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Intended for all administrators and end-users of astronomy and astronomy-related software. Request information on software problems, availability of software solutions, or provide info on software titles particularly useful to the academic community.

This is a discussion and information list for users and/or creators of Apple iBooks in education. We cover textbooks, course delivery, iBooks Author and the use of multi-touch books to enhance teaching and learning.

Intended for all end-users of Macintosh systems. Request information on system and software problems, availability of software solutions, or provide info on software titles particularly useful to the academic community. Complementary to MAC-SUPPORTERS (a CLOSED LIST for Macintosh Support Staff) Sublist of mac-superlist

The MAC-LEARNING-COMMUNITY exists to encourage the sharing of ideas about he use of Macintosh systems in all sections of the U.K. education community. It also aims to provide a source of curriculum templates and software ideas.

This LIST is intended for those involved in the support of Apple Macintosh systems, primarily in U.K. Higher Education and with a nominal responsibility for 10 + Macs. The LIST is busy and response is often rapid. Sublist of mac-superlist

This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list The MacOS X mailing list is used for the discussion of use, administration and maintenance of machines running MacOS X or its open source counterpart Darwin on the PowerPC platform.

The list is designed to offer a forum for teachers of televison practice and the technical staff that support them, to share information on their current practices.

Discussion list for users of NeXT and NeXT-derived technologies. This includes the use and maintenance of NeXT hardware; use and administration of NeXT Unix-based operating systems--NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP--on NeXT or other hardware (ie. PC, Sparc, HP); migration to and use of NeXT-derived operating systems owned by Apple (ie. Darwin and MacOS X), and also the use and development of GNUstep; programming and software development for xSTEP, Darwin, MacOS X (Unix and Cocoa, but NOT Carbon or Classic), WebObjects and GNUstep. The list is intended primarily to provide a forum for UK users of these technologies (both academic and otherwise), but those from outside the UK (especially in Europe) are also encouraged to participate. Because of its origins in the NeXT-using community, the list is NOT intended to act as a forum for users of existing Apple systems wishing to migrate to OS X, as such users will be better served within existing Apple Mac fora. However, some Mac developers (especially those with Unix experience) may find the discussion of the Unix and Cocoa systems in OS X of interest. Additionally, non-NeXT Unix (including Linux and xBSD) users and developers wishing to investigate OS X may find the list to be a useful forum.