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Ancient Language

A Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Mangement. This 'Gender in Management Special Interest Group' is a dedicated network to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and management.

We aim to create an interactive community of British Black Studies The list aims to be a forum for discussion of Black Studies in Britain The list is for information relating to British Black Studies A forum for postgraduate and career opportunities in Black Studies

A place for researchers, carers, service users, third sector organisations, practitioners and policy makers to share and exchange information on the evidence base for carer services, research and policy

Partnership group to address the issue of sexual harassment within the Bradford City Ward.

The CLEA fosters and promotes high standards of legal education in the Commonwealth. Founded in 1971, it is a Commonwealth-wide body with regional Chapters and Committees in South Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean and the UK. This email distribution list is closed so that only the authorized CLEA list owners can post to the list with regular updates relating to the conference, moot, other events, newsletters and journal alerts.

This discussion list aims to provide a virtual community of practice in bringing the topics of community engagement and peer support together, and in identifying and discussing their potential contribution to health literacy. The list will facilitate collaboration with people who are experts in engaging communities and with community experts - key informants - with experience in promoting health literacy, to find out what works for different types of people in different situations. List participants will contribute to development of a model of community-based peer support that successfully promotes health literacy across different types of people in different settings.

This list has been retained 29/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list TESTING: please do not subscribe yet This discussion list is a space to develop the darkmatter Journal in terms of a broader race-knowledge-digital-software project.

This list exists to improve communications between different Disability Support Allowances (DSA) stakeholder groups. Please use it to discuss issues that affect two or more groups of stakeholders in the DSA. eg - Clarifications and changes to principles around equipment recommendations and approvals - Discussions about quality issues, QAFs, SLAs, KPIs, surveys that affect other groups than just individual groups - Discussions around administrative issues (eg with SFE, SLC, NHS) that affect other stakeholder groups. - Circulating proposals for comment before they are turned into policy.

A list for Human Resource professionals working in the areas of Employee Relations and Employee Engagement in Higher Education and Further Education Institutions.

A list for academics (PhD students through to Professors) who consider themselves to be feminist. Please share news of research, funding, networking, conferences and ideas for a website.

The purpose of the list is to share information about academic research and events about gender, race, and labour regulation in a variety of contexts. We are particularly interested in fostering feminist and interdisciplinary approaches to labour law, regulation, and policy.

This resource supports the Global Social Theory website which is a free resource for students, teachers, academics, and others interested in social theory and wishing to understand it in global perspective.

The Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG) aims to support institutions and equality practitioners in advancing race equality and changing the culture of the higher education #sector. HERAG meets three times a year and anyone with an interest in race equality is welcome to come along to the meetings.

This list is intended as a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in children and young people's intersecting identities and inequalities. It arises from a recent international seminar series on 'Children's Rights, Social Justice and Social Identities in Scotland: Intersections in Research, Policy and Practice' (2013-2014), funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute: The list aims to: - disseminate innovative research, policy and practice - create meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities - generate new knowledge and identify priorities for action in the field of childhood identities and inequalities, children'& 128;™s rights, social justice, childhood/family studies and intersectionality - firmly put children and young people'& 128;™s inequalities on the agenda in research, policy and practice

This list is to encourage discussion among teachers, researchers and policy-makers about the benefits of language learning for all EU citizens, particularly those from disadvantaged or marginalised groups.

LGBT Health Research UK is a multidisciplinary group that aims to; promote equality in health and wellbeing for LGBT populations, promote equity in treatment & care services, and to influence wider public policy on LGBT health by; encouraging, facilitating and conducting research, and by developing and disseminating good practice in education & training of health and social care practitioners.

This list has been retained 29/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list We have been asked by the Equality Challenge Unit to set up a list to support a piece of work we have been contracted to undertake on mainstreaming equality in Scottish higher education. This list will support three learning sets comprising members from Scottish HEIs who will be piloting equality and diversity tools between April 2011 and February 2012 A discussion list for Scottish HEIs piloting equality tools as part of the ECU Mainstreaming project.

