British and Irish Poets (B+I Poets) is a poetry listserv focused on non-mainstream traditions of Irish and British poetry, particularly of the 20th and 21st centuries. The membership, of approximately 250, is international.

The current focus of the list is on work that is often described as ‘postmodern’, ‘innovative’ or ‘experimental’. Members share interests in visual or concrete poetry, ideas of performance and collaboration, translation, digital and on-line work, inter or multimedia work.

The capacities and limitations of categories and definitions have themselves been subjects of vigorous debate on the list, as have the possible meanings of “British and Irish,” in the fluid terms of poetry.

On the list you can discuss poetry and poetics; distribute information on events and publications; publish reports on readings, symposia and conferences; post original work.


The list was begun by Ric Caddel in 1996. There have been several teams of co-owners: Peter Larkin, Elizabeth James and John Cayley; cris cheek and Trevor Joyce; Mairéad Byrne and Rupert Mallin; Mairéad Byrne and Ian Davidson; and currently Ian Davidson and Randolph Healy.

The list archive is searchable at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/british-irish-poets.html. Please keep in mind, when you are posting, that you are contributing to a valuable archive.


The list is unmoderated. Listowners do not review, intercept, or censor messages. Members are expected to exercise courtesy in all exchanges.

A member who acts offensively may have their subscription cancelled without warning. After a cooling-off period, the person concerned may, if they wish, resubscribe to the list.

Finally, it makes your post easier to read for those members who receive messages in digest form if you delete any previous contributions in the body of your replies.

Welcome to British + Irish Poets.

Ian Davidson and Randolph Healy