Restructuring Final-Year General Language


Instit. 1

Institution 2

Institution 3

Institution 4

Institution 5

Institution 6

Institut. 7

Institution 8

Contact hours per week

1 Prose

1 Translation

1 Oral

1 Prose

1 Essay

1 Translation

3 written language papers:

1) Prose/Transl. (all)

2 out of:

2) Essay

3) German Structure and Style

4) Techn. Transl.

1 grammar/translation

1 Sprachpraxis (for oral and essay)

1/2 Comprehension (SH only)

1 Prose

1 Translation

1 Prose

1/2 Translation

1 translation into and out of German, on stylistics, precis work, mistake spotting extension of vocabulary etc.

1 Essay and oral work


1 Prose,

1 Translation

(depending on Degree scheme; could be 2 Prose or 2 Trans. only)


20 (weighted: Band A)

10 credits each



1/6 of degree, 1/12 of JH


(not modular)


Continuous Assessment

10 pieces

doesn't count

Doesn't count.


Doesn't count.

Is done, but doesn't count.

Counts as 40% (marks for 8 proses and 4 translations (no Klausuren, all done at home with help of dictionaries

Yes, but doesn't count.



3 hours (1 translation, 1 prose) [together 67%, Oral 33%]

Exam at end of year.


a) 3 hours (1 Prose, 1 Transl.)

b) 3 hours (SH), 2 hours (JH): Essay

c) 15-min oral with External

d) 25-min oral (Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at E:\listplex\SYSTEM\SCRIPTS\filearea.cgi line 455, line 180. SH only)

e) written and aural compreh. (SH only)

2 x 2 hours (1 in each direction) [50%/50%]

Counts as 60%

2 x 2 hours (1 in each direction) [50%/50%]

3 hours (1 translation, 1 prose) [33%]

3 hour essay [33%]

Oral [33%]

3 hours (1 translation, 1 prose) [100%]

Oral as separate module


Yes, 10 credits.

Assessed at end of Semester 1.

[as of 2000:

3 modules: prose/essay, translation/interpreting and oral.]


All students:2-part oral exam: a) reading passage and discussion, b) aural compr. based on an audio or video recording.

(see above)

Yes: oral communication + Textarbeit [guided composition and commentary in German]. oral exams: at the end of Semester 1 and last 20-25 mins. Textarbeit: 2 hour written exam at the end of the year. [50%/50%]

Yes, 10 credits [Exam 80%, c/a 20%]


Yes (20-mins exam)


3-hour essay compulsory for SH

General Point: Teaching in semesters.

1st semester, all 2nd and final year modules are assessed by one essay chosen from up to five titles and submitted in January (2000 words). [broad-ranging essay titles]

2nd semester, all 2nd and final year modules are assessed by one exam of one and a half hours in which 2 questions are chosen from 6.

In the first year the exams are done at the end of S1 and the essays at the end of S2.

Incidentally, a 10-credit module here can consist of as little as 16 hours teaching, though some are around 20.


In language modules: exam marks only. In 'content' modules: extended essays only.

In process of moving to:

one 30-credit language module, covering a range of oral and written skills (written component 60% and the oral for 40%.)

Reasons: Students find pr/tr difficult, poor performance in exams (no Dict.); teach wide range of skills: report-writing, written compr., precis-writing.


3-hour essay compulsory for SH.

Final-year language papers set by the Language Centre for students doing a European Studies degree: comprehension, precis-writing etc rather than direct translation. They've recently been commended as imaginative by Externals, so we might move that way ourselves.