This list will support HEIs participating in the Equality Challenge Unit's Mainstreaming Equality through Governance and Management programme. It will provide a mechanism for discussion, the sharing of information and peer support for teams from 6 Scottish HEIs in the development of their approach to mainstreaming through governance and management.

The mailing list offers a network to stimulate critical thinking and knowledge exchange on the processes that shape migrant mothers & cultural and caring work in enabling their children to occupy a place as future citizens

The broad themes of the email discussions will relate to research in the field of migration and asylum across Europe, events carried out by the different European organisations, issues in practice and difficulties the different practitioners face in the field. We are looking for a way to facilitate European collaboration and share knowledge in the field, and build potential partnerships in research and/or practice.

This mailing list serves to connect practitioners, social researchers, academics and students working in the fields of multiculturalism, cultural equality and intercultural relations. It aims to plan and discuss knowledge exchange events which will promote more engaged social research that it valuable in local communities.

National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse information and newsletter.

This list is used to share good practice and promote discussion between disability networks at UK HE institutions.

This list acts as a discussion forum for students to discuss ideas, events, policies and campaigns in relation to the NUS Scotland Black Students' Campaign.

To coordinate the higher education community training and public service interpreters and translators and encourage stakeholders to participate and share issues and information.

The Roma Discussion Network List (also known as the RDNList) is an email-based community. It aims to encourage greater exchange of information, promote discussion and organise events in the UK for young career academics working on issues related to Roma, Gypsies and Traveller minorities. The list provides regular updates on major news, publications and events relating to Roma, Gypsies and Travellers. Posts also include information about relevant funding opportunities, research collaboration, job advertisements and new research projects.

The Refugee Archives and History Group is an informal group of archivists, historians, NGOs and refugee communities. The main focus is the administration and care of both refugee history archives in the UK.

This contact address will be used by those who are interested in supporting students in residences across the sector, whether this is for pastoral, welfare or discipline matters.

This list is used as an exchange platform for the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) supported Collaborative Research Network (CRN) "Romanis in Europe". The CRN already counts around 60 members, around the half of whom are UK based. The specific interest of the network lies with the evaluative research with the focus on policies targeting Romani communities, allowing their geographic mobility and determining their relationship with the European and national institutions. This list has been retained 06/03/2015 Existing subscribers may view the archives No new subscription requests or posts will be accepted

The list exists to share information between people collaborating on a study of the uses made of herbal and other 'traditional medical products' and plants, and their relation to health care and pharmacy in the UK among populations of South Asian ethnic origin

This list is for student officers and staff in students unions, FE and HE institutions interested in internationalising students' unions. Common topics include information on upcoming events on internationalisation and international students, international students in crisis, information on campaigns for international students, and new information on building global student communities.

Superdiversity is a relatively new field of research. The list aims to provide a forum for scholars & practitioners to discuss and disseminate their work in this field.

This group is for students' union officers from all students' unions in the South West of England. Information will be provided on all NUS issues of concern to the South West.

This is a mailing list for all women, both staff and students, working and studying in the Science, Engineering and Technology fields at the University of East London. The university has recently signed up to the Athena Swan charter in November 2010; and this mailing list will be used to circulate news about initiatives to implement the charter throughout UEL. It will also be used to notify members about events related to Women in SET and generally build a community of practice amongst the women staff and students in SET.

WERC is committed to conducting high quality research with a focus on racialised groups in Wales, and to the development research resources, best practice guidance, and knowledge exchange opportunities. As such, we remain committed to working collaboratively with patients, service users and community groups to draw out research priorities and to foster an interest in research, as well as with practitioners, policy makers, funders and researchers to improve practice, influence policy and to strengthen the quality and quantity of ethnicity, health and social research in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research, with this WERC strand rooted in older people and ageing research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations that focus on racialised older population groups in Wales.