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Welcome to the Iberian & Latin-American Music discussion list (ILM). This list has been set up in response to the growing interest in this field. The aim is to create an electronic forum for discussion of topics related to any aspect of research into the music and musicians of Spain, Portugal and Latin-America. This could include new archival research, details of relevant conferences, publications, work in progress and queries of any kind.

At present there is no chronological limit, but if the topic proves to be too broad, it may be necessary to split the list into sublists. Although the official language is English, contributions in Spanish and Portuguese are also welcome.

Due to the increase in traffic in the electronic network, it would be appreciated if communications could be kept brief. The list also makes it possible to store files of any length, such as papers and sets of data, which can be retrieved by members. For any queries related to the list, please send a message to


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