons and Stevens and published work, by D.J.
Richardson, 1974

A8 "LEO Chronicle", a listing of important events 1947-1961

A9 Correspondence between Peter Bird and various LEO people and LEO
users, collected  in preparation of LEO: The First Business Computer:
Leo Fantl, B.V.J. Healey, John  Hall, T. Carroll, Peter Roddam, A.M.
Morgan, Peter Dick, R.S. Logan (Ravenscraig  steel), Ing. Josef
Prerost and Jiri Petru (Nova Hut, Czechoslovakia), H.I.A. Archibald
(British Steel, Teesside), Robert Bender (Tubemakers, Australia),
Michael Miller  (British Telecom, re T.H. Flowers, includes copy of
Flowers' paper on history electronic  switching and exchanges), A.J.
Smith (British Telecom), Malcolm O'Neill (British  Telecom), Peter
Lain (Shell, Australia), Bryan Clark (Shell UK), E.J. Ferrier (rayon),
 Ministry of Defence (re computers at the four dockyards; Rosyth,
Portsmouth,  Devonport, Chatham), M.J. Wood (Meteorological Office.
Includes article by Mavis  Hinds on history of Met Office
computerisation), Colin Boast (DHSS, Newcastle),  Customs & Excise, W.
Mack (Royal Bank of Scotland), F. Hardy and Peter Murton  (Colonial
Mutual), Allan Thompson (Renold), H.A. Gracie (Coventry Gauge), M.A.
Clversley (Wayne Kerr), Ilford Ltd, Smiths Industries, Ford Motor
Company Ltd, David  Sadler (ICL), A. Clark (Sun Alliance), Sysop Ltd,
Troy Systems Ltd, Freemans Ltd,  Courtaulds, Julian Edwards (Dataflow
Corporation Ltd), Michael Pinches (ex-Ministry  of Pensions and
National Insurance), Robin Jackson (ex-British Oxygen), David  Edwards
(ex-RAF), R.S. Goble (Lucas), R.J. Harman (Kodak), Elwyn Rees (ex-W.D.
 and H.O. Wills).

NAHC/LEO/B  Correspondence

B1 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1956-1958

B2 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1958-1960

B3 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1959-1960

B4 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1960

B5 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1960-1961

B6 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1961

B7 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1961-1962

B8 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1962-1963

B9 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1963

B10 File, Company Secretary's Office correspondence, 1963-1965

B11 File, `Leo patents', 1950-1961

B12 File, `Leo patents', 1961-1991 (mostly 1961-1965)

B13 File, `LEO Computers Ltd. Finance', 1959-1963

B14 File, `International Computers Ltd.', 1965-1975
 (probably a continuation of the series B1-B10)

B15 File, `Lyons Computer Services Limited', 1970-1972

B16 File, `Lyons Computer Services Limited', 1972-1974

B17 File, `Computers - computer courses (general information)', (in
fact, mostly a proposal  from Structural Communication Systems
Limited), 1970-1972

B18 Copy of collection of Ernest Lenaerts papers. Copy was made for
Peter Bird in 1992.  Includes correspondence from Lenaerts secondment
to Cambridge during construction  of EDSAC, 1940s-1960s

B19 Copies of important and miscellaneous correspondence, collected by
Peter Bird.  Includes: correspondence leading to merger with English
Electric, first suggestion to  name the computer project LEO (1949),
visit by Lord Halsbury (1950), memorandum  from Simmons to Major
Montague Gluckstein re demonstration of "calculator" (1951),  report
by Thompson to Gluckstein (1952), future policy for LEO (1953), LEO
Report  on budget and profits (1955), agreement between Lyons and
Imperial Tobacco  Company for LEO (1956), John Pinkerton's job
application letter (1948), closing down  of LEO I and offer to the
Science Museum, Lyons office mechanisation in the 1920s,  and much
else. 1920s-1990s

