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JISCMail Newsletter: September 2010
In this Newsletter:

Welcome | Search all JISCMail open content | RSCtv: An overview of JISCMail | Mailtalk | Calendaring Tip | Helpline Tip | JISCMail new groups | Operational News | Subscription Details

Welcome to the September 2010 JISCMail Newsletter. This newsletter was created with our very own newsletter tool. Any subscriber to JISCMail can use our professional looking newsletter templates. Find out more here:

In this issue of the JISCMail newsletter, we have opened up our public content to search engines and we will explain how this is beneficial and what new features we have added to our website. We will be taking part in the RSCtv online presentations in October, you can find out how to join in. For those who didn't know, we have a sister service called Mailtalk which is mainly for groups that do not meet the JISCMail criteria. We are launching an online payment system to make setting up your groups on Mailtalk even easier. We have the usual calendar and helpline tips to help you take advantage of our tools.

If you have colleagues who you think would find the newsletter useful, please feel free to pass this on to them. They can sign up for their own free monthly copy by registering here:

Finally - if there's something you'd like to see in future JISCMail newsletters or have a JISCMail success story, please send us an email: [log in to unmask]. We’d love to hear from you.

Search all JISCMail open content


We have now opened our public archives to search engines. All public information has been made available to search via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Previously searching across many public groups was difficult but this will now be possible. We hope that although your group names are searchable via search engines, the additional archive search will improve visibility of your public groups and attract more members to make valuable contributions to your discussions. The search can be accessed via any group homepage ( or simply search via your favourite search engine such as Google.

We are asking all group owners to check their list configuration so that if they want their group archives to become searchable or if they do not wish the group archives to be searchable, changes will need to be made to the List Configuration.

To change your List Configuration:

  • Go to your group homepage (
  • Click on the ‘List Management’ menu, ‘List Configuration’ and ‘List Configuration Wizard’.
  • Click on the ‘List Maintenance’ Tab.
  • In the ‘Notebook=’ section, change the ‘Access Level’ to either Public or Private.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button.

Publishing JISCMail group archives to services such as Twitter or Facebook is already possible via our RSS feeds. To learn how to do this visit JISCMail's newsletter article for Twitter or Facebook

Search box added to group homepages

You can search all JISCMail's public content from all group homepages ( The search is located on the right hand side in a box titled 'Search JISCMail’s open content'

New improved JISCMail website search

Search across the JISCMail help pages, open content and group names in one box on the JISCMail homepage (

Points to note

  • Search engines choose what to search and when so we cannot guarantee when the public archives will be available.
  • Postings will not be available to search in real time outside of JISCmail. We will update our sitemap but the search engines will choose when to include this information.
  • If your group goes from public to private following the release of search, any messages previously crawled maybe available cached for a period of time on search engines.
  • If you are setting your group to become public from private, any previous private messages maybe crawled and become searchable. Please review the content of your groups before making the change and removing content that is not suitable for public consumption. You may want to inform your group subscribers of the change in settings.


RSCtv: An overview of JISCMail


The Regional Support Centre has launched a new series of 20 minute lunchtime on-line video presentations on recent developments, interesting features or future trends. The viewer needs nothing more than a network enabled PC or Mac running an up-to-date browser. JISCMail will be giving a presentation in October.

19th October 2010 - RSCtv: An overview of JISCMail
Venue: online
Time: 12.30 - 1 pm

JISCMail is evolving – it is no longer just for plain text email discussions, and this webinar aims to take you on a tour of all the exciting new features and tools JISCMail has to offer. In April we launched a new website which has improved navigation, displays all our features on the homepage and has personalisation via the new ‘My groups’ box. We’ll take you through how to get the best from our new website, how to search for new groups to join and how to search our extensive archives on many different subjects.

In addition to the website we’ve added the Calendars tool and the Newsletter feature. We will show you how to schedule events or meetings with your group members or people who are not using JISCMail. The newsletter feature enables you to send professional looking HTML newsletters without any coding experience. We have a wide range of newsletter templates that you can use or you can design your own. The webinar will also refresh your memory on our survey and files area tools.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about JISCMail or you can contact our friendly helpline: [log in to unmask]

Book online:



Our Mailtalk service is for groups that do not meet the JISCMail criteria and runs on the same technology as JISCMail. Groups start at £120 per year and we are making it easier to pay and renew with our new payment system.

We will be shortly accepting online payments in our secure online system along with BACS and cheque. Paying by credit card will ensure your groups are set up within 3 working days. If you have a Mailtalk group with a renewal coming up, we will be contacting you within the next couple of weeks.


Calendaring Tip

Access your calendar Remotely

To subscribe to the calendar of one of your JISCMail groups use: where groupname is the name of your JISCMail group.

To subscribe to your personal calendar: where youremailaddress is the email address you are registered to JISCMail with.

To subscribe to your public calendar: where youremailaddress is the email address you are registered to JISCMail with.

If you have entered the url correctly then you will then need username and password. This is just the same as for the JISCMail login.

Access your calendars here:


Helpline Tip

Now that Google Search has been enabled on JISCMail, you may wish to reassess the level of privacy you have on your group.

Google Search will scan the archives of all Public and Restricted lists - ie all those whose archives are open to view by non-members. This ability is determined by the 'Notebook' line within your list configuration, which can either be set as 'Public' or 'Private'.

