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FONETIKS  August 2017

FONETIKS August 2017


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foNETiks monthly newsletter


Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Linda Shockey <[log in to unmask]>


Sat, 19 Aug 2017 19:33:32 +0000





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  A newsletter for
  The International Phonetic Association
  and for the Phonetic Sciences

  August 2017


Linda Shockey, University of Reading, UK
Rachel Smith, University of Glasgow, UK
Radek Święciński, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Claire Timmins, University of Strathclyde, UK
Duncan Robertson, University of York, UK

E-mail address: fonetiks-request AT jiscmail.ac.uk
The foNETiks archive can be found on the WWW at: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/fonetiks.html
Twitter: @foNETiks_list

Visit the IPA web page at http://www.internationalphoneticassociation.org



  [new ones marked ##, normally with further information below]

  [date of first appearance follows]

foNETiks is now on Twitter! Follow us @foNETiks_list
The Association is pleased to announce that Illustrations of the IPA from 2001 through 2014 are now freely available from the Journal of the IPA website:


Click on "Illustrations of the IPA - free content" to see a list, or access individual Illustrations from contents of back issues. (05/17)


24-27 August 2017. 2017 Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics and Forensic Phonetics. Copenhagen, Denmark. http://germanicsocietyforensiclinguistics.org/roundtable/  (01/17)

31 August 2017. Research Methods in L2 Pronunciation Workshop. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. http://speechlab.utah.edu/workshop.php (05/17)

31 August-1 September 2017. Processing Prosody across Languages, Varieties, and Nativeness (ProPro2017). Tuebingen, Germany. http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/propro (02/17)

1-2 September 2017. Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT). Salt Lake City, USA. http://speechlab.utah.edu/PSLLT2017.php  (02/17)

10-13 September 2017. Accommodation in Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviour. Zurich, Switzerland. ufsp.spur AT gmail.com (11/16)

10-13 September 2017. Modelling the Acquisition of Foreign Language Speech, Zurich, Switzerland. Magdala AT wa.amu.edu.pl (12/16)

10-13 September 2017. Vowel Reduction and its Phonological Consequences. Zurich, Switzerland. Cormacanderson AT gmail.com (05/17)

15-17 September 2017. 5th Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP), New York University, USA. (03/17)

18-20 September 2017. Beyond VOT – Searching for Realism in Laryngeal Phonology, Poznań, Poland. http://wa.amu.edu.pl/plm/2017/ (04/17)

28-30 September 2017. Speech Rhythm in L1, L2 and Learner Varieties of English. Workshop at BICLCE2017, Vigo, Spain.https://sites.google.com/site/rflinguistics/workshops/rhythm2017 (11/16)

4-6 October 2017. Workshop on “Prosody and meaning.” Konstanz, Germany. https://typo.uni-konstanz.de/questionsInterfaces/index.php/prosody-meaning/ (05/17)

##6 October, 2017. Emptiness in Phonological Theory: a meeting of the Phonological Theory Agora, 61 Rue Pouchet, Paris,France. http://pta.cnrs.fr/ (8/17)

21-22 October 2017. 22nd National Conference of the English Phonetic Society of Japan and 3rd International Congress of Phoneticians of English (EPSJ22 and ICPE3).Fukuoka, Japan. http://www.cc.kochi-u.ac.jp/~tamasaki/EPSJ22_ICPE3_2017.htm (02/17)

9-10 November 2017. 3rd Workshop on Second Language Prosody. Bangor, Gwynedd, United Kingdom. http://slap3.bangor.ac.uk/ (05/17)

10-11 November 2017. Seoul International Conference on Speech Sciences (SICSS 2017). Seoul, Korea. http://www.sicss.or.kr/  (02/17)

16-17 November 2017. Workshop on L2 Phonetics & Phonology of L1 Romance Learners (L2PHROL). Turin, Italy.http://www.lfsag.unito.it/ricerca/L2PHROL/ (06/17)

22-24 November 2017. 7th International Conference on Experimental Phonetics (7CIFE). Madrid, Spain. http://congresos.uned.es/w13428  (02/17)

29 November 2017. Workshop on Laryngeal Features in Historical Phonology. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/symposium-on-historical-phonology/3esohph-fringe.html (07/17)

30 November-2 December 2017. 11th International Conference on Native and Non-native Accents of English (ACCENTS 2017). Łódź, Poland.  http://filolog.uni.lodz.pl/accents/ (04/17)

##12-14 January 2018. 15th Old World Conference on Phonology, University College London (UCL) http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucjtcwh/OCP15/OCP15.html

