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An e-mail list for anyone working in the field of ancient DNA of any species and any time period.

ArabUk is a UK Arabidopsis news and discussion forum, for disseminating and sharing information relating to the UK Arabidopsis and wider Plant Science Research Community. ArabUK provides a mechanism for UK Arabidopsis researchers to communicate with other researchers within the UK or with those individuals that have an interest in Arabidopsis research. The mail list is also used for mailings relating to GARNet (Genomic Arabidopsis Resource Network)

The aim of this list is to facilitate communication through the exchange of information on meetings, conferences, bibliographies, publications, reference collections and botanical and ethnographic data relevant to the analysis of archaeological plant macro-remains. People on this list should also be able to exchange ideas about various aspects of archaeobotany such as problems of methodology, identification, presentation and interpretation.

List for announcements and discussion by members of the British Ecological Society Citizen Science special interest group and others interested in citizen science. The focus is on citizen science relevant to the UK and ecology. Membership of the BES is encouraged but is not required.

The mailing list for members of the British Ecological Society's Invasion Science Special Interest Group, for informing members of news, events & career opportunities.

Mailing list for the British Ecological Society (BES) Macroecology Special Interest Group (SIG), providing updates on activities, opportunities, and research highlights to the macroecology community.

This mailing list is run on behalf of the European Commissions Biodiversity Research Program. It is intended for investigating and disussing the impacts of Global Change on the biodiversity of herbaceous seminatural ecosystems.

A place for botanic garden educators and related professionals to discuss the social role of botanic gardens and other outdoor learning sites.

The European Botanical and Horticultural Libraries Group (EBHL) is an association to promote and facilitate co-operation and communication between those working in botanical and horticultural libraries, archives and related institutions in Europe. Europe is interpreted in the widest sense to include countries both within and outside the European Union (EU)

The (plant) Environmental Physiology Group is part of the British Ecological Society and The Society for Experimental Biology. This list is open to anyone worldwide and aims to promote research discussion and to distribute information such as conference details and employment opportunities.

A forum for exchange of views and information on geological collections and their management. This is the discussion list for the Geological Curators' Group, affiliated to the Geological Society of London. For further information, and to join, see the website: This list is open for anyone with an interest in geological collections to join and contribute.

Bioethics Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Higher Education Academy

BioMaths Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Higher Education Academy

hist-nat-hist draws together academic researchers and museum professionals working in the history of the earth and life sciences.

INQUIRE is a EU funded project with the aim of helping to reinvigorate inquiry-based science education throughout Europe. Coordinated by Innsbruck University and Botanic Gardens Conservation International, 14 botanic gardens in 11 countries have developed 60 hour teacher training courses to inspire students in science and help address biodiversity and climate change.

A forum for contemporary scientific debate across the life sciences. This low-volume announcement list provides news, conference and event updates of interest to those working in biology, zoology, botany, genetics, and the historical basis and development of plant and animal classification.

This list is for members of the London Biology Libraries Group to communicate about different aspects of their work in supporting their research communities in Higher Education and other life sciences educational organisations.

This list has been retained 13/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list A list to promote research into medicinal and other receipts of a historical nature, and to encourage contact betweeen researchers in this field of study sharing queries, advice and information.

For discussion of issues in image analysis research funded by RESAS

The email group will permit secure communication between members of the NORNEX BBSRC consortium, to organise meetings, share information, coordinate reports, and plan research.

Botanists-Horticulturalists-Foresters-and-Engineers-analysing -on-structural-and-mechanical-design-of-plants-Moderated-List

This list has been retained 14/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list This group will enable participants to discuss all aspects of Plant Hormone research. Topics will include extraction, purification and analysis of the Hormones using techniques such as SPE, HPLC and GCMS. Also related synthetic, enzyme and molecular biology topics will be discussed.

This list is used by members of the PAW group to support collaboration and exchange of information between linguists, anthropologists, ethnobotanists, ethnoornithologists and archivists.

PlantSciUK is a news and discussion forum for disseminating and sharing information relating to the UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF). The UKPSF is a special interest group of the Royal Society of Biology which aims to bring together the breadth of the UK Plant Science sector to: • Increase the understanding of the significance of plant sciences • Formulate a coordinated strategy and vision that will be used to inform policy • Improve the general funding environment • Create an independent and inclusive forum for debate • Provide a focus and contact point for UK plant science • Support efforts to inspire, educate and train the next generation The UKPSF operates with financial support from the Society of Experimental Biology (SEB), the Biochemical Society and the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP). For more info on UKPSF visit

List for members of the European Chapter of the Society for Economic Botany to share news, events, queries and discussions on ethnobotany/economic botany.

Soil, Plant, Environment Network of researchers at the University of Leeds.

A forum for debate and information exchange on research in aspects of sustainable plant medicine. Members will be drawn from fields of agroforestry, complementary health, ecology, ethnobotany, herbal medicine, horticulture, medicine and phytopharmacy.