History and Economic Development Group, UK

(a Study Group of the Development Studies Association)

Annual General Meeting


The HEDG AGM was held at SOAS, London, on 10 May 2000, and was attended by a dozen or so people.

The chair reported that the group's academic activities had taken two forms: 1) A regular research seminar, held in term at the London School of Economics, London. 2) The annual workshop, held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, immediately prior to the AGM, which all had enjoyed. There was general approval of the innovation, introduced by Barbara Ingham, of including a session dedicated to a general theme, with a clutch of short position papers addressing that theme.

The year had been dominated by the gradual shift of our organisation to e-mail and web site. All of us wished to express our deepest gratitude to Mar Rubio, for getting the web site up and running. Apart from the usual teething problems, concern was expressed that we might be excluding some faithful members. However, Gareth Austin reported that we had only one regular 'snail mailer' left, and that the financial and time advantages of electronic means of communication were overwhelming.

Various measures to improve the functioning of the web site were proposed. Gareth Austin reminded people to sign on to the notice board system, said that he would post a reading list for comparative economic history, and suggested that workshop papers could stay up as a basis for continuing discussion. Tom Tomlinson advised that all workshop papers distributed through the site should be saved in HTLM format. Links to other sites, such as H-Asia and H-Africa, were suggested. The question of advertising on the site was raised, and it was decided that people could list their publications, but without specifying price.

It was reported that the Develoment Studies Institute (LSE) is to hold a ten year anniversary conference on Institutional Economics and Development in September at the LSE. This is being billed as a follow-up to HEDG's successful conference on the New Institutional Economics and Third World history, held at the LSE in 1993.

The next Economic History Society conference will be a centenary one, and it may be difficult to get a HEDG presence. The experience at this past year's EHS conference in Oxford was somewhat disappointing, with some small audiences and time-tabling anomalies.

Barbara Ingham, our liaison person with the DSA, offered to write a report for the DSA. We were pleased to note that our workshop had been attended by Paul Mosley. It was agreed that links with the DSA should be strengthened. We were reminded that there would be a one day DSA meeting on the 4th November in SOAS, to discuss World Bank poverty alleviation policies.

The HEDG officers remain unchanged, except that Gareth Austin announced that he was standing down as secretary, to be replaced by Kent Deng, Department of Economic History, LSE. We thank Gareth very much for all his hard work as secretary, and welcome Kent aboard. Janet Hunter, our treasurer, reported that there had been little change in our financial position, with a small positive balance, still held on the LSE general account.

The new committe is thus composed of the following:

William G. Clarence-Smith (SOAS), Chair, wc2@soas.ac.uk

Kent Deng (LSE), Secretary,

Janet Hunter (LSE), Treasurer, J.E.Hunter@lse.ac.uk

Barbara Ingham (Salford), DSA liaison,

The next HEDG annual workshop and AGM will be held in May 2001, probably at the LSE. It was agreed that it would be good if HEDG could hold a major residential conference, preferably outside London, but it was repUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 39. orted that there were currently no volunteers to organise one.