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The idea for the Society of Rogerian Scholars was born in the living room of Martha Rogers' New York City apartment in November, 1986. We were fortunate in having the opportunity to meet with Dr Rog rs twice a month for ongoing inquiry into the Science of Unitary Human Beings. Realizing that few people had this opportunity, we explored how to facilitate discussion and networking efforts among t e widest possible audience. We decided that the best vehicle would be a formal organization that could provide services such as publishing a newsletter and sponsoring seminars. We called ourselves t e Dreamers' Think Tank. The dream is reality.


Since its advent as a profession heralded by the work of Nightingale, nursing has been responsible for the development of a body of scientific knowledge specific to nursing and for the imaginative a d creative use of this knowledge in the art of practice. The nurturance of human beings is the ever-present and age-old concern of the nursing profession.

The Science of Unitary Human Beings provi es a distinctive nursing frame of reference for viewing human beings, the mutual human-environmental process, and nursing practice. Nurses who are concerned with the Science of Unitary Human Beings re challenged to contribute to its conceptual, theoretical and practical development. Nurses are responsible for the logical analysis of the framework and the generation and testing of theories.

H w nurses use knowledge derived from the framework to provide a service to society is as important as the knowledge itself. The thoughtful synthesis of the science and art of nursing is essential if he framework is to contribute to the fulfillment of the profession's mandate to provide nursing service to society. All nurses concerned with the development and use of the framework are responsible for engaging in open communication of ideas, questions, challenges, and refutations generated by the framework, and reporting scholarly work and practice in the nursing literaure.

The Society o Rogerian Scholars is commited to fostering the development of the Science of Unitary Human Beings by providing a formal, organized structure for the stimulation, development, and exchange of id as. The formation of the Society is predicated upon the belief that all nurses around the world should have a forum where questions, ideas, insights, and opinions related to the framework's concepts theories, and use in practice are discussed.

The Society provides a structure to ensure open and speedy communication of current work and thinking within the framework and the most recent develo ments and revisions of its concepts, principles, and theories. The fulfillment of the mission and purposes of the Society will help to advance nursing as a science and thereby contribute significant y to the knowledgeable nursing of human beings.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Society of Rogerian Scholars, Inc., is to advance nursing science through an emphasis on the Science of Unitary Human Beings. The focus of the Society is education, research, and ractice in service to humankind.

Membership Form

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Society of Rogerian Scholars
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Make checks (U.S. funds only) payable to: Society of Rogerian Scholars.

Membership year runs from July 1 through June 30. For new members only who pay in April, May, or June, dues are credited towards the following year.

Library subscriptions are available for the newsletter at $20.00 per year, and for Visions: The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science at $15. 00 per copy.

Reprints of articles in Visions are available for $2.50 per article.

The book, Martha E. Rogers: 80 Years of Excellence, is available from the above address at $15.00 per copy (postage and handling $2.50 USA and $5.00 International).

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The text from this page was taken from the original SRS promotional leaflet and has been reproduced with thanks.

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