##25-27 January, 2018. Speech in the Natural Context - XIV Convegno Nazionale AISV, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. https://aisv2018.events.unibz.it/ (8/17) 

7-9 March 2018. Variable Perception and Production Correlates for Word Stress in First Language Acquisition and Child Second Language Learning. Stuttgart,Germany. http://ling.unikonstanz.de/pages/home/ag14_dgfs2018/  (07/17)

12-14 April 2018. BAAP Colloquium. Canterbury, United Kingdom. https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/baap/ (07/17)

13-16 June 2018. Speech Prosody 2018. Poznań, Poland. http://sp9.home.amu.edu.pl/index.php (07/17)

##19-22 June 2018. LabPhon 16, University of Lisboa, Portugal. http://labphon16.labphon.org/  (8/17)

2-6 July 2018. Spoken Corpora advances: prosody as the crux of speech segmentation, annotation and multilevel linguistic studies. Cape Town, South Africa. http://icl20capetown.com/images/WorkshopSummaries/31.-Spoken-Corpora-advances.pdf (07/17)

4-10 August 2019. XIXth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Melbourne, Australia. http://icphs2019.org/ (03/16)



The 15th Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP) will be held at University College London (UCL), hosted by UCL and the University of Essex.

Invited Speakers:

Martin Krämer (Tromsø)
Maria-Rosa Lloret (Barcelona)
Jennifer Smith (UNC at Chapel Hill)

Call for Papers: 

We welcome submissions on any topic in phonology. Talks will be 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for questions. There will also be a poster session. We particularly welcome submissions from students and early career researchers. Each individual may submit a maximum of one abstract as first author (or sole author), and a maximum of two abstracts in total. Abstracts will be (blindly) peer-reviewed by an international panel of reviewers.

Abstract guidelines:

Maximum 2 pages of A4 paper, including references, examples, tables, and figures. 12 pt Times New Roman font, or similar.One-inch (2.54 cm) margins on all sides.

Anonymous (please do not include author details or citations to unpublished work).

PDF format.

Abstracts not following these guidelines will be rejected without review.

Abstract submission, reviewing, and notification of acceptance will be handled using EasyChair
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ocp15). The deadlinefor abstract submission is 15 September 2017.


LabPhon16: Variation, development and impairment: Between phonetics and

Variation, development and impairment are intertwined key dimensions for our understanding of language in general, and of phonetics and phonology in particular. Variation occurs across languages and within languages, at every level of sound (and other linguistic) structures, and is arguably not random (e.g., system-related, message-related, speaker-related, climatic-related). It plays a role in sound change, it challenges the task of acquiring a language
and of language learning in general (how the relevant units are identified and their form-meaning functions established), and it poses interesting questions in drawing the lines between typical phonological development and impairments.

Invited Speakers:

Len Abbeduto (UC Davis MIND Institute)
Catherine Best (Western Sydney University)
Anne Christophe (ENS – Research University Paris)
Carlos Gussenhoven (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

Invited Discussants:

Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde)
Janet Werker (The University of British Columbia)
Paula Fikkert (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Pilar Prieto (ICREA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The call for papers will be out September 15, 2017
Deadline for abstract submission: November 15, 2017
Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2018

Questions can be addressed to labphon16 AT letras.ulisboa.pt
Updates will appear on http://labphon16.labphon.org/ and


Speech in the Natural Context - Models and Methods for the Analysis of Speech Under Real Communicative Conditions

The aim of the conference is to offer an opportunity to discuss how to integrate all the different components of the speech signal as produced under real communicative conditions, and the many dimensions of the communicative situation.

Invited Speakers:

- Khalil Iskarous, University of Southern California
- Tanja Schultz, University of Bremen

Call for Papers: 

We invite contributions that discuss the influence of real communicative conditions on the production and perception of speech, on the (re)elaboration of theories of speech communication, on the implementation of applications for situated interaction, and on the resolution of real-world problems. In this respect, dimensions of particular concern are:

- Dialogical interaction: humans speak with others to communicate linguistic meanings and influence behaviors, opinions and emotional states within the boundaries of the conversational structure
- Signal plurality: the acoustic signal is only one of many in a complex modular semiotic system aimed at transmitting information
- Dynamicity of signals: acoustic and physiological signals are organized and coordinated with each other in both time and space
- Physical environment: the communication takes place in physical settings that influence transmission quality.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the

- The phonetic dimension of spoken interaction and its effects on
- The environmental dimension of spoken interaction and its effects on communication (e.g. co-presence of speakers and visual accessibility, noise, temperature, humidity, etc.)
- The dynamical dimension of the signal (e.g. dynamic models of speech analysis, speech recognition models, etc.)
- Integration of acoustic and physiological signals in human and non-human communication for the interpretation of human and non-human communication
- Integration and interpretation of phonetic and non-phonetic signals for the profiling of the speaker
- Integration and interpretation of phonetic and non-phonetic signals for the automatic speech synthesis and recognition
- Integration of signals in the interfaces for vocal interaction.