NAHC/LEO/C  Reports, Working Papers, etc

Note: many of the files donated by John Pinkerton contain

C1 File, Programming general. From 1950 to 1960, including LEO I and

C2 File, Programming general. From May 1960 to December 1961, LEO III

C3 File, Programming. From January 1962

C4 File, Programming (CLEO). From February 1961 to June 1962

C5 File, CLEO. From July 1962

C6 File, LEO III programming. From September 1963 to July 1964

C7 File, Programming. February 1965 to August 1968. Includes  RRE
Memorandum,  'Networks for real time programming', by C.S.E. Phillips,
April 1966

C8 File, Microprogramming. From January 1960 to September 1962

C9 File, Microprogramming. From October 1962

C10 File, Microprogramming for LEO III/F. From 1962 to 1964

C11 File, Microprogramming. Part IV. July 1970 to 1980

C12 File, Storage Part I. 1965-1969

C13 File, Storage Part II. 1969-1977

C14 "LEO III users' manual. Volume I. Computer facilities', June 1963

C15 "LEO III users' manual. Volume II. The CLEO programming system',
November 1963

C16 "LEO III users' manual. Volume III. Intercode specification and
intercode translater',  September 1961

C17 "LEO III users' manual. Volume III. Intercode specification and
intercode translater',  from Peter Byford, April 1963

C18 File containing LEO III programming course notes, handwritten and
printed, from Peter  Byford, 1961

C19 File, LEO III programming course additions and handwritten notes,
from Peter Byford,  1961

C20 "LEO management manual", 1961

C21 "LEO Computers Ltd. January 1961. Training course for programmers
and operators",  syllabus. Also includes a LEO coding sheet, and
photocopies of circuit diagrams, 1961

C22 "LEO III training courses", from Gordon Foulger, 1963

C23 "LEO. Courtaulds Limited: stock register specification", draft,
from Peter Byford,  undated

C24 "LEO Computers Ltd. Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd. Sales procedures. Job
plan volume 3",  from A.L. Jacobs, July 1958

C25 "LEO Computers Ltd. E58 Greenwich Metropolitan Borough Council.
Specification for  payroll", from A.L. Jacobs, January 1958. Also
includes: "Programme for visit of  Metropolitan Mayors and press", 23
July 1958, and "Quis" (2 copies), undated

C26 "LEO Computers Ltd. Scottish Gas Board. Credit billing. Outline
job plan", from A.L.  Jacobs, February 1959

C27 File containing various LEO II manuals, etc. Including "LEO II
schedule of registers,  order code and order times", 1958, "Magnetic
tape arrangements on LEO II", 1958,  "LEO II control desk", and "LEO I
synthesis orders", from A.L. Jabobs, 1958-1959

C28 "Office management manual", from J.M.M. Pinkerton, June 1946. Also
includes:  "Clerical organisation", January 1951, and "Clerical
Department. J. Lyons & Co",  February 1955 (a list and tree of names
and positions in firm)

C29 "LEO 326", from Phil Andrews, includes action times and circuit
diagrams, 1960s

C30 "LEO 326", from Phil Andrews, includes action times and circuit
diagrams, 1960s

C31 File, collection of papers from Gordon Foulgar re GPO telephone
billing using a LEO  computer. Includes: some correspndence, LEO III
computer code summary, EELM  particulars of employment, billing
punched cards, LEO computers staff handbook  (1962), intercode data
vet program for first stage of telephone billing, and notebook,

C32 Papers concerning Shell-Mex and BP's computer evaluation in 1960,
from Mike  Hancock, 1960

C33 Papers concerning the Royal Navy Dockyards computers (with
Autolector), includes  many examples work cards and forms

C34 Note, "Form and layout of computer code instructions and table
entries in the store", for  LEO III, 1960s

C35 "Working with the computer", by D.G. Blagbrough (Deputy Chief
Accountant South  Western Gas Board), about use of LEO III, 1965

C36 "LEO Computers Ltd. LEO III conversion course. No 2", 1962

C37 File of brochures: "LEO: a computer in the service of the steel
industry. Stewarts and  Lloyds Ltd, Corby, Northants", "EELM. Myriad.
A micro-integrated computer", "LEO  III data processing system",
"Openings in LEO Computers Ltd", also: map of Hartree  House Second
Floor, 1960s

