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Judy Adams <[log in to unmask]>


Judy Adams <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 7 Apr 1998 16:20:02 +0100





text/plain (366 lines)

The following are the contents of a mailing currently being prepared
for posting to all HE, FE, and Ireland sites.  Full details will be
made available on the CHEST web site as soon as resources permit.  In
the meantime sites wishing to participate may use the forms included at
the end of this message.

Please circulate this message to any other lists you consider appropriate.


CHEST Mailing No. 1/98

10 February 1998

To:     All CHEST Site Contacts at HE and FE Institutions
	All CHEST (Ireland) Contacts 
        Associated Sites (as authorised by Bartholomews) 
        SURFdiensten and other European Academic Sites

Dear Colleague


CHEST is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with
HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd (Bartholomew) for the provision of
Bartholomew Digital Maps on CD-ROM to Institutions within Higher and
Further Education.

In addition to the databases provided under a Site Licence Agreement
(see Mailing 6/95), Bartholomew is now offering Digital Maps of Great
Britain and London on CD-ROM, containing more detailed data (including
Raster data) not supplied in the products covered by the Site Licence

The CD-ROMs are offered to sites as separate products and a licence for
the full Digital Data is NOT a pre-requisite for the purchase of the
CD-ROMs, although existing licensees will receive a preferential
discount in recognition of the fact that they are already licensed for
the vector data.

The offer is valid until 19th March 2000.  Sites wishing to become
licensed will be required to complete a Commitment to Participate Form
and a CHEST/Bartholomew CD-ROM Order Form (attached) listing the
product(s) required.   On receipt of the above forms, CHEST will
distribute the  media.

Licence generation will be carried out by CHEST upon receipt of a
licence request form generated from the CD-ROM following installation
at the licensed site.

Full details of this Offer are given in the attached Overview, and
product brochure.  Sample data can be viewed at Bartholomew web site:

Yours sincerely,

Judy Adams 
Contracts Officer, CHEST

                      CHEST / BARTHOLOMEW Offer

                                               CHEST MAILING REF: 1/98

                       Datasets Offer Overview




1.   Offer Details 

(i) Product full name 

     CD-ROMs containing:  
     1. Bartholomew GB maps 1:250,000 including Postcode boundaries option 
     2. Bartholomew London Raster maps 1:20,000 including Greater London and 
        Central London Street Gazetteer
     3. Central London Raster with Street Gazetteer

(ii) Product owner
	HarperCollinsPublishers Limited 

(iii) Product supplier
	HarperCollinsCartographic (Bartholomew) 

(iv) Offer Period
	Sites may purchase these products during the period of the
	formal Agreement between The University of Bath (CHEST) and
	Bartholomew, the Cartographic Division of
	HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd, which currently runs to 
        19th March 2000.

The Offer to which this refers is a formal Offer between The University
of Bath (CHEST) and Bartholomew.

 (v) Institution Commitment Period
	This an offer with no commitment period.  Sites may purchase
	the products at any time during the life-time of the offer.

2.   Eligible Sites

All Institutions of Higher and Further Education, in the United
Kingdom and Ireland, some CHEST Associated Sites, certain
European Academic Sites (details on request) and SURFdiensten
in The Netherlands.

3.   Background Detail / Community Evaluation 

The current Agreement between CHEST and Bartholomew provides a collection 
of Digital Maps, which are offered for use until 19th March 2000.  
This additional offer is for the provision of CD-ROMs containing
more detailed data (including Raster data) not supplied in the products
covered by the Site Licence Agreement.

The CD-ROMs are offered to sites as separate products and a licence for
the full Digital Data is NOT a pre-requisite for the purchase of the
CD-ROMs, although existing licensees will receive a preferential
discount in recognition of the fact that they are already licensed for
the vector data.  Sites which have an earlier version of the GB CD-ROM
(v1.0) will receive a discount on their master GB CD-ROM, if they
upgrade through joining this offer.

Prior to the negotiations with CHEST, the GB CD-ROM had already been
offered at discount to the Academic Community and a number of sites
have taken advantage of this special pricing.  Bartholomew now wishes
to make the CD-ROMs available on more cost effective terms through a
lower pricing structure, subject to the distribution and licence
generation being handled by CHEST.  

4.   Products Covered 

CD-ROMs containing:  
     1.      Bartholomew GB maps 1:250,000 including Postcode
             boundaries option 
     2.      Bartholomew London Raster maps 1:20,000
             including Greater London and Central London with Street Gazetteer
     3.      Central London Raster with Street Gazetteer

5.   Product Description 

The standard GB dataset includes a subset of the Bartholomew 1:250,000 
vector database in MapInfo, ArcView, Atlas GIS and AutoCAD formats, including:  
* County boundaries (regional boundaries for Scotland) 
* Motorways 
* Primary routes 
* A and B roads 
* 27,000 settlements 
* Postcode area boundaries (e.g. BA using the Bath University Post Code
		BA2 7AY).

Postcode district and sector boundaries (e.g. BA2 7), available on
the CD-ROM, are at extra cost.

The London CD-ROM includes Greater London and Central London Street
Gazetteer Raster data at 1:20,000.   Central London data can be
purchased separately, if required.

The CD-ROMs also have an integral installation program for copying all
or part of the purchased data onto hard disk, plus comprehensive
on-line help.

See Mailing 6/95 for details of the other databases offered by
Bartholomew under a Site Licence Agreement.  

6.  Database Format 
The matching colour raster backdrops are in standard TIFF format, and
comprise 256 colour raster tiles with their associated real world
co-ordinate files.  

