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Picture of Axinella dissimilis Axinella dissimilis from Rathlin O'Birne Island, Co Donegal, Ireland.
'Porifera' is a loose association of taxonomists, biologists, chemists, and paleobiologists whose work focuses on questions dealing with Sponges.
Our goals are:
  • To promote research on all aspects of sponge biology.
  • To improve communication between sponge biologists by use of the Internet.
  • To form a species, specimen, and bibliographic database to act as a standard of classification information accessible by all.

New book announcement - Recent Advances in Sponge Biodiversity Inventory and Documentation

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The Porifera listserver bulletin board

Porifera has an electronic mail network at mailbase.ac.uk which servers as a bulletin board for sponge workers. The listserver is run by Bernard Picton (bernard.picton.um@nics.gov.uk) and Clare Valentine (cv@mailserver.nhm.ac.uk). Currently there are over 100 members of Porifera from Europe, South America, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

To join Porifera, send a message to MAILBASE@MAILBASE.AC.UK saying in the body of the message - no signature - no subject

"join porifera <firstname> <last name>". (leave out the quotes and <>)

eg. Join Porifera Bernard Picton

You will receive a package of information by email on how to access discussions. Be aware that the listserver reads your email address and uses that as the return address from then on - if you are moving or changing your email address for any reason you should unsubscribe before leaving your old address, after that only the administrators can change the address your "Porifera" mail is sent to. Only subscribed members can send mail to the list and it is generally a fairly quiet list - normally only about a couple of messages a week.

Information available on the listserver:

All discussions on the listserver are archived monthly; the previous 12 months discussions can be retrieved.

A Who's who of sponge workers.

Porifera's Bibliographic Database

References concerning all aspects of sponge biology, chemistry, etc. have been compiled by Nicole Boury-Esnault, Jean Vacelet, and co-workers. They have decided to make this continuously updated reference database, freely available. The data are in Papyrus format anUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 451, line 117. d can be imported into a copy of Papyrus or other bibliographic database.

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