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A mailing list for anyone interested in the links between reading fiction and non-fiction and health. Bibliotherapy, including Books on Prescription, reading groups, self-help etc.

This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used to discuss operational issues relating to the establishment of the Collaborative Academic Store for Scotland, involving UK HE and the NLS.

The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussions on topics of relevance to cataloguing, classification, indexing, knowledge organisation, metadata, etc. enabling an exchange of experience and perspectives. This list can also be used to promote relevant events, publications, job vacancies and services.

Open list for anyone who is a member of the CILIP South West Member Network. Members are encouraged to participate in this group by contributing to the planning of and attending events for library and information workers and retired members in the South West of England.

Discussion and announcements from CILIP in the Thames Valley, which holds regular meetings, visits and networking opportunities for members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas.

A group for library directors or senior library staff who are members of CREST or who work for small institutions which are scaling up their research function.

This group is an open discussion forum for those interested in crowd sourcing as an academic methodology. It is likely to include both academics using crowd sourcing, and contributors to crowd sourcing projects.

Customer Services Group UK (CSGUK) is a group that supports library customer service professionals to develop, collaborate and knowledge share

List to support discussion on components of current and emerging library, publishing, and related bibliographic metadata standards as RDF vocabularies for use in developing Dublin Core application profiles and semantic mappings.

This list will be used specifically in the implementation of theme 4 of our strategic plan, 2008-2011, regarding the coordination and funding of digitisation activity. Sublist of RLUK-ALL

This list is for library and information professionals in all sectors who are interested in issues of diversity and equality as they pertain to questions of race, gender, disability, sexuality, etc. The emphasis is on unity within diversity and so people of all races are welcome to become involved.

This list has been retained 14/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list List used by eCrystals Federation core partners to manage the project

A platform for discussion, dissemination of best practice and training in relationship to emergency planning in museums, libraries and archives in Wales

Discussion list for users of Ex Libris's Leganto Resource Management System. Including announcements from the Ex Libris User Group, EPUG-UKI.

This list is for practitioners in Further Education Learning Resource Centres in Wales who are supporting e-learning and managing electronic resources.

A discussion list for the UK Data Archive's thesaurus products (the Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus/European Language Social Science Thesaurus).

A Sub branch of CILIP South East, this regional group is for library and information workers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

HLG-MEMBERS is an open list run by the Health Libraries Group HLG of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals CILIP. It provides a forum for HLG members to discuss HLG business, such as publicising forthcoming events and exchanging information of interest and relevance to HLG members.

This mailing list is for discussion around the topic of developing, sharing and re-use of open educational resources on information literacy

A list for discussion of issues related to building and using interoperable digital services across a range of domains such as libraries and museums. It will also disseminate details of work from the UK Interoperability Focus, and will act as a forum for others working in this important field. Note that this list is now closed.

This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list Mailing list for KB+, the UK shared academic knowledge base

User Group of KB+ Jisc Service

This is for people working in,students of, researching or otherwise interested in Knowledge Management, including those in academic and research environments, to exchange information and develop the discipline.

The list is for librarians, library teams, system managers, technical staff and those with an interest in using the Koha Library Management System in all types of libraries.

List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with LGBT communities.

Supporting a community of practice for project management in libraries. An exchange for practical ideas and information, estimates, benchmarking. #Discussing development and training for project management in libraries. #Information on project management methodologies and technology.

This is a list for anybody who is involved in the procurement and creation of accessible material formats in an educational environment.

This list is used by the Association of Librarians in Landbased Colleges and Universities to enable discussions to take place relevant to those working (or related) to the sector.

Informal U.K. based list for ALMA inter-library loan and document supply practitioners (private list for members only)

The Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) Eastern is a regional group reporting to the national ARLG committee. This list is intended to allow information professionals across the Eastern region to find out about our events, news and activities.

This list is primarily for discussion announcements among members of the CILIP Colleges of Further and Higher Education special interest group who work or live in Wales

This list enables information professionals, who support research, learning and teaching in the Arts and Humanities, to discuss and exchange information about the latest developments in the field.

Unmoderated discussion group for lecturers and research staff in Departments of Information and/or Library Studies in the U.K.

A discussion forum for users of the Bliss Bibliographic Classification (BC). The list will be used to disseminate information about the activities of the Bliss Classification Association and to promote interest in faceted classification.

This list is for information exchange and discussion amongst librarians working with children's literature, academic research and collections.

discussion list where CILIP Mentors can share, and resolve, issues arising from their mentoring work with candidates for the range of CILIP qualifications.

List for library and information staff working towards revalidation of their certification, chartership or fellowship within the CILIP scheme.

A list for Librarians and Information Professionals in North-East Scotland to share information about continuing professional development, events and networking locally.

A forum for the discussion of all issues related to the management of library collections.

A list for Scottish HEIs to share information on decisions made on material in their print collections.

This list has been retained 04/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list will be used by members of the Coventry Warwickshire LRC Manager's Forum and colleagues from local organisations

This list is for discussion of Leganto, a reading list solution developed by Ex Libris.