7.  Requirements 

To use Bartholomew Maps on CD-ROM you will require a PC with minimum of
386 processor, Windows NT, Windows 95 or Windows 3.1, 4Mb of RAM and a
minimum of 25Mb of free hard disk capacity, a CD-ROM drive and
application software to use one of the data formats.

To improve the performance of the raster image display, it will be
necessary to copy the data from the CD-ROMs on to a hard disk which
will require access to approximately 1Gb of free disk space if the
whole of the country is required.  

8.  Year 2000 Compliance 

This is raw data and is not date reliant.  Sites are advised to ensure 
that any software used to manipulate the data is Year 2000 Compliant.  

9. Institution Evaluation 

Sample vector data sets and raster maps can be accessed from Bartholomew web 
Providing you are running one of the requisite database formats (MapInfo 
or ArcInfo), you can use this data to assess the quality and suitability of 
the data.

10.  Licence Type 

Normal CHEST terms and conditions of use.  The CD-ROMs may be copied to
hard disk for network use at any Licensed Institution and for use by
any member of staff or student in accordance with the standard "Code of
Conduct" for the Use of Software or Datasets (see "11.  Personal
Licences" below).

11.  Personal Licences 

Personal licences are not available under this offer.  However, sites may
purchase unencrypted copies of the CD-ROMs  for loan to staff and
students for running on their home machines.  See "Pricing" for cost of
loan copies.  Sites are reminded that in accordance with the terms and
conditions of the licence the Licensed Site is responsible for taking
reasonable steps to ensure that all data from loaned copies is removed
from personal systems at the end of the course/period of employment.

12.  Post Termination of Offer Period 

The provision of the CD-ROMs is not limited to an agreement period.  
Once purchased, use is licensed in perpetuity.  

13.  Product Documentation 

The CD-ROMs contain a comprehensive on-line help.  No printed documentation 
is provided.

14.  Right to Copy Documentation 

Sites may print and make copies of the on-line help as required.  

15.  Training and Training Materials 

No training or training materials are provided under this Offer.

16.  Updates 

There is no automatic upgrade provided under this Offer.
As new releases are made available commercially, they will be announced
on the chest-bartholomews mailbase list and sites may, if they wish,
purchase new CD-ROMs.  The provision of upgrades will be dependant
upon the return to CHEST of previously licensed CD-ROM(s).
Alternatively sites will be required to confirm in writing that the
CD-ROM(s) have been destroyed.

Sites which have an earlier version of the GB CD-ROM (v1.0) purchased
direct from Bartholomew, will receive a discount on their master GB
CD-ROM, if they upgrade through this offer. A copy of the original
CD-ROM delivery note, or return of the old media will be required as
proof of prior ownership.  

17.  Support 

It is not anticipated that support will be required for these products.

A discussion list already exists on mailbase.  This is called:-
Anyone in the community may subscribe to this list (whether or not from
a participating site).

To join the list send an email to:
		mailbase@mailbase with the one line:

		join chest-bartholomews <first name> <last name> 
		join chest-bartholomews Nigel Lodge

Note that this list is for discussion and whilst Bartholomew may
subscribe to the list it is not a formal support route.  Technical
Contacts are advised to subscribe to this list, as it is used by CHEST
to communicate with licensed sites regarding new releases, etc.  

18. Pricing 

The charges for the provision of the CD-ROM(s)  and licence to
run the product(s) are as follows:

Product                            Licensed     Unlicensed  Additional 
                                    Sites         Sites     Master CDs 

GB-CD                                #300          #450        #150 
GB-CD upgrade from v1.0 (previous 
owners only)                         #150          #150        #150 
Postal District/Sector Boundaries    #500          #500        #250 
Postcode to District level only      #250          #250        #125 
Greater London Raster with Street
Gazetteer*                           #600          #750        #300 
Central London Raster with Street 
Gazetteer                            #200          #300        #100 
"Loan" CD-ROM(s)                      #15 each      #15 each    #15 each 
Updates (when available)              #15 each      #15 each    #15 each 

* Includes Central London

19.  Payment Terms 

Sites will be invoiced by CHEST for the cost of the
initial CD-ROM(s) when the licence request has been processed.
Additional copies will be provided, and charged for, by CHEST on
receipt of a CHEST/Bartholomew CD-ROM Order Form and official Purchase
Order.  All payments must be made to the "University of Bath (CHEST)"
within 30 calendar days of the date of invoice.  

20.  Method of Delivery of Product:  

CD-ROM(s) will be delivered on receipt of a Commitment Form, 
CHEST/Bartholomew CD-ROM Order Form and official Purchase Order stating 
the product(s) required.

The master products are protected by licence-generating software.
CHEST will "unlock" the licensed product(s) on receipt of a licence
request form generated from the CD-ROM(s). The licence key will be
returned to the site, by fax.  The supply and unlocking of additional
copies will also be the responsibility of CHEST.

The master CD-ROM(s) must be installed on a server for distribution
purposes.  Additional master CD-ROMs may be purchased for installation
at campuses where networking is not available.  

21.  WWW Addresses

a)      Offer information and forms:

b)      Supplier home page:  http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/maps

c)      Sample data:  http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/~barts_twr/down.html 

22. Action to Participate and How to Place an Order:  

Complete the attached Commitment to Participate Form (*) and return it, 
together with a completed CHEST/Bartholomew CD-ROM Order Form and official 
Purchase Order stating product(s) required, to:

		CHEST & NISS Centre Computing Services Bath University
		Claverton Down Bath,  BA2 7AY

You will then be sent the master CD-ROM(s) .

(*:  This is a commitment to the CD-ROMs only. If the full
	Bartholomew Digital Map Data Site Licence is required, please
	see CHEST Mailing 6/95. ) 

23.  Form for Commitment to Participate

See attached.

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