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JISCMail Newsletter: June 2010
In this Newsletter:

Welcome | Try out new Calendaring tool | Automatically send your group posting to Facebook | Helpline Tip | New JISCMail groups | Subscription Details

Welcome to the June 2010 JISCMail Newsletter - created with our very own newsletter tool. Any subscriber to JISCMail can use our professional looking newsletter templates. Find out more here:

In this issue of the JISCMail newsletter, we've got an exciting new calendaring tool for you to try before it is released on JISCMail. We’ll be looking at how you can send your JISCMail postings to Facebook automatically and how to gather subscriber statistics.

If you have colleagues who you think would find the newsletter useful, please feel free to pass this on to them. They can sign up for their own free monthly copy by registering here:

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Try out new Calendaring tool

JISCMail would like to invite you to try our new calendaring tool which we are adding to our service soon. You can organise, add and share events with your colleagues even if they are not registered to use JISCMail. Our calendaring invitations work on many different mail clients and can be accessed via any JISCMail online group or remotely via CALDav.

Benefits include:

  • Announcing events to your JISCMail group.
  • Keep track of your project and their milestones.
  • Share events with people using many different mail clients.
  • Schedule meetings with people not at your institution.
  • A personal calendar you can access anywhere.
  • Populate events from your own calendar.
  • Display multiple calendars in one view.

We have a help page here to get you started: We will be adding extra content to this over the next couple of weeks.

You can access the calendar directly here:

We have set up a development server in which you use to test. Please email [log in to unmask] for a group to test the calendars with.

You may have to register a new password:

Please email your comments to: [log in to unmask]

Automatically send your group posting to Facebook


Do you have a Facebook account, Facebook webpage or group? Is your JISCMail group public? Yes? You can send your group's postings to Facebook automatically.

  • Firstly you will need to copy your RSS feed link. Go to your group homepage ( and right click on the RSS 2.0 link and copy the Feed’s URL (usually copy shortcut or copy link location/address).
  • You will need to use third party software, for this tutorial we will use (Please note you use this service at your own risk)
  • Once you have created an account with (it will only ask for a username and password), you will be shown ‘Step 1’. Under ‘Feed Name’ you can name the feed to your group name. Under RSS Feed URL, paste the link by pressing ctrl+c. Click ‘Continue to Step 2’
  • Click on Facebook and then click on the Connect to Facebook link. You will then see a screen like the one below (If you are already logged in it will look the same just without the username and password fields).
  • Enter username and password and then click connect.
  • Now all your postings will be posted on facebook every hour (maximum of one and hour by default).
  • You will be returned to the previous page where you can just click on ‘Create Service’ and all of your postings will be tweeted every hour (maximum of one and hour by default).

Helpline Tip


Gathering subscriber statistics (group owners only)

As a group owner you may wish to gather statistics about your subscribers. Would you like to know the number of subscribers who have joined or left your group over a period of time? Are you wondering what is the busiest time for postings, to post a message and receive maximum replies? Are you trying to find out if a subscriber has changed their email address or has been auto deleted? List Activity reports are for you.

To gather these statistics, you will need to add the line 'Change-Log= Yes' to your list configuration (List Management menu, List Configuration, Manual List Configuration). Once you have added the line to your list configuration, we will start recording all list activities from the time that you enable the change-logs. However, please note that they will only collect new data and cannot provide information from before the feature was enabled.

Go to List Management menu, List Reports, List Activity Reports to view the reports. If you would like any further assistance in using this feature, please email [log in to unmask].


New JISCMail groups



LIS-HEINFE - LIS-HEINFE will provide a discussion forum for librarians & information professionals involved in the provision of HE in FE related courses. The group will share ideas and resources and is open to anyone in the UK FE & HE sectors.

HR-IMMIGRATION - A group for use by human resources professionals in universities and colleges to discuss and share information on immigration requirements as they relate to the recruitment and employment of non-EEA nationals at UK universities and colleges and the mobility of non-EEA nationals as visitors to UK universities and colleges.