C38 Scrapbook made from issue of The Manager, February 1954, includes
many news  clippings re LEO, 1954-1965

C39 File of brochures: "LEO", "EELM. CLEO automatic programming
language",  "Openings in LEO Computers limited", "A few facts about
LEO III", "EELM.  Computer Bureau Service. Stockbrokers' accounting",

C40 "English Electric visit to LEO", 1963

C41 File, includes: two Handbooks for staff of LEO Computers Ltd (1959
and 1962),  brochure about pension fund, brochure about the Lyons Club
(sports), LEO Automatic  Office brochures (`Output printers' and
`Auxiliary storage'), leaflet `KDF 9 and sales  accounting: an English
Electric LEO demonstration', brochure `LEO family: data  processing
systems'. Reprint from Data Processing on LEO 326 and LEO 360 (1964),
two brochures on LEO III: `The LEO III magnetic tape system' and `The
operational  control of LEO III. The Control Desk', 1960s

C42 "ICT. Field engineering manual. Samastronic independent print head
for LEO  computer. Maintenance information', 1960s

C43 "LEO II programming course", June 1961

C44 "LEO III advanced programming course No 7", from Peter Byford,

C45 Various LEO III coding sheets, some filled in. Also some
hand-drawn programming  flow diagrams, originally in large unmarked
orange folder, 1960s

C46 Program print-out, "31314 Am 19916 -> 19917", from Peter Byford,

C47 "Intercode programmer's training manual" for LEO III, from
Jennifer Williams nee  Webster, 1966

C48 "LEO III. Engineer's fault records", 1969

C49 "LEO III Engineers course", 1969

C50 LEO engineering drawings of circuits, etc, 1960s

C51 Collection of large (larger than A3 size) engineering drawings of
LEO III computer  design, 1960s

C52 Loose-leaf book, "Office management manual. Comptroller's
department", from J.M.M.  Pinkerton, 1960s

C53 `LEO III. Schedule of operators' controls and indicators', March

C54 `LEO III. Schedule of operators' controls and indicators', April

C55 `LEO III. Schedule of operators' controls and indicators', April

C56 `LEO consultants course', 1962

C57 `Staffing a LEO III computer installation', 1961

C58 `Computer development arithmetic and control units and order
code', with some  handwritten notes, 1959

C59 `LEO computers', prepared by S.H. Benson Ltd's Marketing
Department, November  1959

C60 `The LEOmatic office', 1950s?

C61 `Outline description of LEO III computers', September 1959

C62 `Introducing LEO III', undated

C63 `Introducing LEO III', undated (but later than C62)

C64 `LEO III user's manual. Software release notice no. 6', amendments
to LEO user's  manual, 1969

C65 `LEO III master routine. Draft specification', 1961

C66 `LEO facilities manual', 1961

C67 `Data receipt and despatch', 1962

C68 `LSP 22. Systems specifications', for LEO III, 1960s

C69 File, `LEO II. Policy and general', 1955-1960

C70 File, `LEO II. Technical general', 1952-1960

C71 File, `Store (LEO II)', 1952-1963

C72 File, `Re: lecture to Bedford BCS on 5th October 1971', 1971

C73 File, `Reprints', 1954-1960

C74 File, `LEO film', 1957-1961

C75 File, `C.D. Pilot Computer', early LEO III, 1958-1960

C76 File, `G1 Policy', early LEO III, 1958-1962

C77 File, `Policy (LEO III)', 1962-1965

C78 File, `G11. Store access unit', 1959-1961

C79 File, `F4. Arithmetic unit', 1958-1960

C80 File, `F4. Arithmetic unit', 1961-1965

C81 File, `G5. Racks and cabinets', 1958-1963

C82 File, `LEO 300', 1963

C83 File, `F2. LEO III/F', 1961-1965

C84 File, information about LEO III operating system developed in
South Africa by LEO  Computer Bureau, 1960s

