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Materials Science

For all researchers working on chemical, typological, archaeological and historical research into the past production and consumption of glass.

This list is for all parties interested in organising events to promote crystallography as part of the Bragg centenary celebrations (2013) and international year of crystallography (2014)

This list is for academic-licensed users of the CASTEP plane-wave DFT ab-initio modelling code. Discussions and queries on usage, tips, tools and enhancements are all welcome.

The list is used to make announcements to the community supported by the Collaborative Computational Project for NMR Crystallography (CCP-NC).

For the discussion of science and software related to the field of NMR Crystallography

Discussion list for the members of CCPi with a special interest in image based modelling. CCPi is the EPSRC funded Collaborative Computation Project in Tomographic Imaging.

Commit messages for the software repository at

The cds-uk list provides a forum for discussion of topics of interest to users of the EPSRC Chemical Database Service and other interested individuals. Further details about the Service are available at the CDS web site (

The focus of this list is fibre-reinforced composite materials and structures in the engineering environment. Sublist of ENGINEERING-ALL

This list has been retained 29/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list The Design Research Alliance aims to support academic research across a broad range of design disciplines. It builds on the activities of world-leading centres of excellence and provides a range of collaborative activities to celebrate, highlight and promote #meaningful academic design research. The list will support development and delivery of these activities, and the dissemination of information and resources to a growing membership.

DL_POLY is a leading molecular dynamics code in UK developed at Daresbury Laboratory since 1992, with the first release in 1993. Currently at version 4.08 serves a large community of academic and industrial researchers. It is also a flagship code for ccp5 network. This mailing list is not a replacement for your own work, nor is it a replacement for your supervisor's work. This mailing list is a voluntary endeavor: nobody is entitled to an answer, even less to an immediate answer.

Electron microscopy community in UK networking list. List members can ask for advice, post job advertisements and advertise meetings/courses.

This list has been retained 10/02/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list– contact for all enquiries regarding this list The list aims to debate the social, cultural and economic drivers that shape the quality and quantity of energy use. Objectives of such debate include identification of means to stimulate the more efficient use of energy, the prediction of future trends, and the promotion of sustainable energy policies and practices.

This list has been established to support communication for the 'Engage' project. The project is co-ordinated by the Engineering Subject Centre and aims to facilitate dialogue between employers and HE academics in engineering, materials and physical sciences. This list has been retained 22/07/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

A discussion and information distribution list serving focused ion beam (FIB) users.

This list is to provide user support, announcements, and feedback relating to the FORCinel software package: a free set of analysis tools for the rock magnetism community for the processing of first order reversal curve FORC diagams.

This list is intended for discussion of research in the use of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Composite) materials in construction and concrete in particular as structural reinforcement or for repair/strengthening.

This list is a forum for researchers interested in industrial graphites to promote networking, discussion and exchange of ideas. This list is particularly relevant to those interested in nuclear graphite, its use as a structural material in reactor systems and subsequent ageing mechanisms and decommissioning. This list also includes discussion on the IAEA international database on irradiated graphite properties.

This list has been retained 04/09/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by the partners in the Infrastructure for Integration in Structural Sciences (I2S2) JISC Project to communicate with each other and to discuss project specific issues.

The Strategic Agenda and Goals of the group include the following: 1. Federate and promote research and establish interfaces with relevant research fields. 1.1 Promote maintenance as an interdisciplinary science, blending knowledge from management, engineering, technological and technical field. 1.2 Contribute to the development of a general framework for advanced maintenance systems, establishing interfaces with production management and manufacturing plant control. 1.3 Promote and evolve the research agenda, including perspectives and foresight in the field, with regard to the intersection of technology, engineering and management. 1.4 Involve new and experienced researchers in the A-MEST WG community, considering the relevance of their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the research agenda, and the need to enhance global coverage and participation. 1.5 Promote the relationships of the WG with other technical committees TCs within IFAC, besides the TC 5.1, and with other scientific and technical organizations and communities (e.g., IFIP, ESREL, ISEAM, PHM, EFNMS, …). #2. Promote competence, growth and exchange of students, PhDs and young researchers. 2.1 Involve young researchers in the A-MEST WG community, through actions specifically done to attract their interest. 3. Promote academia-industry partnerships and highlight the impact of maintenance in industry and society. 3.1 Promote industry-academia partnerships, attracting industrial experts through specific actions for their active involvement in the A-MEST WG community. 3.2. Promote the role of maintenance for sustainability (economic, environmental, social impacts), highlighting technological enablers. 4. Promote and improve education and training in maintenance. 4.1. Steer the organisation of events, special sessions and other activities to facilitate best knowledge diffusion, 4.2. Maintain active push towards education and training activities in the above events via tutorials, industrial case studies and facilitate the exchange of junior and/or senior researchers and professionals.

The list's purpose is to distribute information and research announcements to members of the virtual Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at UCLan.

I am a chartered civil engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) and a senior lecturer in civil engineering. I have published circa 34 articles describing and documenting my research work in peer reviewed international journals and refereed international conferences, with more in preparation as well as submitting about three technical research reports to bodies

Larmor precession techniques are a field of neutron scattering that includes neutron spin-echo and Spin-Echo Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SESANS). This list aims to enhance collaboration within the community and provide a mechanism for potential new users to contact those working in the field.

A mailing list for lightsource communicators, to exchange good practice on communicating synchrotron science.

Support and news mailing list for Magres View, the CCP-NC software for visualisation of computed NMR data.

The list exists to provide a forum for discussion of educational issues in Materials and related disciplines, and to support those interested in Materials Education by encouraging the sharing of expertise and experience. The list is administered and supported by the UK Centre for Materials Education.

Discussion group for the UK Non-Crystalline Diffraction synchrotron radiation user community.

Discussion list for users of OptaDOS

This list has been retained 22/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list The list is used to share information and best practice and encourage discussion amongst those engaged in public science events in the northwest of England.

To enable discussion of Omicron Scanning Probe Microscopy instruments and software.

This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list The list exists to promote and facilitate communication between researchers and others associated with the research council.

This list has been retained 11/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list The UK Wetland Hydro-Ecology mailing list is a forum for researchers to discuss results, pose questions, investigate collaborative initiatives and funding, and highlight or disseminate news items from the UK, European and Worldwide wetland hydrological and ecological community.

This list has been retained 11/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list XL30 electron microscope to help with technical problems and the spread of infomation about the XL30.

List for discussion of all aspects of implementation, support and use of X-ray diffraction instrumentation and software for processing data produced from these instruments.


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