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JISCMail Helpline: February 2011
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Welcome | BigBlueButton | JISC Conference 2011 | Helpline Tip | New Groups | Operational News | Subscription Details

Welcome to the February 2011 JISCMail Newsletter. This newsletter was created with our very own newsletter tool. Any subscriber to JISCMail can use our professional looking newsletter templates. Find out more here:

In this issue of the JISCMail newsletter we will be updating you on our 'BigBlueButton' progress, telling you all about the JISC Conference 2011, providing you tips on content filtering for your list and displaying our new groups on JISCMail for you to join.

If you have colleagues who you think would find the newsletter useful, please feel free to pass this on to them. They can sign up for their own free monthly copy by registering here:

Finally - if there's something you'd like to see in future JISCMail newsletters or have a JISCMail success story, please send us an email: [log in to unmask]. We’d love to hear from you.



JISCMail would like to invite you to try our online video and audio conferencing service powered by BigBlueButton. All of BigBlueButton’s multimedia collaboration features are available in your own private meeting. Other users can access the meeting only if you choose to share your links with them.

This service is ideal for web seminars and distance learning. We’ve found that presenter-led sessions work best.

How do I take part?

To book a private meeting please e-mail [log in to unmask] with the following information:

  • Time and Date of the Meeting.
  • Approximate Number of Participants.

We’ll e-mail back with a link to create the meeting (valid on the day of the meeting only!). Please give us 24 hours notice for bookings. We’ll provide meeting links on a best effort basis for late bookings.

Right now we’re offering this service to UK academia. To confirm this please send your bookings using a e-mail address.

Getting Help

BigBlueButton provides tutorial videos for both viewers and presenters. To get the best from the service we advise that presenters watch these videos prior to using the service.

You may also find it useful to send this link to your meeting participants before the meeting starts.

If you need help with this service we’re happy to do what we can. Just send an e-mail to [log in to unmask].

Warning: Please don’t hold mission critical meetings here just yet! This service is still in its testing phase. While the platform has been stable and fully functional in our tests there may be issues we’re unaware of. We’re keen for this to be a high quality service so please let us know if you have problems.

JISCMail is still our top priority so we’ll provide as much support for meetings as we can without affecting our production services.

Known Issues

We’ve come across a few issues that you should be aware of before holding a meeting:

  • A small but noticeable audio delay which may be worse with lower quality internet connection. The delay is not a problem in presenter-led sessions.
  • Presentations in Microsoft Office formats (.ppt, .pptx) may have graphical artefacts. Please save as PDF and upload the PDF file instead
  • Unreliable desktop sharing on Apple’s OSX platform.
  • Long usernames are chopped off in the chat window. As a temporary fix hover your cursor over the name
  • Latest versions of Flash Player and Java are required - ava is only necessary for sharing your desktop.

BigBlueButton Features

  • Audio Conferencing.
  • Presentation Sharing.
  • Webcam Sharing
  • Desktop Sharing.
  • Whiteboard
  • Text Chat

JISC Conference 2011


The JISC Conference 2011 will concentrate on your needs to provide through workshops, demos, plenary sessions, an exhibition and networking opportunities:

  • ‘here and now’ advice, guidance and support.
  • Practical and pragmatic steps your institution can take now.
  • A chance to explore the options with others.

JISCMail will be running a mini interactive workshop on Monday 14th March at 16.45:


Helpline Tip

If you wish to block certain content from appearing on your group, you can do this by using your Content Filter template. It is particularly useful for screening Out of Office messages.

To find the template, log in as an owner then go to 'List Management /
Customization / Mail Templates' then 'Select' 'All Templates'. Next choose the 'Rules for filtering list messages based on their contents
[CONTENT_FILTER] template and click on the 'Edit template' button.

List your words or phrases in the 'Contents; field as in the example below:

on annual leave
away from the office
out of office
urgent, please contact

You can add any text here.

Use the 'Update' button to save your changes.

New Groups


LESBIANLIVES - This email list provides a forum to discuss lesbian lives in the ethos of the Lesbian Lives conference. We aim to be an international social, cultural, political and artistic venue for sharing ideas and information of relevance to Lesbian Lives. We hope to develop dialogues and discussions that understand that 'the lesbian perspective still continues to be a critical gaze from a charged margin and the Lesbian Lives Conference continues to be a friendly experience of energetic engagement' (O'Donnell, 2008).

LDFOCUS - This group is associated with the Linked Data Focus effort at EDINA a JISC National Data Centre, at the University of Edinburgh. We are working with different groups of developers to get quickly up to speed with Linked Data tools and techniques, and produce a prototype application.

SOCIALMEDIADISCUSS - The group will be a forum for discussion of the practical possibilities which social media affords for all aspects of academic life: with a particular focus on teaching, research and public engagement.