C85 File, `F3. LEO/IV', 1961-1963

C86 File, `KLX. Part I', on Project X, 1962-1963

C87 File, `Project X. Part II', 1963

C88 File, `KLX system design', 1964

C89 File, `KLX general', 1964

C90 File, `KLX programming file', 1964

C91 File, `Project D 90', 1963-1964

C92 File, `Character and word organised machines', 1963

C93 File, `Future systems', about a possible System 5, 1966

C94 File, `Summary of visits made by D.T. Caminer and J.M.M. Pinkerton
during visit to  USA. March/April 1958', 1958

C95 File, `American diary', 1963-1964

C96 EEL, "Report and recommendations following visit to RCA.
November/December  1964", 1964

C97 File, `GPO', 1956-1968

C98 File, `L.4. Tea blending control. Job requirements', 1956

C99 Booklet, `ARDOC. A plain language guide', by Richard Harris (ARDOC
- Alpine  Refrigerated Deliveries Operations Control', 1965

C100 `Lyons bakeries and staff payroll. Reprint of job specification',

C101 `Standard sales ledger. Computer job plan. Specimens', undated

C102 `LEO Computers Ltd. Kodak Limited - Payroll. Job requirements
statement', 1956

C103 `Standard purchase accounting system. Feasibility report',

C104 `Computer job plan. Henry Telfer Ltd. Sales statistics', 1968

C105 `LEO III. Bakery rounds records', 1963

C106 `LEO III', undated (1960s)

C107 `Schedule of operators controls and indicators', 1962

C108 `Main index - volume 2', LEO II Technical Manual, 1960

C109 `L14. Lyons teashops payroll. Job plan', 1958

C110 `LEO III. Schedule of operators' controls and indicators', 1961

C111 `Wages office. LEO payroll othodox procedure', undated

C112 `LEO II Technical Manual. Main index - volume 4', 1957

C113 Untitled. Arithmetic using LEO II, 1958

C114 `LEO job plan. Caterers' tea. Invoice, sales ledgers and sales
statistics', 1959

C115 `L2 teashops orders. Job specification', undated

C116 `L4 tea blending control. Job specification', undated

C117 `L5 A&D. Job specification', undated

C118 `L5 wholesale bakery invoicing and sales statistics. Data and
results specimens. Volume  II. L5B and L5C programmes', undated

C119 `L2 teashops orders. Job specification', undated

C120 `J. Lyons and Vo. Ltd. Teashops payroll. L14Y end of year
programme', undated

C121 `L14 Lyons teashops payroll. Job plan', 1958

C122 `L5 A&D. Data and results specimens', 1958

C123 `L5 A&D. Job specification', undated

C124 `L14 J. Lyons & Company Ltd. Teashops. Payroll specification',

C125 `LEO II Technical Manual. Main index - volume 3', 1960

C126 `English Electric-LEO Ltd. Specification of the LEO/Parnall
document reader', 1963

C127 `EELM. LEO. On-line controllers manual', (LEO III), undated

C128 `EELM. LEO III. Users manual. Volume 2: CLEO programming system',

C129 `LEO I. Diagrams', block circuit diagrams in file, undated

C130 `The layman's guide to LEO', undated (1950s)

C131 `L4 tea blending control emergency system' (photocopy), 1955

C132 `L4. Tea blending' (photocopy), 1954

C133 `L1 payroll. Job specification' (photocopy, with original
diagram), undated (1950s)

C134 Photocopies of reports of visits to the United States. 1)
`Extract from the business diary  of the American trip', 1925 (office
machinery). 2) Report of Thompson and Barnes,  1955

C135 `Report on a visit by Mr Booth and others to Cambridge, 11.11.47'
(photocopy), on  EDSAC, 1947

C136 `Development of the electronic calculating machine' (photocopy),
second report on  Cambridge EDSAC, 1949

C137 Collection of photocopies relating to Daniel Broido, a LEO
salesman and Export  Manager Eastern Europe in the 1950s-1970s.
Briodo's parents were exiled by Lenin  from Russia and escaped German
anti-semitism in the 1930s by moving to the UK.  Briodo developed an
atomatic optical mark sensing machine.

