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Welcome | Introducing calendars on JISCMail | Your calendars | Scheduling meetings or tasks | Import or export your calendar | Helpline Tip | New groups | Subscription Details

Welcome to the July 2010 JISCMail Newsletter - created with our very own newsletter tool. Any subscriber to JISCMail can use our professional looking newsletter templates. Find out more here:

In this issue of the JISCMail newsletter, we've launched our exciting new calendaring tool. We'll tell you why it is benefical to use our calendaring tool and how you can use it effectively. We've also got a helpline tip and our new groups on JISCMail.

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Introducing calendars on JISCMail

JISCMail is pleased to announce the release of our new calendaring tool.

You can organise, add and share events with your colleagues even if they are not registered to use JISCMail. Our calendaring invitations work on many different mail clients and can be accessed via any JISCMail online group or remotely via CALDav.

Benefits include:

  • Announcing events to your JISCMail group.
  • Keep track of your project and their milestones
  • Share events with people using many different mail clients.
  • Schedule meetings with people not at your institution.
  • A personal calendar you can access anywhere.
  • Populate events from your own calendar.
  • Display multiple calendars in one view.

You can access the calendar directly here:


Your calendars

Once inside the calendars tool, you will see all of your calendar events in one view. By default you will be given the following calendars:

  • Calendar – Your personal calendar only accessible by yourself.
  • JISCMail calendars – All groups you are subscribed to will be displayed here. The group calendars are controlled by the settings of that group.
  • Public – Your public calendar where you can share events with others.

Scheduling meetings or tasks

To schedule a meeting/task or add an event/task, click on the 'add' button.

If you have chosen to schedule a meeting (invite people) you will be presented with the 'add attendees' screen. If you are adding an event or task without inviting people, please skip to the next step.

schedule a meeting

  • Type the email address of the person you would like to invite, choose a role and status if appropriate and click on the ‘add’ button. Repeat for all attendees. If you wish to send an invite to your group add @groupname where groupname is the name of your group.
  • Click on the continue button once you have invited all of your attendees.

    You will be presented with an 'Edit Meeting' or 'Edit Task' box.

Edit meeting

  1. Click on the calendar button and select a calendar in which you want the event to appear.
  2. Type the name of the event, meeting or task.
  3. The default Date & Time options are set to all day. If you wish to enter a time value, uncheck the all day box.
  4. Choose the date you wish your calendar entry to start.
  5. Choose the duration of your event – number of days and number of hours and minutes if you have unchecked the all day option.
  6. You can set the meeting to affect free/busy.
  7. You can choose a category you have pre-defined or click on the ‘add category’ link.


Click on the details tab to enter information about the location, a link and a description.


  1. Choose or type in a location.
  2. This is a web address relating to your event/meeting/task.
  3. Enter a description for your event/meeting/task.
  4. Select whether the event/meeting/task is confirmed , tentative or cancelled.


If you wish your event to recur, click on the recurrence tab and select the ‘event recurs’ radio button.


The scheduling tab allows you to review and edit your attendees or turn an event or task into a scheduled meeting or task. Please note if you turn an event or task into a scheduled meeting or task, you will need to re-select a calendar.

Import or export your calendar

Import an iCal file into a JISCMail calendar

To import a calendar (iCAL file), click on the 'upload iCAL' link at the bottom left hand side. You will be presented with the following form:

Upload iCAL

Click the browse button to find the iCAL file you wish to upload. Click on the 'Select Calendar' button to choose which calendar you wish to import your iCAL file into. Choose the appropriate options and then click on the 'Continue' button.

Export your JISCMail calendar

To export a calendar, click on the 'export calendars' link at the bottom left hand side. All calendars that are available to you will be displayed. Click on the name of the calendar to open or save the relevant calendar file.

Helpline Tip

Do you need to update your subscriber details in one operation? Perhaps because your committee or project group has changed this year? The easiest way to do this is via the 'Bulk Add' facility within the 'Subscriber Management' area.

Have ready a simple text file (TextPad or Notepad) containing all the subscribers you want on the list - including those already on it that should remain.

The format of the file should be one email address and one name per line as follows:

[log in to unmask] Fred Smith

Then, go the 'List Management' link at the top of your list management page, and choose 'Subscriber Management' from the drop down menu. Click on the yellow 'Bulk Operations' button and check the 'Remove all subscribers from LISTNAME , and add the imported addresses' button. Choose 'Browse' to upload your file, then 'Import' when you have located it.

This will remove all the exisiting subscribers and replace them with the correct set of details.

New groups



SKILLSSHARE-EASTMIDLANDS - A group aimed at Librarians and Learner Developers involved with supporting students skills, based in the East Midlands and beyond. To be used for making contacts, sharing experiences, and organising best practice exchanges amongst members.

SCOT-FE-MIS - This group has been set up to support MIS staff in Scottish FE Colleges

VM2011-NEWS - This group will serve as a central point of reference for people interested in receiving information on the 2nd International Visual Methods Conference in Sept 2011.