PATIENTSPARTICIPATE - A group to support communications in the JISC-funded Patients Participate project running between March 2011 and September 2011

DAWN - This group is used to disseminate information between all members of the dawn collaboration on all aspects of the collaboration. It can also be used to contact members of the collaboration by other interested parties.

SWORD - The Software Ontology for Resource Description (SWORD) project is a short, six month, project to start the development of a software ontology. This will enable descriptions to be made of software artefacts used in the creation, management and analysis of data. Such descriptions are an important part of digital preservation as knowing what software have been used with data enables quality assurance, re-creation, repetition and judgmeents to be made about the data in hand.

CULTURAL-RELATIONS-DIPLOMACY - The members of this group share information on and discuss issues related to international cultural relations across disciplines. Keywords include (but are not limited to): cultural relations/dialogue, arts/cultural policy, diplomacy, foreign policy, national identity, cultural/linguistic diversity, globalization, power, hegemony.

RM-IN-HEFE - This group will help to support the JISC Relationship Management Programme projects and also aims to inform those who are not part of the Programme, but who wish to try similar approaches in their own institutions.

CLINICALANDFORENSICSIG - This group is for the Clinical and Forensic Special Interest Group (SIG) of the British Mass Spectrometry Society. It will act as a public forum not only to network with peers, but also to discuss current developments in the field and to announce forthcoming conferences, meetings and training courses that are relevant to the realm of clinical and forensic mass spectrometry.

LEANTHINKING - An online email community forum for individuals and groups involved in or considering Lean Kaizen activities in their University, to share ideas and experiences, tips and advice and perhaps support.

Learning and Teaching

STEM-SW-FYE - This network is for HEI academics and practitioners primarily in the SW region who share a common interest in the first year experience of students studying STEM programmes.
There is a particular focus on transition to and induction into STEM programmes, and, the role of peer mentoring.

ESSEXSOCIOLOGY-WEEKLY - A list for the weekly distribution of news and events announcements from the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex.

JISC-TALWK - Kindles are seen as a new media device in teaching and learning. There is research and pilots of the device (and other like devices) in a number of Universities and Colleges in the UK and overseas. There are a number of issues around the use of the Kindle and how it links with technology, teaching, learning, disability, multimedia, copyright and the use of eContent .
This list will raise issues and explore possible solution as well as help keep members up-to-date with information, trends and deployment of Kindles in teaching and learning.

CAMPUSPACKUK - Mailing group to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects CampusPack collaboration tools.

External Engagement

INCC-KENYA - This group is a sub-group to the International Network for Caregiving Children - focusing specifically on caregiving children in Kenya. The group has been established as a result of a consultative meeting that took place in Nairobi on 10 Feb 2011. The meeting was hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and the Kenyan Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development and sought to raise awareness about caregiving children. This group is for all University, govenment, NGO and bi/multilateral representatives who want to work together to create contexts supportive of caregiving

SOLENTBUSINESSEXCHANGE - Academics from Business. Management and Accountancy related disciplines are invited to network with peers from FE institutions and Southampton Solent University lecturers to make meaningful contacts for the future. Discussions for the Exchange will revolve around supporting student progression, sharing common practice and ultimately how Solent can help support local college students (e.g.: Specific skills, Tasters, Master classes, Portfolio development). Proposals for follow up include further Exchanges, electronic networking, as well as other CPD opportunities.

WARN - A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws


WERC-OLDER-PEOPLE-RESEARCH - WERC is committed to conducting high quality research with a focus on racialised groups in Wales, and to the development research resources, best practice guidance, and knowledge exchange opportunities. As such, we remain committed to working collaboratively with patients, service users and community groups to draw out research priorities and to foster an interest in research, as well as with practitioners, policy makers, funders and researchers to improve practice, influence policy and to strengthen the quality and #quantity of ethnicity, health and social research in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research, with this WERC strand rooted in older people. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations that focus on racialised older population groups in Wales.

JISCWW1 - This group is aimed at joining individuals and organisations within HE, the cultural heritage sector and public service broadcasting, in order to join up ways in which each area plans to digitally commemorate the events of the First World war.

This join-up will deliver content from across the public sector in order to increase education and research on WW1

LANGUAGEINGLASGOW - Mailing group for language, speech and linguistic research in Glasgow

RAMESES - This group is for researchers interested in learning about realist and meta-narrative reviews. We hope to build a community of practice that enables peer-to-peer knowledge construction leading ultimately to community members having greater competence in undertaking these types of reviews.

Operational News

The JANET 'at risk' period applies to the JISCMail service and occurs every Tuesday morning between 07:00 and 09:00. Wherever possible, all maintenance will be conducted within this period.

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