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Molecular Biology and Biophysics

This is the newsgroup of the British Biophysical Society. The newsgroup email circulates matters of general interest to the Biophysics community in the UK, including conferences, awards, and items in the news. <HTML> This is the newsgroup of the British Biophysical Society. The newsgroup email circulates matters of general interest to the Biophysics community in the UK, including conferences, awards and items in the news. </HTML>

The Beatbox Users mailing list.

British Nuclear Medicine Society Radiographers, Technologist and Nurses Training Officers Forum. Membership is open to all individuals interested in the training of radiographers, technologists and nurses in nuclear medicine. For the sharing of best practice, and to help coordinate a national strategy. This forum is set up under the auspices of the BNMS RTN Group.

Forum for work with the Collaborative Computer Project in Small Angle Scattering, dissemination of new computing protocols and methodologies. Also news group for announcement of conferences, papers and jobs.

CCP-BioSim is an inclusive wide-ranging project, bringing together researchers from all branches of 'molecule-oriented' biochemistry and biology. CCP-BioSim develops and provides training and tools to lower the barrier to non-experts becoming proficient and productive users of biomolecular simulation techniques. This list is intended to support all activities of the CCP-BioSim community.

This list is for users of the FESetup tool for setting up molecular dynamics simulations.

The Collaborative Computational Project for electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM) supports researchers and software developers in biological EM. This list is intended as a general support forum for the CCP-EM community. It is also the place for asking questions on CCP-EM software, provided by UK-based software developers.

Commit messages for the software repository at

A mailing list for general discussion related to the DIALS project.

Sublist for Higher Education Academy's Bioscience Representatives

The list's purpose is to distribute information and research announcements to members of the virtual Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at UCLan.

This is a CCP4-related list. However, the readership is restricted to those interested in the development of new software for the generation and manipulation of molecular descriptions (of ligands, typically bound to proteins).

This list is for announcements and exchanges between London researchers in structural biology and related fields.

This is a list associated with the informal seminar series jointly between University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University for announcements about seminars, conferences, papers, special issues etc. relevant to the complexity sciences (broadly conceived but including: social science, complexity physics, social networks, biological complexity). There is an associated blog at:

This group is intended for users of Philips Nuclear Medicine systems. It is a support network for those using these systems for research and development work.

The Circadian clock club runs a twice-yearly workshop on biological rhythms. The list is used to organise and publicise the workshops and other meetings. Further information may be available at

Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest amongst the participating institutions

This list is for supporting users of Diamond's XChem facility


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