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Subscribers - These subscription management menus allow you to add or delete subscribers, change a subscriber's e-mail address or subscription options, see whether someone is still subscribed to the list, etc. If you have a lot of subscribers to add or delete, see bulk operations.

Configuration - This menu allows you to edit the list configuration options for your list (also known as the list header).

Wizard - The List Wizard is a new, totally web-based interface that greatly simplifies the process of configuring and modifying list settings. All keywords and their explanations are included and dividedUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 292. up into categories.

Reports - This menu takes you to the reporting section, which enables you to view and change the settings of your subscribers and lists. It also includes a new advanced search engine, which can search through the archives of multiple lists.

Layout - The layout editor allows you to customize the layout of your list using a simple graphical interface. You can switch between text and graphical (icon-based) layout for the archive pages, disable functions that are not useful or not wanted for your particular list, or even translate the archive pages.

Templates - The template editor allows you to customize the administrative messages sent by LISTSERV in response to most commands (known as mail templates). You can also use it to exercise finer control over the layout of the WWW interface than is possible through the graphical layout editor. Note that the banners at the very top and bottom of WWW archive pages are under the LISTSERV administrator's control. You can, however, add your own top and bottom banners in addition to the site-wide ones imposed by the administrator.

Bulk - This menu allows you to add or delete large numbers of subscribers from a text file, which is uploaded using the browser.

Command - This menu allows you to execute an arbitrary LISTSERV command and see the results immediately in your browser window.

Mail-Merge - If enabled by the administrator, this screen allows you to send customized mail-merge messages to your subscribers. You can choose which subscribers should receive the message (for instance, all AOL subscribers who are set to NOMAIL), and you can include customized substitutions or conditional blocks in the message (this is particularly useful when coupled to a DBMS back-end).

Changelog - This new interface allows you to search through system and list-based changelogs. Several filters are included to help locate the relevant entries and data.

Moderation - This new interface greatly facilitates the process of moderation of e-mail lists. Messages can be viewed and consequently approved or rejected in the browser window.

File Store - This Mailtalk addition to Listserv allows you to manage the files available in your list's file area. Requires Javascipt to be enabled on your computer.

Did you know that you can edit the template corresponding to this screen? Once you are familiar with the interface, you could shorten the descriptions or change the order of the buttons so that the ones you use most frequently are more conveniently located.

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