A group classifed as 'Public' or 'Restricted' has the Notebook line ending in 'Public'. A 'Private' group has a 'Private' Notebook line.

A Public or Restricted group will generally also be listed within our Catagory Pages and A-Z listings to allow them to be found by potential subscribers.

If you are unsure of the current status of your group, go to your List Management link - available from the menu bar at the top of your list archive page. Choose 'List Configuration / Manual List Configuration' from the drop down menu and check your 'Notebook= ' line. Edit if necessary to your preferred option as described above.

Alternatively, contact [log in to unmask] and we will be happy to advise.

JISCMail new groups



PHYSSCI-QUESTION-BANK This list is for discussion about the use of the Physical Sciences Question Bank and its questions. It will also be used for some announcements and discussions about new features and new types of question, such as the use of adaptive questions to aid to learning.

S-LAB - News of sustainable lab events and activities in universities and colleges by HEEPI's S-Lab Safe, Successful and Sustainable Labs project.

TROWL-DISCUSS - This is a discussion mailing list for the TrOWL Tractable reasoner for OWL lightweight reasoning infrastructure project.

GEOREFERENCING - This mailing list is intended to support the exchange of knowledge, data, software, methods and publications in the area of geo-referenced data sets and the automated creation of geographic meta-data, also known as toponym resolution or spatial disambiguation.

JISC-DIGILIT - This list is to support the internal dicussions between members of the JISC Executive and JISC Advance on digital literacies.

TMP23 - This is a list for the participants of the Top Management Programme (23).

REPRESENTING-PROSTITUTION - The figure of the Prostitute is a highly enduring and controversial figure.
This group engages in academic discussion around this topic. We hope to explore and engage with all aspects of the topic We invite all in all fields of study to engage and participate.

CEDAR - This list is used by members and associates of the Centre for Developing Areas Research (CEDAR) at Royal Holloway, University of London to distribute information about seminars, conferences and other research activities.

NTWCLRN-SG-SURGERY - Group for members of the Surgery Specialty Group.

NTWCLRN-SG-NMHAEM - Group for members of the Surgery Specialty Group.

Learning and Teaching

SU-TRAINERS - To provide a forum for Union staff members involved in Learning and Development to electronically meet others in similar roles / with similar responsibilities. - To provide those staff with the opportunity to share ideas, materials and best practice amongst Unions. - To allow staff to alert others to offers, activities, theories or research which may be useful. - To gauge interest in the possibility of forming a group who meet / hold events for those involved in Learning and Development. - If there is sufficient interest, to organise an initial meeting to look at moving the group forward and publicise details of those events through this JISCMail group.

EDDATLHU - The 2010-11 EdD cohort at Liverpool Hope University wish to use JISCMail as a networking forum.

SEEC-CREDITFORUM - Thisgroup is for those interested in the use of credit to help structure,
support and recognise student learning at HE level.
It is managed on behalf of SEEC (see but open to anyone with an interest in credit and its use.

GO-FAR-ACADEMICS - This discussion group brings a multi-disciplinary group of academics across a number of higher education institutions in the UK and overseas with an interest in falls, particularly in the context of outdoor falls.

AFTERTHEWALL - The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for scholars working on memories and representations of the GDR. It has grown out of the interdisciplinary AHRC-funded 'After the Wall' network, and aims to provide a forum for members wishing to circulate information such as calls for papers, conference announcements and new book announcements, as well as those who wish to seek advice from the academic community on specific research questions.

GLOBAL-FUTURE - This is a discussion group to promote the Global Future campaign of National Union of Students UK, which aims to use UK Education as a tool to promote the Best UK experience for all international students, to enhance UK students' global competitiveness eg. mobility,global outlook and employability, to enhance the Global competitiveness of all UK colleges, University, ultimately to enhance the global standing of the UK.

SOLENTARTANDDESIGNEXCHANGE - Designed to allow academic and support staff from art- and design-related subject areas to engage in productive conversation to support curriculum delivery and development and support the transition of learners from further to higher education.

BSA-HUMAN-REPRODUCTION - A group aimed to support the British Sociological Association Human Reproduction Study Group.

CSE-STANDARD - Providing a networking opportunity to discuss the Customer Service Excellence standard, Sharing best practice in relation to the CSE criteria, Benchmarking performance and service standards,
Offering a supportive framework for those working towards the standard and reaccreditation.

SCURLDIR - SCURL Directors of HEI Libraries and Learning Centres.

External Engagement

UKOER2-SUPER - List for general programme announcements for the UKOER2 programme run by the Higher Education Academy and JISC.

FASHIONINGTHEEARLYMODERN - This group is used by the Fashioning the Early Modern project partners to make announcements to research students, junior curatorial staff and other researchers and professionals about the project's activities and events.


CBTVALUES - A forum for discussion into the usefulness of a commitment to medicalised language and concepts such as diagnosis and its effects on our actions and underlying values, towards each other and our clients and research into alternative ways of describing and conceptualising what we do, for example transdiagnostic approaches.

EARLYCAREERRESEARCHENTERPRISE - Early Career Researcher Enterprise Development.

Operational News

The JANET 'at risk' period applies to the JISCMail service and occurs every Tuesday morning between 07:00 and 09:00. Wherever possible, all maintenance will be conducted within this period.

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