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29th August 2016
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C-CASCADES Training Workshop | ReCoVER update | SECURE annual conference | Workshop: Modelling data from multi-scale data streams in ecological and environmental sciences | Subscription Details

C-CASCADES Training Workshop (Back to Top)

Deadline for applications for participation: 10th Sept 2016

C-CASCADES - Carbon Cascades from Land to Ocean in the Anthropocene - is a European Union Horizon 2020 Marie Curie funded project which aims to produce a new generation of young scientists trained to investigate the role of the carbon cycle in regulating Earth’s climate.

Most training opportunities are open to other young researchers, such as yourself, through application by submitting a motivation letter (up to 1 page) and a CV (up to 2 pages). The event itself is free to attend although any other expenses will be supported by the applicant.

The next training opportunity is:

Training Workshop 3 – Greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4) measurements
Dates: 17 to 21 October 2016
Location: EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

The main objective of this C-CASCADES Training Workshop is to achieve a better quantitative understanding of CO2 and CH4 evasion fluxes from inland waters and the ocean. It will also provide participants with an understanding of the physical basis of the gas exchange coefficient at the water-atmosphere interface, and of ecosystem metabolism as a critical driver of the aquatic carbon cycle. The program will be divided in 5 blocks as follows:
• Literature review and presentation
• Field excursion
• Practical training
• Expert lectures and roundtable
• Synthesis
Deadline for applications is 10 September 2016.


ReCoVER update (Back to Top)

Conference recording and funding for outreach

If you are interested to catch up with the CliMathNet Virtual outreach conference on 21st June 2016, there is a recording available on Note that we are not currently taking applications fo feasibility fund or ECR projects, but the call for the mini-project/meeting fund and outreach projects remains open: see


SECURE annual conference (Back to Top)

Reminder to register

Just to remind you that the SECURE Annual Conference will be held on 20th September 2016 at the Glasgow Science Centre.
The event is free, for more information visit:


Workshop: Modelling data from multi-scale data streams in ecological and environmental sciences (Back to Top)

Bristol, 7th September 2016

The main aim of the workshop will be to highlight the areas in environmental sciences that are in need of new and bespoke methodologies, with particular reference to those areas shared across multiple disciplines in order to maximise the use of these new data sets. The workshop will consist of 6 invited speakers, culminating in a chaired discussion session to help stimulate further discussion from the talks and the development of potential collaborations.
The workshop is free to attend but you must register online.
This workshop is made possible thanks to funding provided by the SECURE network, the University of Bristol's Cabot Institute and NERC.


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