Abstracts should be written in English or Italian, and should be restricted to 4000 characters (including spaces) and two pages in A4 format, including graphs and references. 

Find detailed instruction for submission on the conference website


Emptiness in Phonological Theory, October 6, Paris,France.

This symposium will be devoted to the many-faceted issue of emptiness. It will have two parts. 

- In the morning, a tutorial on the topic will be given by Eva Zimmermann and Sabrina Bendjaballah. 

- In the afternoon, there will be a session of “make a claim and defend it” about this topic. 

Among the theoretical questions related to emptiness are

- Does zero equal emptiness, or does the latter always concern a position? 
- Is zero a grammatical object distinct from the absence of a grammatical object?
- What is the relation between emptiness and non-specification, or other aspects of defectiveness?
- What determines whether an empty/unspecified position/object will require filling/identification, or instead may remain with no direct realization?
- Which phonological objects can be empty, and which cannot, and what are the consequences for phonological theory?
- How are empty objects learned?
- Is the contrast between an object and zero different from the contrast between two non-null objects?
- How can phonologically-driven paradigmatic gaps be modeled? 

Anonymous one-page abstracts (12p., not including references) should be submitted to pta(at)cnrs.fr before September 1. 
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by September 8.




Fixed-term Lecturer in Phonetics, Oxford University 

This is a part-time (0.67FTE/25.125 hours) position with a salary of
£31,076-£38,183 p.a. (paid pro rata for this post at £20,820-£25,582).

Please note that this post does not qualify for a Tier 2 visa – applicants will need to demonstrate the right to work in the UK. 

The Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics is seeking a fixed-term Departmental Lecturer to assume teaching and examining responsibilities for two years in the area of Phonetics and Phonology. The post is tenable from 1 October 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter, and is non-renewable. 

The post holder will be required to carry out the following duties to the satisfaction of the Faculty Board:

- To give no fewer than 24 lectures or classes on subjects in Phonetics as the Faculty Board of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics shall direct. 

- To provide 144 hours (6 hours per week, on average) of tutorials or intercollegiate classes in Phonetics at undergraduate and graduate levels. The primary need is for 4‒6 hours per week of intercollegiate classes for the 1st year (Prelims) course in Phonetics and Phonology, for students of Modern Languages and Linguistics, or Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.

- To coordinate and make administrative arrangements for teaching of the 1st year (Prelims) course in Phonetics and Phonology.

- To supervise Master’s students (for which additional payment will be given).

- To engage in study and research to underpin teaching.

- To engage in university examining if required (for which additional payment will be given).

- To co-operate in the administrative work of the Faculty in both term and vacation, under the direction of the Faculty Board.

Applications may only be submitted online, using the link provided.

Application Deadline: 24-Aug-2017 
Web Address for Applications: http://bit.ly/2uJXZLy 
Contact Information:
        Professor John Coleman 
        Email: john.coleman AT phon.ox.ac.uk


Three job offers at Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, Paris, France: 1phD and 2 postdocs

In the context of the MoSpeeDi project, funded by the FNS and run in collaboration with the University of Geneva, the HUG and IDIAP, the Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie* (LPP – CNRS/Sorbonne Nouvelle) in Paris is offering 3 positions (1 phD and 2 postdocs) starting November 2017 or later.

The general goal of the project is to better understand the processes and representations at play during speech production, focusing on the latest stages of the process where an encoded linguistic message is transformed into articulated speech. At the interface between linguistic and motor processes, these stages are also associated with different breakdowns considered as Speech Motor Disorders (dysarthria and apraxia of speech).

