German-Language News Sources

The following list of news sources was compiled by Duncan Large ( and posted to the List on 11 January 1999.

'German News' is a daily news digest available over the Web in German:

and English:

Both are also distributed daily by e-mail - to subscribe to the distribution list, send a message to

with, in the body of the text, either

SUB GERMNEWS Firstname Lastname

for the German edition or, for the English,

SUB DE-NEWS Firstname Lastname

(in each case substituting your own names!).

The German Information Center in New York ( publishes a weekly newsletter in German (Deutschland Nachrichten) and Englis h (The Week in Germany). Both are available on the Web:

and by e-mail - subscription details at:

Deutsche Welle sends out two news bulletins per day by e-mail - subscription details at:

Other Web-based news services can be accessed from:

that's in addition to the on-line newspapers and magazines at:

If your computer can cope with sound and video, there are quite a few radio and TV stations now providing material online. For most clips you will need a copy of the audio-visual application RealPla yer, bundled with the latest generation of browsers but otherwise available as a free download (current version G2) from:

The following URLs will all launch RealPlayer automatically from within your Web browser and allow you to listen to live radio transmissions over the Net (in most cases), or else pre-recorded news bu lletins:

B5 aktuell (Bayerischer Rundfunk):

Deutsche Welle (Deutsches Programm live):

Deutsche Welle (hourly news bulletin):

Inforadio Berlin/Brandenburg:

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk:

Radio Österreich International:

As with bookmarks or favo(u)rites in a Web browser, RealPlayer allows you to store stations as 'presets' so that you can access them directly. Directories of further stations include:

European Radio Stations on the Internet:

Live RaUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 146. dio on the Internet:

Radio Tower:

World Radio Network:

There don't seem to be any live TV stations yet, but you can watch a pre-recorded 15 minutes' worth of Tagesschau from ARD (updated 6 times a day) at

Many other sites include multimedia material which you can listen to/watch using RealPlayer. An excellent one, for example, is ARD's site on '75 Jahre Radio in Deutschland':

which includes many historical audio clips. There are links to the Websites of the main TV and radio stations at:

and many of these are now making (excerpts from) programmes available over the Internet.

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