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Using Microsoft Excel

This page provides links to various resources concerned with the use of Microsoft Excel in the practice and teaching of Statistics.  If you know of additional resources that should be listed here, please contact the listowner who is also responsible for maintaining this page.

Useful Sources of Information
            CTI Statistics
            Microsoft Knowledge Base
            Spreadsheet User
            Teaching Statistics
            Searchable Database of Statistical Software Sites
            Free Statistical Software links

            Erich Neuwirth's List of Spreadsheet Resources
INFORMS Transactions on Education Journal   NEW!

            Teaching Statistics with Excel 5.0 by Neville Hunt
            Review of DISCUS by Roger Gray
            Excel in Statistics by James Currall
            Review of UNISTAT4 by James Currall
            Review Using Data in Bus, Econ & Social Sciences by Ralph Riddiough
            Review of Exploring Prob and Stats with Spreadsheets by Anne Hawkins
            Boxplots in Excel by Neville Hunt
            Demonstrating Sampling Distributions by Neville Hunt and Housh Mashhoudy
            Producing Statistical Tables Using Excel by Neville Hunt
            Teaching Statistical Concepts Using Spreadsheets by Neville Hunt
            Spreadsheet Resources for Statistics by Mike Fuller
            Teaching Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel by Peter Bell   NEW!
Disciplined use of spreadsheets for data entry by SSC, Reading University  NEW!

Frequently Asked Questions
            ASSUME FAQ service

Supplementary add-ins/products
            AIRA Data Mining Tool 
            Analyse-It (formerly ASTUTE)
            DE Histograms (freely downloadable)
            DISCUS (freely downloadable)
            DISCUSS (sequel to DISCUS) 
            Essential Regression and Experimental Design (freely downloadable) 
       &nbsUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 156. p;    Fernando Cinquegrani's Modules (freely downloadable)
            FITTER NEW!
            NAG Statistical Add-ins
            OATBRAN (freely downloadable)
            PopTools Population Modelling Tools (freeware) NEW!
            RSD Associates
            SampleCalc (freely downloadable)
            Synkronizer (shareware available) NEW!

Reports on Annual ASSUME Meetings
            1996 Nottingham
            1997 Sheffield
            1998 London
            1999 London
            2000 Coventry
            28 March 2001, London  Propose a Paper

Known Errors in Excel's Statistical Facilities
            AgResearch New Zealand Guidelines 
Accuracy of Statistical Distributions  
Excel for Statistics: tips and warnings NEW!


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