Welcome to the Postgraduate mailing list.

This list was established by the National Postgraduate Committee (NPC) as a forum for the discussion of any issues which relate to the quality of postgraduate education in the UK.


Examples of items appropriate to this mailing list are:

  1. Discussion of policy affecting postgraduate students which is put forward by government, government agencies (such as Research Councils), and members of the academic community.
  2. Enquiries about the provision of facilities for postgrads at other institutions, eg. library provision, access to offices.
  3. General News items affecting the postgraduate community as a whole.

It is not to be used as a general `chat-line' - for messages unrelated to the subject, please use private email.

To send e-mail to every other person on the list, address it to:

(it will automatically immediately be copied to everyone on the list; you should receive a copy back).

To send e-mail to the list owner, for instance if you wish to join the list or change address, send mail to:

NOTE - on most systems if you REPLY to a message coming from postgrad@mailbase, your reply will only go to the one person who sent the original message. If you want your reply to go to everyone, either FORWARD it back to postgrad@mailbase, or use REPLY but add postgrad@mailbase into the CC: (Carbon Copy) field, if your software allows.

Anyone who wishes to know more about the NPC and to receive papers and minutes of meetings should join the NPC mailing list:

To join this list, you should send a message to that effect to:

About Mailbase

The Mailbase system is run by the Newcastle-based Networked Information Services Project (NISP). There are two addresses you may need to use.


This accesses the Mailbase program and is the one to use when sending commands, e.g. leave, index, send (see later)


This address is that of the NISP Mailbase team. Send any comments or queries about Mailbase here.

Some useful commands


To leave the list, send a message containing the single line,

leave postgrad

To join the list, send a message with the command

join postgrad your-firstname your-lastname

To obtain an alphabetical listing of all those on the Postgrad list, together with their e-mail addresses, send a message with the command

review postgrad

If you wish your name to appear in the Postgrad listing (for contact purposes), but do not wish to receive broadcasts, send a message with the command

suspend mail postgrad

(to reverse this, the command is 'resume mail postgrad')

To obtain a list of available documentation about Mailbase, send a message with the command,

index mailbase

When you have found the document you require, use the 'send' command to have it posted to you. For example, to receive the user commands reference card, send a message with the command

send mailbase user-card

Postgrad messages are archived. To get a list of the fiUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 165. les available, send a message with the command

index postgrad

The procedure for retrieving files is similar to the one described above for the user card. For example, to request this file, the command is

send postgrad introduction

Just to remind you, all commands should be sent to New text goes in here.