The Pacific (24th) Pupil Colloquium.

The 24th Pupil Colloquium was held in the USA, from Friday September 7th to Tuesday Sept 11th 2001, organised by Dr. Merlin Larson, of University of California at San Francisco University, and Dr. Peter Howarth, of Loughborough University. The venue was the Asilomar Conference Center, located on the Monterey Peninsula - which forms part of the beautiful Pacific Coastline of California. Unfortunately, the tragic events of September 11th cast a shadow over what was otherwise an enjoyable and successful colloquium.

A picture of the conference attendees can be found here. Thanks to Stanley Thompson for providing this; Stanley and Merlin provided the names.

A further picture of the conference attendees can be found here. Thanks to Meishel Lent (Sciscope Instrument Co.) for providing this.

Further pictures can be found here.

The following was written just prior to the meeting.

The Pupil Colloquium has a history going back to the 1961 when Larry Stark organised the first meeting, in Boston.
Recent meetings have been held in Nottingham, England (1999), Alabama (1997), Tubingen, Germany (1995), Iowa City (1993) and Woods Hole (1991).

The Colloquium is a meeting of people, from different backgrounds, who have a common interest in the pupil of the eye. There are not many of us, and so our meetings are generally small, friendly, and relatively informal. We discuss any aspect of the pupil, from its use in a clinical setting, providing information about the health of the eye, to how its responses can be modelled mathematically. The variety of interests and backgrounds of participants can be seen from the diversity of  abstracts submitted to the 22nd Colloquium and abstracts submitted to the 23rd Colloquium.   

We intend to follow a similar format to other recent Colloquia - arrive to an evening reception on Friday 7th, and leave on Tuesday 11th. In this way participants stay over Saturday night, and can consequently get lower air fares.

NEW: Abstracts submitted to the 24th Colloquium

NEW: Abstracts submitted to the 24th Colloquium (MS Word format)

NEW: Programme Schedule

NEW: Programme Schedule (MS Word format)

Information for Participants

A description of Asilomar

The following links provide informatUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 101. ion about registration for the meeting.

Registration Letter - html format

Registration Letter - MS Word .doc format

Information letter - html format

Information letter - MS Word .doc format

Asilomar accommodation booking form: html format
Asilomar accommodation booking form: as an image in a Word document
Note: this form should be printed out and sent directly to Asilomar and NOT to Dr. Larson

Abstract details (as of 16th March 2001)

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