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Supporting your institution

JISC's strategic alert for senior managers in universities and colleges

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Successful student recruitment

Well-informed students are less likely to drop out, and our new report illustrates innovative ways of communicating with prospective freshers, to inform and advise them while managing their expectations of higher education.


Strategies for engaging with business and the community

We have developed online tools to help institutions build strategies that play to their strengths, avoid duplication of effort and make use of skills and resources across departments.


How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

We're developing new guidance to help you green you campus through environmentally-sustainable technologies. See how you can calculate your ICT-related carbon footprint and plan how to reduce it, procure more environmentally-friendly ICT systems and use ICT to change to more sustainable ways of working.


Doing collaborative research more effectively

We think that it pays to work together - technology can help researchers collaborate more effectively by enabling them to share resources such as data, computing power and software over the internet.

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