This list is intended to enable sharing of programmes, best practice, and resources used by information professionals to educate and enable their service users to navigate Fake News in the current information environment.

List supporting staff not in traditional academic roles (such as librarians, learning developers and learning technicians) working towards HEA fellowship

This is list is used by the Committee of London Research Libraries in History as a forum for discussing matters of common interest such as acquisitions, services, strategies and projects.

ILIG - the International Library and Information Group - is a Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. CILIP is the leading professional body for librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers in the United Kingdom. ILIG's special interest is library and information science world-wide. About a third of ILIG's membership is based outside the U.K. This discussion list aims to facilitate communication between international librarians, to share information about global activities and conferences of interest to the international community of information professionals.

The primary aim of the list is to exchange information, experience in supporting international students in academic libraries.

This mailing list is for users of the Copyright Licensing Agency's and Kortext's KeyLinks resource list management system.

For discussion of all aspects of research and evaluation across all LIS sectors. For sharing relevant experience on the development of research methodologies and instruments and on avenues for dissemination of research findings. It is open to LIS researchers, tutors and practitioners alike.

LIS-NHS is an email forum for discussing developments and issues specific to the provision of library and information services within UK National Health Service and affiliated academic libraries.

List for Library and Information Professionals who support or have responsibility for programmes in the area of paramedic practice and paramedic science.

Discussion list for Polish and East European librarians in the UK and librarians responsible for Eastern European languages stock, to exchange information about book #suppliers and events.

The lis-pub-ebooks mailing list is used for the discussion of anything related to e-book services offered by UK public libraries.

This list is for UK knowledge, library and information professionals working in Public Health; to enable members to share knowledge, learning and experience.

This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list A discussion list for Hebraica cataloguers about the implementation of the new cataloguing standard Resource Description and Access (RDA). #Discussion is facilitated by the UK Hebraica Libraries Group.

This list is intended for librarians in universities, colleges of higher education and research institutions to facilitate discussion about library support for researchers. It will encourage the sharing of ideas and good practice and help create a network of research support librarians.

This list is a discussion area for users of the SerialsSolutions service in Ireland and the UK.

For those involved either in doing or teaching others to do searches for systematic reviews to share experiences and help each other

An informal forum for library and information professionals who are supporting researchers and students who are conducting systematic reviews and structured literature searches

To support collaboration and professional activities in Wales

A forum for all those working on the library and information service web pages, encompassing issues such as career paths, acessibility and other aspects of design, management issues, editing software selection, statistics and performance, integration with other library systems, off campus access.

LIS-WinCHILL purpose is to provide a discussion forum for WinCHILL members across the academic, science and health fields.

This is a discussion list for health librarians across the HE, FE and NHS sectors.

This list has been retained 14/05/2013 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list Please send any questions and information about current practice in writing guidelines for LOM cataloguing, in the interpretation of these guidelines, and other issues facing metadata creators. Technical queries about the LOM or other educational metadata issues should be sent to the list.

This is a list for Librarians and Information professionals interested in mobile developments and services with an library and education context.

A group for collaboration between Information Professionals supporting Teen tech students as part of 'Maggie's list'. This group may also be of interest to librarians and information professionals supporting EPQ (Extended Project Qualifications) student groups.

Medialibs list is a discussion forum for Media Librarians and Information Professionals who have a responsibility for media studies, media production, broadcasting. Keywords: Media; Librarians; Higher Education;

The Museum Information and Records Management listserv is a forum to address issues and share skills in this area over the long term.

Ebulletin from "The Network - tackling social exclusion", incorporating the WTYL Digest

List to provide a single point of communicaiton for all members of the NULJ mutual document supply scheme

Discussion list for those involved with or interested in Radical Librarians Collective (RLC). This list exists to develop ideas, facilitate discussion, and maintain contact between members.

This list has been retained 04/09/2015. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list JISC RSC Scotland mail list for disseminating information to learning resource staff in academic libraries in Scotland.

This list has been retained 29/11/2013 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list is open to all FE LRC and library staff working in Kent and Medway to support training in the effective use of ILT and related current issues.

A list for Scottish HEIs to share information on decisions made on material in their print collections.

Newsletter for SEEBIBYTE project ( computer vision tools for the digital humanities. For discussion, visit!forum/seebibyte- users

This list has been retained 11/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list A list for researchers and practitioners engaged in the development of corporate taxonomies.

For research support staff working with researchers in Text and Data Mining. Focus is on legal aspects, tools, and storage of data for TDM research.

The e-mail list is to disseminate news, information, research findings, and good practice to members of The Network more effectively.

UDC-FORUM is a public list for those who are using Universal Decimal Classification or doing research and developement based on this system. It is an open list to discuss practical UDC questions regardless of the field of its application: libraries, museum, archives, Internet gateways or metadata.

This list is for CILIP YLG members to exchange information and best practice models.