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ITaaU Network+: June 2013: Issue 3
Collaborating with research teams, businesses, entrepreneurs and policy makers to understand the information technology behind the Digital Economy

Digital Economy All Hands: DE2013 Open Digital, 4th-6th November

Steve Brewer


The fourth All Hands meeting for the RCUK Digital Economy Theme will take place from the 4th - 6th November at Media City, Salford. The meeting will bring together innovative thinkers and researchers from many disciplines and backgrounds and help foster an environment that supports the further growth of the DE sector in the UK. We hope that many of the members of the ITaaU Network+ will be able to join us in Media City to share the experiences and achievements of the various activities that are emerging from our contribution to the Digital Economy.


Design approaches for IT utilities - 2 day workshop, London - 4th-5th July


This two-day Design workshop will explore best practices in design approaches relating to IT utilities. This will encompass both the development of IT utilities and also the design of the mechanisms for provisioning them as services or utilities. This will cover the spectrum of utilities from apps to the cloud and much else besides.

The workshop features contributions from two contrasting companies that are key supporters of the ITaaU Network+, ustwo and IBM. The workshop will take place on two sites with the first day spent at the IBM Client Centre on London's South Bank and the second day spent at the Shoreditch headquarters of ustwo in the heart of London's Tech City.


Now and Future of Data Publishing: report from Jisc meeting - 22 May, 2013


On 22 May a number of us from ITaaU based in Southampton attended the Jisc research data meeting in Oxford. The sell-out event brought together many key stakeholder groups involved in this important topic: researchers, research funders, policy makers, journal editors, publishers, data curators. The day featured a number of provocative and inspiring keynotes from publishers and policy makers as well as leading researchers. The forward thinking nature of this stimulating day was captured early on with Simon Hodson's quote that, “Publishing articles without making the data available is scientific malpractice,” which is attributed to Geoffrey Boulton of the Royal Society.


ITaaU Second Pilot Project Call - deadline: 7th June

The deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the next ITaaU Pilot Projects is 7th June. Guidelines for your two page application for the first round can be found on our website. Proposals can present projects of up to 6 months and request amounts of up to £50,000 (on normal Research Council terms). Interdisciplinary and multi-institution applications are being sought that address the key challenges facing the Digital Economy in the area of IT as a Utility.


3D Printing Workshop, Southampton - 27th June

3D printing is fast emerging as one of the most disruptive transformational technologies of our times. With everything from gun designs to sci-fi-like dresses for Dita Von Teese hitting the headlines. At this workshop on the 27th June we will be examining and demonstrating the processes involved.

There will also be a competition for a design service. Please bring along proposals for tangible interfaces to the network or other innovative devices that might enhance IT utilities. The best ideas will be taken forward, printed and reviewed at a follow up workshop later in the year.

3D Printing - workshop

Adoption of ICT to improve security and trust in the UK food chain - workshop

This 2-day Residential workshop to be held in County Antrim, Northern Ireland on the 2nd and 3rd of September will explore best practice from around the UK and beyond and strive to identify tools and ICT systems that can be harnessed to improve food product security, traceability, nutritional benefits and consumer confidence with the social, health and economic benefits that can arise.

This workshop will bring together scientific experts, policy makers and technology practitioners from across the spectrum of government agencies and subject domains that are responsible for everything from “field to fork”.

ICT and UK Food Chain Security - workshop

Internet of Things - workshop report

On the 20th May a workshop was held at Wide Lane, Southampton to delve into the Internet of Things, a term that describes the collection of technologies that supports the emerging wave of internet-enabled physical objects that integrate seamlessly with the information network.

The Goal of the meeting in which we also welcomed representatives from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) was to inform the scope of a forthcoming call from the EPSRC relating to the Internet of Things.

Security and Trust in IT Utilities: challenges, risks and benefits - Scoping meeting, Southampton - 10th June

Security and trust have always important issues at the heart of IT systems. The challenge for IT utilities is to understand the priorities and scope of the issues. For example, to what extent should the psychological issues around trust from the users' perspective influence the implementation of security at a provider level?

This is a big issue which we will return to at a later date. For this reason we are holding a scoping meeting on the 10th June in Southampton to help us understand the key issues, technologies and ideas that should be in scope for the autumn meeting.

Security and Trust - workshop

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