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The site is intended to provide information about the pupil of the eye, and the people who study it. It is associated with the email list 'Pupil', details of which can be found here.

Pupil Colloquia

The Pupil Colloquium has a history going back to the 1961 when Larry Stark organised the first meeting, in Boston.
Recent meetings have been held in Crete (2003), Asilomar, California (2001), Nottingham, England (1999), Alabama (1997), Tübingen, Germany (1995)and Iowa City (1993).

The Colloquium is a meeting of people, from different backgrounds, who have a common interest in the pupil of the eye. There are not many of us, and so our meetings are generally small, friendly, and relatively informal. We discuss any aspect of the pupil, from its use in a clinical setting, providing information about the health of the eye, to how its responses can be modelled mathematically.

The variety of interests and backgrounds of participants can be seen from the diversity of abstracts submitted to the 25th Colloquium
You can also find information about previous colloquia, and abstracts from 21st onwards by clicking on the appropriate number:

24 23 22 14 13 12 11 10 9 8

Fuller details of the last (25th) colloquium can be found here, those of the 24th colloquium here, and those of the 23rd colloquium here.   

26th Pupil Colloquium

The next Colloquium will be held from Monday, 22 Aug to Friday, 26 Aug 2005, at the Bear Mountain Inn,New York State, USA.
It will be hosted by Drs. Harry Wyatt. and Michael Rosenberg

The DRAFT Abstracts and Programme (as of 16th August) can be found by clicking HERE

Bear Mountain is about 50 miles north of New York City along the Hudson River, and the Inn is situated on beautiful New York State parkland.
The area is known for its beauty, and there are many walks and hikes available in the area.
A few relevant links are listed here:

Bear Mountain State Park
Views of the Park and the Hudson Valley

In 2005, the main lodge will be closed for renovations, and we will be taking over most of the remaining buildings. One building is relatively large, containing some accommodation, the dining facility, the meeting facility, a rustic lounge, and a terrace. Some other, smaller buildings contain clusters of rooms around lounge areas. The Pupil Colloquium will rule the place for that week. Thus, although we won't have the big lodge to hang out in, we will have nearly everything else, and the Bear Mountain Inn part of the park should be pretty much all ours. The buildings we'll be in are about one mile from the main lodge, so meeting should be well away from any noise associated with the renovations.

The format for the meeting will be similar to that of previous colloquia: there will be presentations in the morning and afternoon. The Colloquium is an excellent venue for presentation of results in fairly early form, so that you can take advantage of the feedback and debate arising from the multidisciplinary audience.

The social program has now been finalised, and there will be boatride on the Hudson River on the afternoon of Thursday 25th.
Other local places to visit are available to anyone with a car.

Information about abstracts can be found by clicking HERE

Some notes about travel can be found here.
Some further notes (added 5th August 2005) for conference attendees can be found here.
For any further information about the location, or about travel, contact Dr. Wyatt by clicking here  

The Information Letter about the Colloquium can be downloaded from this site as can the Registration Form.

The presenter of the Irene Loewenfeld lecture will be Dr. Michael Koss.
To see the abstracts of the previous lectures, click here

Larry Stark

Dr. Lawrence W. Stark, a Professor Emeritus of Physiological Optics and Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, who was recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the use of control and information theory to characterize neurological systems, died on Friday, Oct. 22nd 2004.

Professor Stark's obituary can be found here

In lieu of flowers, donations in Larry's memory can be made to the Golden Gate National Park Conservatory, Attn: Audrey Yee, Fort Mason Building 201, San Francisco, CA 94123-0022. In accordance with his wishes, the money will be used to purchase land that will be kept preserved and open to the public.

Pupil Links

The links which follow are to pages on other web sites of interest to pupil researchers. As a consequence, to return to this page you will need to hit your 'Back' button.

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Included on this page is a Chapter which formed the basis of the second Loewenfeld lecture: Learning from the pupil - studies of basic mechanisms and clinical applications. (2002)

Stuart Steinhauer's pupil research at the PittUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 249. sburgh Biometrics Research Program

Pupillometry research at the Center for Narcolepsy Research, University of Illinois at Chicago

Pupil shape information from the Lund Vision Group, Sweden

These links should allow you to see some pictures of the pupils :



Christopher Tyler's pupil page which contains images of a variety of pupils

Pupillometer Manufacturer Links


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Helmut Wilhelm's table (2003)

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