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JISCMail Newsletter: April 2010
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Welcome | New Website Launched | New Website Feedback | New JISCMail Logo | Newsletter Tip | Helpline Tip | New JISCMail Lists | Operational News | Subscription Details

Welcome to the JISCMail newsletter for April 2010.

We are pleased to announce that in April we have launched a new JISCMail website and a redesigned logo. The newsletter feature continues to be used by many on the JISCMail service and would encourage those who have not looked at this new tool to do so.

New Website Launched


JISCMail has launched a brand new website and re-designed logo today. The site,, was designed to be easier to navigate, taking into account all relevant feedback from our customers, and we hope you find this more intuitive.

We have made major improvements to the websites navigation which includes enabling all links to be available on every page. The homepage allows you to minimise any of the boxes if you do not wish to view their content.

This innovative new design incorporates a 'My Groups box' which allows subscribers and owners to view and access which groups they belong to from the JISCMail homepage. If you are not logged in there is a link to do so.

JISCMail has various collaborative tools such as Surveys, Make a Meeting and Newsletters which were not previously displayed on the homepage. To show the range of features we have to offer, we have included links to further information.

The website has been fully Accessibility checked, and we are excited to incorporate the JISC TechDis toolbar which provides a range of productivity and accessibility tools which helps users customise the way they view and interact with web pages. Features include a text to speech function, spell checking and dictionary facilities, and a feature for gathering referencing information within a web page. It also provides simple ways to adjust the magnification or font used on web pages.

We now publish our latest news items on our homepage so you can quickly see any new developments or important information on the operation of the service.


New Website Feedback


New JISCMail Logo


Along with our new website, we have re-designed our logo.

We have the jpg logos here:

JISCMail Logos for printing:


Newsletter Tip

We are pleased to see that many of you are now using the new newsletter feature which is open to both group owners and subscribers (dependant upon the sending permissions of your group). We are using Morning Bell to create this JISCMail newsletter and you can create something simular very quickly. Here is a reminder of how you should create your newsletter:

Set up a newsletter profile - go to a list homepage e.g. and click on newsletter templates in the options box and click on the Edit Newsletter Profile option.

Choose a template - To create a newsletter, select a newsletter template by clicking on the template and then clicking the Select button associated with the template you want to use. Click Next.

Define your content - Click on the element you wish to change on the left hand side and then type in the contents box. Please do not enter HTML in these boxes or they will appear in your plain text version of the newsletter. Save for later or click next.

Fine tune your newsletter - View and edit both the plain text and HTML versions of the newsletter. You do not need to change anything here if it is not necessary or enter your HTML here. Click next to continue.

Test and send - You can send a test message to those entered in your newsletter profile or you can enter any number of recipients to view the finished newsletter in thier mail client before sending it to your list. If any further adjustments are required, you can go back to make any and then return to test again. Once you are satisfied with the result you can send your newsletter to your list.


Helpline Tip

The 'Preferences' option.

You can change the way you view JISCMail, and alter the amount of help you receive on each page by deciding on the correct 'Mode' choice within the 'Preferences' link. The link is towards the top right hand side of your page when you are logged in.

The 'Mode' option is the first on your list of possible preferences, and the various Modes work as follows:

  • The default is 'Basic Mode'. If you choose this, only the most common options are shown on your JISCMail pages. This is the best mode for those users who are familiar with LISTSERV, but who are not experts and do not need to use the more advanced features.
  • The 'Tutorial Mode' displays each section of the web interface with additional text that will guide you through the options on the page. This is the best mode if you are new to JISCMail, or only use it occasionally..
  • The 'Expert Mode' displays each section of the interface with no extra tutorial text, similar to Basic mode. However, certain pages contain advanced options that are not available with the Basic mode. The Expert mode is useful if you are an owner, or are very familiar with LISTSERV.

There are many other options within your Preferences area. The following are just a few of them:

  • alter your text size
  • choose to change from the default Pulldown Navigation style to a Non-Script Navigation style
  • choose your preferred Start Page option ie, List Dashboard, or Subscriber's Corner
  • select how your Archives are displayed
  • find the Profile you may have created if you have created any newsletters within the Newsletters Template you have sent out

New JISCMail Lists



ACADEMY-CLERKS - A network of clerks to academies to share knowledge and good practice to improve leadership and governance in this sector.

JISC-IDENTITY-MANAGEMENT - A small panel of JISC staff and advisers to receive support/advice requests from members of the UK HE & FE community.

SCURLSYSTEMSLIBRARIANS - Supported by SCURL to enable Systems Librarians in university, college and special libraries, and the National Library of Scotland to share information and best practice.

VIRTUALISATION-SAN - focused on the use of virtualisation technologies.

Learning and Teaching

CYBERPUNKADEMIA - Discuss and research futures for further and higher education in the Information Age; 'deschooling' emancipate academics and students; University-independent academic 'communities of practice'; Free and open-source IT and software.

INTERNATIONALISING-SU - to enable the students' unions to share ideas and best practice for working with international students and increasing opportunities for international exchange in the students' union.

BSA-STUDYGROUP-CONVENOR - enables discussion among BSA Study Group Convenors.

RSC-SE-SHAREPOINT - supporting face to face Sharepoint user forums organised by the JISC RSC Southeast.

External Engagement

RELIGIOUS-ARCHIVES-GROUP - The Religious Archives Group is an informal group of archivists, librarians and others. The main focus is the administration and care of religious archives in the UK.


NTWCLRN-DIRECTORS - for the Research Directors with Northumberland TW region.

NTWCLRN-RSI - for the academic research practices in the Northumberland Tyne and Wear region.

TGSI - tactile paving Tactile Ground Surface Indicators.

GALAXYZOOBLOG - for Galaxy Zoo volunteers.

STRN - providing a support and discussion forum for those interested in researching shark-based tourism.

FAERIE-QUEENE - Part of the AHRCESRC-funded Religion and Society Programme, this project investigates the spiritual possibilities of the present by rescuing a neglected poem, one of the great epics of English literature, Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene.

OSC2010ABTALKS - Open Science Conference 2010 Abstract Talk emails.

OSC2010ABSTRACTS - Open Science Conference 2010 Abstract emails.


Operational News

We will be upgrading the hardware on our mail server on Tuesday 4th May. As a result any mail waiting for delivery will be queued until this work is complete. This upgrade will take place between 08:30 - 09:00 for approximately 30 minutes. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The JANET 'at risk' period applies to the JISCMail service and occurs every Tuesday morning between 07:00 and 09:00. Wherever possible, all maintenance will be conducted within this period.

Subscription Details

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