Welcome to the Eye-Movement List!

This list is intended for all who are involved in eye-movement research, and it hosts general discussions in addition to advertisements of jobs, studentships, conference and meetings.

Please take time to read the following notices:

  1. If you wish to send eye-movement related messages to the list (such as a conference announcement, request for information, etc.) you should send your email to eye-movement@jiscmail.ac.uk. It will automatically be forwarded to all members of the list. Please note that the list operates a policy of no attachments and no HTML email (i.e. plain text email only, please).
  2. This list has a WEB PAGE at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/eye-movement.html, where there is an ARCHIVE of messages. Via the web page it is also possible to join or leave the list, or to change your subscription details.
  3. If you prefer, you can send commands by email (such as requests for files or to subscribe or unsubscribe). However, these should never go to the list, but should be directed to the machine reader at jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk. Any questions regarding the operation of the list or problems subscribing or unsubscribing should be sent to the list owner at eye-movement-request@jiscmail.ac.uk, rather than to the list itself.
  4. To JOIN the list send an email with the words "join eye-movement YourFirstName YourLastName" to jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk, i.e. not to the list, or join via the list's web page (see above).
  5. To LEAVE the list send an email with the words "leave eye-movement" to jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk, i.e. not to the list, or leave via the list's web page (see above).
  6. Be careful when REPLYING to messages: if you reply to a message you received via this list, your reply will be sent by default to the entire LIST, rather than the SENDER of the original email (80% of list members preferred it this way). Exercise discretion: if your reply is only of interest to the original sender, it can be sent to the sender rather than the list by changing the "To:" line of your email reply.
  7. There is an EYE-MOVEMENT EQUIPMENT DATABASE at http://ibs.derby.ac.uk/emed/ which was created to reduce the number of requests for information on this subject. Please do not post to the list on this subject without having first looked at the database.
  8. Finally, please respect your fellow list members. Try not to ask for information which you could have easily obtained yourself (e.g. a literature search), and be polite and courteous (remember, nobody is obliged to answer your email!)

This information was suggested by the list members themselves. Thanks for taking the trouble to read it.

I hope you find the Eye-Movement list useful.

David Wooding, List Owner

Last updated: January 2002