C138 `Introduction to coding' (LEO III?), undated

C139 `EELM. Computer installations and orders. System 4, LEO and KD
ranges', 1967

C140 `Computer survey. Volume 3 No.1', a quarterly publication listing
UK computers,  photocopy, 1964

C141 `EE-LEO Ltd Tender....A LEO III automatic office to the
Department of Inland  Revenue', 1963

C142 `LEO 326 and LEO 360 specifications' (photocopy), 1964

C143 Memorandum, `Electronic machines in the office', from Simmons.
Covering note for  report by Thompson and Standingford on their trip
to the USA. `We believe that they  have been able to get a glimpse of
a development which will, in a few years' time, have  a profound
effect on the way that clerical work (at least) is performed...'.
Urges a Lyons  initiative. An important document in computer history.
20 October 1947

C144 `Computer survey. Volume 2 No.4', a quarterly publication listing
UK computers,  photocopy, 1964

C145 `Electronic Computer Exhibition', photocopy of brochure, 1958

C146 `Electronic Computer Exhibition', photocopy of brochure, 1961

C147 `ICL. Computer installations and orders. System 4, LEO and KD
ranges', 1968

C148 `LEO III computer systems. Present development', Stewarts &
Lloyds, Colvilles Ltd  (Ravenscraig), photocopy, undated (1960s)

C149 `Diagrams', envelope containing loose diagrams, undated

C150 LEO document reader. Envelope containing brochures on Autolector
and Xeronic,  undated

C151 File, `Parnell Xeronic correspondence', various documents
relating to Xeronic and  Xerographics collected by Peter Bird,

C152 File, `Conversations with Pinkerton. LEO Chronicle', conversation
as published in  IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Copy of

C153 File, `LEO Converter', a decimal and sterling to binary
converter, 1951

C154 Contents of a miscellaneous box file. Includes some
corrsepondence re LEO marketing,  newspaper clippings re LEO
(1960s-1980s), blueprint of Minerva Road LEO production  facility
(Acton), correspondence between LEO and IBM (including a joing
presentation,  1970), memoranda re LEO III project, memorandum re
RCA/English Electric  information sharing agreement, technical report
on `Computer manufacturer evaluation'  by Lyons Computer Service

C155 Contents of miscellaneous box file, `LEO'. Includes: LEO
pamphlets (including  Czechoslovak LEO pamphlet with photographs),
photocopies of articles about LEO and  computer history, copy of deed
between English Electric and J. Lyons Ltd, memoranda  re LEO III
project, report from EE-LEO ComputerUsers Association, report
`Staffing a  LEO III computer instalation', copy of deeds of
corporation 1963, correspondence re  LEO at the Science Museum, copy
of Pinkerton article `Taming LEO: overcoming the  inherent
unreliability of Leo I (IEE Review, January 1991), copy of paper `The
application of electronic digital computers and calculators to
accountancy, costing and  managerial control' (summer school at
Northampton Polytechnic, London, 1955), paper  on use of LEO in
control of production at Park Gate Iron and Steel (undated, 1960s),
copy of article `LEO' (Electronic Engineering, 1954), copy of article
`A vital race for  rapid reports' (on Census of Production, reprinted
from International Business  Automation, 1964), DHSS booklet
`Newcastle Central Office (includes account of use  of computers at
the Department of Health and Social Security, 1986), three business

C156 Contents of miscellaneous box file, `LEO references'. Includes:
forms (automatically  generated) re deliveries of Lyons cakes (August
1964), `LEO installation planning  guide' (undated 1960s), memo on LEO
and Management Accounting and Planning  (1964), LEO Chronicle copy,
copy of Computer Management special issue on first  business computer
(June 1977), report `Brief details of computer hardware installed and
applications running [within J. Lyons Group's UK operations]' (1976),
family tree of  Cohen and Lyons family, various other articles, master
copies of parts of `A semi- technical description' (account of LEO).

C157 Envelope `Shell, Australia'. Photocopies of articles on LEO in
Shell's Australian  offices, from Shell Times. Also copies of
feasibility report and report of computer  selection group, both 1962.