Articulatory, acoustic and speech behaviour data will be experimentally collected and analysed for both healthy speakers and speakers with speech motor disorders in order to (a) improve the characterization of phonetic speech planning and motor speech programming, (b) to identify phonetic and speech behavior markers of these processes, and (c) to better isolate and classify speech alterations in speech motor disorders. 
Within this Swiss-French collaborative project, the LPP is recruiting 1 doctoral student and 2 post-docs to join the team under the supervision of Cécile Fougeron (DR CNRS) and in close collaboration with Simone Falk (MC Sorbonne Nouvelle), and Leonardo Lancia (CR CNRS). See job description and application procedure below.
Contact: cecile.fougeron AT univ-paris3.fr

The Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie (LPP) is a joint CNRS and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle structure.  It is located in the center of Paris (19 rue des Bernardins, 7500 Paris). More information on http://lpp.in2p3.fr/Presentation-du-LPP


1) Postdoc in phonetics / engineering for 2 years (starting Nov 2017 or later)
The candidate will be in charge of:
-       Developing/adapting a portable experimental system for recording minimal articulatory data in  a large group of speakers (including speakers with speech disorders).
-       Contributing  to the testing the portable system against data acquired with more complex acquisition systems (EMA) and acoustic measurements
-       Preparing and conducting experiments involving perturbation conditions testing the integrity/flexibility of speech units, their variability according to their structural/motor complexity and their frequency.
-       Data processing /statistical analysis

Required skills:
Applicants should hold a PhD in Linguistics, Speech Engineering, Cognitive Sciences  or related disciplines  (equivalent diploma to be discussed)
-       Experience with articulatory data acquisition systems and multiple source synchronization
-       Advanced programming skills (required: Matlab, Python or R; C/C++ and Labview are a plus)
-       Advanced signal processing skills
-       Good knowledge of statistics and good English writing skills
Salary: 2100 to 2500 euros/month according to experience.
Please send your application as a single PDF including: (1) a statement of research interests and motivation, (2) a full CV, (3) academic transcripts, (4) list of publications/talks/presentations, and, if applicable, (5) a link to a copy of your phD thesis by October, 15, 2017  to [log in to unmask]
Please clearly indicate the position you are applying to.

2) Postdoc in phonetics for 1 year (starting Nov 2017 or later)
The candidate will be in charge of experiments focusing on the specificity of the production of speech as compared to other non-speech skilled movements. Acoustic data from speakers with different Motor Speech Disorders will be compared to healthy speakers.
Required skills:
-       Experience with acoustic analysis
-       Good knowledge of models of speech production and motor control, and/or speech motor disorders.
-       Programming skills (eg. with Praat, Matlab, Python or R)
-       Competence in statistical analyses and good writing skills
-       Basic knowledge of French and good English proficiency
Salary: 2100 to 2500 euros/month according to experience
Please send your application as a single PDF including: (1) a statement of research interests and motivation, (2) a full CV, (3) academic transcripts, (4) list of publications/talks/presentations, and, if applicable, (5) a link to a copy of your master thesis by September, 15, 2017  to [log in to unmask]
Please clearly indicate in the position you are applying to.
3) doctoral position in phonetics (3 years starting November 2017)
The phD candidate will investigate speech planning and motor programming/execution processes. Potential functional units of speech that may be involved at each production stage will be examined as to their cohesive properties and variability in different speaking situations.
Applicants should :
-       hold a Master in Linguistics, preferably in Phonetics (equivalent diploma in related disciplines to be discussed)
-       have some basic knowledge in French  / good English writing skills
Experience with acoustic analysis, statistical and/or programming skills is an advantage.
The doctoral student will be trained within the doctoral school ED268 at Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle and will also benefit from the stimulating context of the Laboratoire d’Excellence EFL to which the LPP is affiliated.
Salary: 1500 to 1800 euros/month according to experience
Please send your application as a single PDF including: (1) a statement of research interests and motivation, (2) a full CV, (3) academic transcripts, (4) list of publications/talks/presentations, and, if applicable, (5) a link to a copy of your master thesis by September, 15, 2017 to [log in to unmask]
Late applications might be considered.
Please clearly indicate in the position you are applying for


Teaching-Track Faculty Position, Phonetics and Phonology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

The Department of Linguistics in the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California invites applications for a part-time teaching faculty position (Lecturer, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Teaching), Adjunct Associate Professor (Teaching), and Adjunct Professor (Teaching)) in Linguistics for the 2018 spring semester. 

The duties associated with this position involve teaching an undergraduate linguistics course: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a relevant field at time of appointment.

Application Materials:
- Cover Letter
- Curriculum Vitae
- Teaching Statement
- Teaching Evaluations (if available)
- Names of three individuals who will be contacted by USC for a letter of

In order to be considered for this position, applicants are required to submit an electronic application at the USC application website; please follow the application link below. The applicant should upload a single file containing
the application materials. Inquiries can be addressed to the contact below.

Review of applications will begin on September 1, 2017.

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Web Address for Applications: http://bit.ly/2voGgh7 
Contact Information:
        Rachel walker 
        Email: rwalker AT usc.edu

The deadline for material for the next foNETiks newsletter is 12th September 2017.


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