The psych-methods FAQ (v0.2):

Web Resources for Psychological Methods

Author: Jeremy Miles. Please send comments, dead links, additions.
Last updated 3/11/1999




1.  What is psych-methods?

Psych-methods is a discussion list, run by the mailbase service, for the discussion of all matters of psychological methodology.
2. Who "owns" psych-methods
The list owner is Jeremy Miles, he can be contacted at  Please send corrections, addition, etc to him.
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4.  What should I send to psych-methods?
Any questions, queries, or points for discussion that are related to psychological research methodology.  Also announcements of conferences or courses.
5.  What should I not send to psych-methods?
Commercial advertising is against the JANET acceptable use policy, and is discouraged.  There is, however, a large grey area between an announcement and an advertisement.  The best option is to email the list owner, at, if you are unsure.
6.  I am having trouble posting to the list / my mail was rejected by the list. 
The list is set up so that only members can post to it (this reduces unwanted mail).  If you joined under a different mailname than the one that you currently use, you will not be able to post to the list.  You need to leave the list, and rejoin with your new name.  If you have trouble doing this, email the list owner.
7.   What is the rest of this FAQ about?
The bulk of this FAQ is intended to be a collection of useful links relating to all aspects of psychological methodology.  If you know of links or sections that you think should be added, please email the list owner
8.  Why don't you have anything on [insert favourite method here] / Why don't you have more on [IFMH].
Because Jeremy Miles (who wrote this FAQ) didn't know anything about it.  If you think it should be added, email it to him.  Even better edit this file (in the same format) and then send it to him (but check first).  You will notice there is very little on any types of qualitative data analysis. 

Quantitative Methods



HyperStat Online.  An online introductory level textbook of statistics.

CTI Centre for Psychology

The Psychology Research Methods Section at SOSIG

Statistical Data Analysis.  Lots of stuff on SPSS, set up by an American lecturer.


List of statistics lists -


Warren Sarle on Bootstrapping -

Item Response Theory


Power Analysis

Introduction to Power Analysis
Web Resources on Power Analysis

Multilevel Modelling

Multilevel Models Project -

Structural Equation Modelling


Software - General

Internet Statistical Software Resources: A large collection of links to software sites.

ProGamma (Suppliers of statistical software)
Assessment Systems Corp 

Software - Power Analysis

A Review of Power Analysis Software
Online Power Analysis Calculator

Software Structural Equation Modelling


Stuff That Just Had No Appropriate Heading

Who was Bonferroni? -
Journal of Statistical Software -

Qualitative Methods


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Jeremy Miles put the words together, but he was told what to put by (amongst others): Sally Appleton, Mark Bevan, Emma Place, Leon Watts.