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  • British History 1700-1900:  Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders (Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia)
  • British History 1700-1900: Scientists and Engineers (Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia)
  • British History 1700-1900: The Trade Union Movement (Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia)
  • USA History 1840-1960:  Business Leaders (Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia)
  • USA History 1840-1960: Trade Unionism (Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia)

  • Email Networks and Listservers


  • Babbage Pages
  • F. W. Taylor Collection at the Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Frank & Lilian Gilbreth (part of a much larger site on “Building Better Humans”)
  • Hugo Munsterberg Page
  • Kurt Lewin Page
  • Peter F Drucker Foundation
  • The Maslow Reading Room
  • W Edwards Deming Institute
  • Verstehen: Max Weber HomePage

  • Miscellaneous

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