FLOODRESEARCH - This group is to enable the flood research community to stay in touch with progress on the UK's first Flood Research Strategy

FSD-PROJECTS - To allow for open communication between the FSD projects

MOLLUSC-PHYLOGENY - Group of workers interested in developing new morphological cladistic phylogeny of the Mollusca following discussion at a major conference.

ESPA - A group to support implementation of the NERCESRCDFID Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Programme ESPA

ICED-COUNCIL - This group is used to provide ICED Council members with details of various ICED matters, including meeting arrangments and papers. It is also for ICED Council members to discuss ICED issues with each other.

NOESHIB - The purpose of this group is to support Shibboleth Idp and Sp installations used in education in the North of England.
Members also arrange physical meetings with speakers twice a year.

Learning and Teaching

PATOSSAPC - We is at the forefront in professional guidance and continuing professional development supportiong diagnostic assessment relating to individuals with Specific Learning Difficulties in an educational or workplace setting. This group will be reviewing and developing best practice in this area. The process of review feeds into guidance made available nationally to inform and further best practice.

BUCKSPARTNERCOLLEGES - This group is for students studying for a Buckinghamshire New University Award at partner colleges, such as Amersham and Wycombe, BCA, Aylesbury, East Berkshire, OCVC and OCA. The list will help to keep staff and students at partners informed about work being undertaken by the Students' Union and will enable partner college students to give us their feedback.

CHANGE-AS-USUAL - This group supports a network, jointly led by Sheffield Hallam University and the Higher Education Academy. The network will provide opportunities for professional development, sharing practice, and building networks around working with change in Higher Education. It builds on the approaches employed in the national Change Academy and local institutional change academies.

COM-JOINT-FLEX-NE - The Combined, Joint and Flexible Honours Network is a forum for managers, programme leaders, administrators and other staff involved in the delivery of multi-subject degree programmes in UK universities.

HENAMSS - This group is to support student service managers who are responsible for providing support for HE learners who are studying in FE colleges.

LEARNERJOURNEY - The project will evaluate a scaffolded digital learning literacy environment, which will enable learners to embark on an interactive learner journey, using reusable learning objects, supporting their learning and literacy acquisition. Existing interactive materials will be brought together in a cohesive and structured framework enclosed in a wraparound shell an early example is final resource will be designed for repurpose and evaluation across a range of authentic contexts e.g.
workplace, community or placement.

ADMIN-BUSINESS-INTELLIGENCE - A group for universitycollege professionals using Business Intelligence practices and tools to support decision making and informed management in their institutions:
exchange good practice and accessible jargon-free advice.

External Engagement

B2BMARKETING - This list is designed to support the work of UK and international scholars in business-to-busines marketing.

MEDIA2012 - Members are interested in plans to create a UK wide media infrastructure to tell stories about the regions and nations journey towards the London 2012 Games. The list is designed for people who are interested as reporters and institutional participants.

NERT - The aim is to ofer training to update guidance professionals whom are concerned with delivering careers education, information, advice and guidance CEIAG in HE and related contexts.

ESPANET - ESPAnet is an association of academics involved or interested in the analysis of social policy in Europe.

The Network encourages and fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of European social policy. It is therefore open to people from a range of disciplines, including social policy, sociology, political science, international relations, history, law and economics.

It draws its membership from and defines its remit in relation to countries spanning the European continent, welcoming analysts from western, central and eastern European countries.


EHS-SCHANDCOLL - The Economic History Society (UK) is an academic organisation devoted to promoting research in Economic and Social History. The Schools and Colleges Committee of the EHS exists to disseminate research to a wider audience.

HIST-HERB-MED - The HIST-HERB-MED list promotes exchange of information between researchers with an interest in the history of herbal medicine. Information includes relevant events, conferences, training opportunities, archive resources and other information useful in scholarly research into the history of herbal medicine.

CONFLICTTRANSITIONNEPAL - A mailing group to maintain communication and share information and research for those who attended the July conference in Kathmandu, and those interested or researching conflict, transition and possibilities for peace in Nepal.

WCCJ - Women, Crime and Criminal Justice is a specialist network for the study of women, crime and criminal justice and providing support to women in the British Society of Criminology and in criminology and allied subject areas.

BSA-WORK-EMPLOYMENT-ECONOMICLIFE - A study group of the British Sociological Association. This 'Work, Employment and Economic Life' Study Group reflects the interests of BSA members who research and teach in the fields of the sociology of work, economic life, labour markets and industrial sociology.

BETTER-HOUSING - The Better Housing list will act as a discussion forum to accompany the Race Equality Foundation's Better Housing website. The site brings together news and evidence based resources on race equality and housing. The Better Housing list will enable researchers and practitioners to discuss problems and issues and share good practice for embedding race equality in housing.

DESIGN4HEALTH - This group is used by the organisers of the Design 4 Health European conference 2011 to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in design and health.

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