C158 Completed Census of Production form for LEO Computers Ltd, 1958.

C159 File, papers and correspondence re Ministry of Aviation returns
on sales of electronic  capital goods, 1957-1962

C160  File, papers and correspondence re Ministry of Aviation returns
on sales of electronic  capital goods, 1962-1963

C161 File, correspondence re Lyons Computer Services Ltd, 1969-1970

C162 `ARD. Preparation procedure to provide invoicing  Tesco', undated
(1980s). The  following files from the 1980s (C162 onwards) relate to
Lyons Computer Services  Limited

C163 `Report on J.L. Catering point of sale computer installed at
Strand Corner House', by  Patricia Eden, July 1981

C164 `Cash Book. Draft system specification', November 1983

C165 `Stocktaking specification', by L. Baxby, April 1983

C166 `Lyons Brooke Bond (PVT) Limited. Computer study', by Peter Bird,
September 1979

C167 `Tax, cash flow, CCA figures. Quotation', December 1983

C168 `Sol Club Ltd. JLPL business information study. Interim report',
June 1981

C169 `Homburg file', 1976-1984

C170 `Divisional information technology study, 1989', with
presentation notes, 1989

C171 `Central information system for Embassy Hotels', 1984

C172 `Three year trends computerisation', 1983

C173 `Embassy Hotels Ltd. Hotel Piccadilly computer study', with two
revisions, 1981-1982

C174 `System specification for register of contracts', 1982

C175 `The Secretariat. A computerised company record keeping system',
undated (1990s)

C176 `The Secretariat. A computerised company record keeping system',
undated (1990s)

C177 `The Charities Administrator', 1991

C178 `New payroll system', undated (1980s?)

C179 `Customer and Supplier prints', by P. Eden, August 1982

C180 `Invitation to tender for the supply of an integrated accounting
system for Normand  Limited', by Peter Bird, March 1980

C181 `Invitation to tender. Sol Cafe Ltd and Soft Drinks Ltd',
November 1981

C182 `J.L. Private Label computer report. Hardware evaluation', 1982

C183 `Lyons Brooke Bond (PVT) Limited. Computer study', March 1984

C184 `Embassy Hotels Limited. Appraisal report on the hotel computer
systems. Supplied by ADP and OPTIM-MCS', by L. Baxby, January 1984

C185 `Evaluation of computer proposals for Embassy Hotels Limited', by
Peter Bird, January  1981

C186 `Capital projects. Normand Limited', by Peter Bird, September

C187 `Departmental petty cash/foreign travel. System specification',
by P. Eden, August 1982

C188 `Word processing report', June 1981

C189 `Review of IBM 3790 processors. Report No.1', by N.A. Beasley,
December 1981

C190 `J.L. Catering Limited. Business information study. Report No.1',
by J.F. Clissold, July  1981

C191 `Report on the acquisition of an IBM System 36 computer by
Sol-Tenco Limited',  March 1984

C192 `Tea purchases and stock recording system', 1980

C193 `J. Lyons (Ireland) Ltd. Tea purchases and stock recording
system. Report No.1', by  Peter Bird, December 1979

C194 `Hotels. Computerised stocktaking system specification', by L.
Baxby, July 1983

C195 `Lyons Computer Services Ltd. Utility Manual', 1979

NAHC/LEO/D  Publications

D1 D.T. Caminer, "...and how to avoid them", 1959?

D2 Large file, mostly of offprints of articles about LEO but also
documents about the LEO  library service, description of LEO II, list
of jobs using LEO computers, introduction to  LEO III, brochure
describing "LECTOR", advertisements and press releases, from  Frank
Land, 1953-1980s

D3 Political & Economic Planning, "The LEO Computer: a case study in
the use of an  electronic computer in routine clerical work",
reprinted from Three Case Studies in  Automation, July 1957

D4 Various news cuttings re LEO computers, 1970s and 1980s

D5 Folder, LEO press cuttings, 1980s

D6 Folder, photocopies of LEO press cuttings, 1950s

D7 Folder, photocopies of LEO press cuttings, 1950s

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