DC-PROVENANCE - This group will support the Dublin Core Task Group on Metadata Provenance

SERENA-RCUK - A group for members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) funded SerenA community to distribute announcements and provide information on activities relevant to the Serendipity Arena project.

Learning and Teaching

TAPPWG - Members of this list are a small sub-group of psychology academics who lead the development of resources and events for the larger special interest group, Teaching of Anomalistic Psychology and Parapsychology (TAPP).

RSC-SE-BLACKBOARD - A networking group for all post-16 providers who are using Blackboard to support their learners.

MELSIG - This group is used to announce events that may be of interest to members involved in the use of digital media in teaching. It will also be used to stimulate discussion of the use of digital media, and be the main communication tool for the MEL SIG Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group.

ADM-HEA-SCSG - This group is used by the ADM-HEA Student Competition Steering Group.

TMP22 - This is a group for participants of the Top Management Programme 22

HSAP-INCLUSIVITY - This discussion group for members of the Inclusivity Special Interest Group to support learning and teaching in health related disciplines in higher education.

LIBRARYENVIRONMENT - Support group for the exchange of ideas to help library staff in higherfurther education to meet the challenges of student behaviour.

BISAPPWG - This group supports the work of the Post-Structuralist Working Group PPWG of the British International Studies Association BISA.

External Engagement

ANALYTICAL-SOCIOLOGY - Email group for circulation of working papers and other information of the European Network of Analytical Sociologists.

HEA-CRIM - This group will be used by HEA C-SAP and other subject centres to announce information relating to activities of the Criminology SIG.


HERTAMUELLER - This international list will be for all those who research, publish and translate the works of Herta Mueller, the Romanian-German author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2009. The list will be used for dissemining information on Mueller and academic exchange. The two list owners are the UK experts on her work.

NTWCLRN-PCWG – A group for the members of the Primary Care Working Group for clinical research in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Comprehensive Local Research Network NTW CLRN.

HAIKAIFORUM - A group dedicated to the theory and practice of all forms of haikai in the English language.

RDSCOMMUNICATIONS - A group for the communications leads of the National Institute for Health Research Design Services.

RDS-ADVISORS - This JISCMail group is for staff (in particular, research advisors) of the 10 National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Services, to allow them to communicate with one another and exchange ideas and practice. It will complement the already established RDS-DIRECTORS JISCMail group for Research Design Services (RDS) Directors and Managers

BIOGEOGRAPHY - This group is used by members of the RGS-IBG Biogeography Research Group to circulate announcements and to facilitate discussion of issues of relevance to biogeography.

SPIRITUALITY – This group will explore the nature, function and shape of spirituality in contemprary culture. It will have a particular focus on the relationship between theology, religion and contemporary spiritualities.

VULNERABILITY-NETWORK - This group facilitates research networking, conversation, publication and event planning around the broad theme of 'vulnerability', related, not only to a range of themes concerning the human condition, but to the consideration of environmental and ecological issues. The network aims to link interested scholars from across the United Kingdom in the development of a lively research cluster on the theme of vulnerability and to explore its relevance and implications for a wide range of legal, political, social and philosophical themes and issues. Scholars of all disciplines are most welcome to join.

FMSURVEY-MANAGERS - A group for discussions between the administrators of FMSURVEY list

APPEARANCERESEARCH - A group for postgraduate researchers specifically researching in appearance and related fields to share resources, recruit participants and share resources. This list is maintained by the Centre for Appearance Research CAR.

GENDER-VIOLENCE-RESEARCH - This group brings together people invovled in research on gender violence issues from academic and statutory or voluntary sector organisations. It is supported by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, NHS Health Scotland and Zero Tolerance.

GNHRE - This group is intended to provide space for extended research conversation and networking around the theme of the interface between Human Rights and the Environment.

THINK-TANK-NETWORKS - This group brings together scholars and others engaged in studying think tanks and think tanks networks and associated phenomena including interest representation and lobbying groups. The group has a particular international reach and a focus on the methods of network research.

JANETNEWS-ONLINE - JANET News-online is a quarterly electronic newsletter. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in the networking activities of the UK education and research communities.

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